The Last Date

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Amanda Darkens meets Paul Cincinnati for their first date and spend a lovely evening, up until Paul tries to pull a move on Amanda. Amanda leaves the date upset and returns home. The next morning Paul is found dead and Amanda is the prime suspect.

Thriller / Romance
Dena Louisa
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Chapter 1

In the corner of a pub, sits a woman named Amanda Darkens who’s drinking a coffee. She looks at her watch, its 8:29pm. Amanda locks her eyes on the front door; anxiously awaiting her blind date who she thinks won’t ever arrive. As the needle on her watch hits thirty, she gets up to leave. A voice behind her says; you weren’t leaving I hope? She turns around only to face her date, Paul Cincinnati. He’s even more handsome than in his pictures, she thinks to herself. No, I was going to freshen up; she answers with a smile. He returns the smile, motions her to sit and tells her that a woman as beautiful as she, he believed, would never have to freshen up. They sit and order their appetizers. They talk about date-me dot com, the website that had brought them together that evening. About the countless dates they had both went on and the worst ones yet. I remember once the guy had said he was a twenty-nine year old police officer and when we met he was in his late forties and had rented a police costume; says Amanda. I would have probably said a lie to have a date with you too if I wasn’t a doctor; he adds. They both talk until 10:30pm. Paul pays for their meal and Amanda thanks him for the diner and the company. They both walk to their cars. Would you like to come to my place for a late night movie? Paul asks. Sure, I’ll follow you with my car, Amanda answers. They arrive at his place a few minutes later. Paul opens the door, let’s Amanda go in first and follows. Would you want me to make some popcorn, he asks. She nodes takes off her coat and goes to sit on the couch. She opens the television and starts to surf threw the channels. When the popcorn is done Paul brings the bowl with two sodas. He asks what she wants to watch; Amanda thinks about it and tells him to choose. Paul takes out an action flick with Bruce Willis, one of his favourites. They start watching the movie; they talk about Bruce Willis and about Amanda’s favourite movies. Half way through Die Hard, Paul moves closer to Amanda and tries to kiss her. Amanda gets mad and pushes him away. This is not why I came; she says. She gets up, takes her coat and walks to the door quickly. Paul gets up and walks towards her saying he was sorry and thought that’s why she had come to his place. She looks at him mad and shut the door behind her. Paul goes back to sit, he takes out his phone and dials.

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