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The Last Date

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Chapter 2

Amanda wakes up to a knock on her door. She puts on a robe; goes to the door and looks inside the peep hole. It’s the police. She opens the door and says hello. The male officer presents himself as Detective Belasco and informs her of his female partners name as Detective Jennifer. They ask her if they can come in, she’s not sure but agrees. She starts to make some coffee and asks them why they were in her apartment. Do you know a Paul Cincinnati, the male police officers asks her. She tells them that she was with him the night before last. They ask her a few more questions which Amanda answers truthfully. They female officer says she has a call that she has to leave but the male officer stays. Amanda asks the detective why they need the information. He looks at her silently for a moment and tells her that Paul Cincinnati was murdered the very night she was with him. She looks at him for a moment and understands that she might be their lead suspect. You think I killed him, that’s why you’re here right, she asks the cop. He looks at her like before and tells her that he’s just doing his job. Amanda gets a little frustrated but tries to hide it. Why would I kill him? I’m maybe the last person he saw last night but I wouldn’t do that to him it makes absolutely no sense, she answers him. He writes something down in a booklet and asks her if she would come with him to the office for a registered questioning. She agrees but tells him he will have to wait until she is dressed. He agrees and takes the coffee she offers him and sits down. She comes out from her bedroom fifteen minutes later, dressed up with a black high-rise skirt and a light pink blouse. The cop looks at her and doesn’t move. She tells him she’s ready and he gets up. Looks at her as she takes her black jacket and puts on her light pink pumps as they go out the door. Why are you all dolled up, he asks her. She smiles and says, I have to work later Detective. Where do you work, he asks interested. I’m a business woman, I own half the night clubs in town. He asks her why she owns so many nightclubs and she tells him that her father gave them to her when he passed away ten years ago. She asks the police office when he had become a cop. He looks at her and tells her that he asked the questions. Yes sir, she says laughing. He tells her, if you really want to know, it’s because I wanted to work on my brothers’ case which is a cold case, I wanted to find who killed him and I’m still trying. I’m sure you will, you seem like a persistent guy, she says looking at him. They arrive at the police station, when they enter the police men look at the beautiful woman that walks in, Amanda and Belasco walk towards a room; he opens the door and shows her in. They both sit down and he starts to record the session.

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