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The Last Date

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Chapter 3

Detective Belasco starts the interview.
-Where did you meet M. Paul Cincinnati?
-I met him on a website.
-Would you elaborate?
-I met him on a dating site. It’s called Date-Me dot com, it’s for people who don’t really have time to meet people on their own, like me. I’m always working and the little time I have I stay at home doing nothing.
-Stick to the question, please.
-Alright.. That’s about it. We met on that, the site planned our date and we met.
-When did you meet?
-Last night at eight thirty.
-Exactly eight-thirty.
-Yes. I was looking at my watch the whole time I was waiting for him.
-O.K. Where did you meet?
-We met at a restaurant on Crescent Street, I think it was 1056 Crescent Street, I’m not sure. It was called, La France. It had French cuisine which was really good.
-Do you remember what he ate?
-No I don’t but I know he had the soup au pois as an entrée. Why do you want to know what he ate?
-He was maybe poisoned, the food could have been old or too raw, more people could be dead.
-Oh, O.K. the soup au pois as an entrée but the others I don’t know he took some tea but I also took that and I’m not… dead… so I don’t think it could have been that.
-O.K. When were you finished at the restaurant?
-We finished around… it would be around ten thirty.
-You spend two hours at a restaurant?
-We had a three course meal.
-O.K. Do you mind if I would check your bill?
-My bill from the restaurant?
-I don’t think I kept it, let me check… here it is.
-Thank you. So after the restaurant you both went your separate ways?
-Um.. no. I followed him to his place for a movie.
-Followed him?
-Yes with my car, I didn’t want to leave it at the restaurant and make him bring me back to my car after the movie.
-You went to his house to watch a movie?
-Do you remember which movie?
-Die Hard 2. It was a good movie.
-After the movie what happened?
- I didn’t see the end of the movie.
-He tried to put a move on me, so I left.
-Did you argue?
-Not really, I just took my coat and left.
-Did he follow you in the hallway?
-What nightclub are you working at tonight?
-What does that have to do with the fight?
-Just answer the question, please.
-I’m going to be working at the Bella Rosa Strip tonight. It’s a free for all night; I’m going to be there all night.
-Thank you. That’s all I have for you. If you can remember anything that could help just give me a call, here’s my card.
-Here’s my card if you ever need to ask anything.
-I’ll be seeing you.
-Bye, Detective.

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