Zasha's Story

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This is about a Wolf-dog hybrid! She was small at first but grew up with her police friends, becoming one of the greats police dogs to find on earth

Thriller / Children
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Chapter 1

I wake but can’t smell nor hear anything. I squirm around to find the warm sweet taste of milk.

A rough tongue runs over my wet body,as I’m washed clean. With a full belly I drift off content.

I wake to have the smallest bit of hearing but I do my routine over. I wake , eat, get washed by mother-dog’s rough tongue then sleep. Soon I wake with my senses appealing to me and I try to open my eyes. It takes some effort but soon i can see the world around me. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My mother-dog spots her last pup (me) opening her eyes. `` Well pups it’s time you’re named``. She looks around at the biggest male,`` your Yap,``.

She looks at the second biggest other male and says, ` and your Skippy``. She looks at my sister and says `` you my dear are Arf.`` She looks proudly over her pups and remembers to name me,`` why you’re quite small, let’s name you Yip`` - she grunts and we all curl up and fall asleep.

I wake to Skippy climbing all over me.I growl a little and say, `` Skippy gets off of me``. Skippy grunts and tugs as my ear,`` Make me RUNT!``. Mother-dog speaks up,`` Skippy get off of your sister, and go practice hunting with Arf if you’re too rough house.``. So Skippy walks off and tackles Arf. I stand and yawn, I shake my head but it only makes my ear ache worse. `` oh Yip are you ok?`` I grunt and reply `` i’m fine just that butthead made my ear hurt.`` Mother-dog gives me a worried glance and goes to watch my siblings play. I jump into action and tackle ( well try to) Yap. He huffs and bats me with his paw.I grunt and wobble off.

The next day I woke to find an odd but a delicious smell inviting me to it. I followed it to find mother-dog tearing chunks of meat off a chicken. She gave each pup a portion determined by their size. Since Yap was the biggest he was an average piece of meat, Arf and Skippy got median chunks, And i got a Large chunk because I was the smallest. The others dig into their food but I sniff it cautiously. I lick it then gulp it down in 3 large bites. We all looked at mother-dog begging for more but she had to eat the rest herself to regain weight. The next morning I wake to my mother creeping into the chicken coup. A few minutes after she went in the chickens went nuts and she flew out the door chasing the rooster. The man who owns the place we live, spots mother and grabs a foul smelling stick. He chases my mother and the stick sends a stone looking object into her leg. She howled in pain and she man grabs her by the scruff, I whine then howl to my mother-dog. She gives a simply commanding bark, `` DEN NOW! ``. I whine but the man spots me `` She’s got puppies!``, he drops my mother and I hide in the den shielding my view. Only seconds later I hear a piercing shot and hear my mother-dog’s last cry of pain then silence…. Later the man sets up a trap at the den opening hoping to catch us as we wander outside. But I think we all understood mother-dog’s last command `` DEN NOW! `` so we stayed in the den huddled in a group, soon we all drifted off into a restless sleep.

We wake and we’re all hungry, we figured we knew enough to hunt so we all squeezed past the trap. Yap knocks a stone into the cage setting it off. Then we ran. We ran hard and long.

I wake to find I’m in a heap of bodies on a hot asphalt road. I begin to pant wondering the last time I had water. Soon I fall back into a hot restless sleep. When I wake I find a car sitting in front of us. Then a woman gets out, `` Oh my lord! You look terrible!``. She reaches into the backseat of the car and comes out with a box, she carefully picks up my siblings and lays them in the box.When she reaches toward me i growl.`` hey shhh i’m trying to help.``. This time when she reaches for me I snap at her fingers. `` Well I guess I should do this then.``She reaches into her car and pulls out an old sock, quickly but carefully she slips it over my muzzle and puts me in the box. Before I know it we’re moving ,we stop at a store and she goes inside. When she comes back puts a bowl into the box and fills it with water and takes the sock off of my muzzle. We all dive into the water lapping happily at the water. Soon we had licked every drop out of the bowl. The woman smiled and said, `` oh i forgot to tell you my name , I’m Lily``. I flop onto my side and fall asleep ,but I was still hungry. When I wake I’m in a metal cage with my brothers and sister while they play. The first scent my nose meets is the scent of meat. I followed the scent to a bowl with little dry balls of meat in it. `` try it it’s really good!`` Arf yips at me, so I take a bite and it’s really not bad so I eat and tell myself I’m full. Soon Lily visits us with more food and toys! When she bends to give us a toy she scoops us up and puts us in another crate this time there was no escape. I yipped angrily at her and she said, `` hush, we’re going to the vet to get your shots``. So soon we were in her car again and we arrived at a building. When we walk inside she puts the crate in her lap and waits. But what was she waiting for?....

When I wake I’m on a cold metal table with a man hanging over me. He grabs something and pokes it into a bottle.`` how old?``he asks, `` oh i don’t really know`` said my girl.The man reaches over and pokes my shoulder with a sharp needle. `` I’d say about 4 months old maybe.`` He retracts the needle and rubs my shoulder. `` what would you like to name her?`` asks the man. `` oh let’s name them all from biggest to the runt, hmmm how about Cupid, Ace, Sky ,and Zasha.``. Soon we got used to our new names and everyone had something around their neck but me. I don’t understand why I didn’t get one but it didn’t seem too comfortable. So that evening back at home Lily gave us our food and water and we all went to sleep. I stayed up just a little to tell everyone I was asleep. Soon I too was sound asleep though chasing rabbits in my dreams.

I woke to find the cage around us had been moved to only cover doorways. So I got up and explored, I soon found all 4 of us had a different food bowl and a different bed. Lily walks in and fills each bowl. This morning she grabs a blue and red bowl and calls me over to her. `` Zasha here girl!`` I look up at her as she scooped me up and places me outside the gate.`` there we go``. She sets down my bowl and fills it with food and walks over to the counter while I eat. Soon I feel someone lift my front paws and put them back down and attach something over my back. I look up and spot a harness on my back and I tugged at it with my teeth.`` Zasha dropped it! I can’t trust you with a collar so you get a harness for walks``. She clips a leash onto me and gives me a treat. Then we walk out the door.

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