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Mini is a soft girl with a scary secrete, her job in the underground has taken her on a whirlwind of adventures into the dangerous underground world that we live above, her father being the string master of most of it causing a hit on her. Mini's adventures take her across the world with the most unlikely partner.

Thriller / Other
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Chapter 1

The smoke exhales from her lungs burning a forever wound on her.

She pulls her laptop from under her bed her long slender fingers typing as fast as her appendages will allow her to without making a single mistake, how will she ever get out of this life. She takes another long inhale, maybe one day.
"What the hell?" Her eye brows furrow as an incoming text on the red phone indicates her job is very well not done for the night, she rolls her eye and grabs the phone with a fierce growl "Fucking hell Rat you better be having good news." Her long fingers still tapping away getting one job of the night finished, he sighs on the other end "is that anyway to treat your boss?" He growls right back and she shakes her head tossing her light brown locks around "Mr.Boon, what do you want?" He chuckles a deep chuckle "Finish up for the night we have a meeting tomorrow," he clears his throat "watch your back out there." He whispers and it makes her throat tighten with fear "got it." she clicks end call and tosses it on the bed.
She puts out the smoke and closes her laptop signaling she is done for the night. She lays back on the bed and falls fast asleep on the soft surface.
The loud alarm clock blares into the dark abyss, she turns it off and climbs off the bed, small feet hitting the cold wood floors. She runs into the bathroom, she look into the mirror to meet her dark orbs surrounded by dark circle "You have got to be kidding me." she puts on some light makeup and makes her way to the closet. She tightens the belt around her waist and looks over herself in the mirror, white long sleeve shirt, baby pink skirt, white tights, all topped off with white loafers. She grabs her bag and heads out the door, she happily walks down the road to her favorite place ever. The door opens and the aroma of fresh coffee beans and delicious baked goods "You couldn't possibly be early for work could you?" She rolls her eyes at the tall man behind the counter his wide shoulders shake while he laughs "has there been a rush?" She asks while making her way behind the counter and into the back room to put her hair up and get a an apron on "no not yet, the rush is yet to come my sweet child." He pats her back and goes back to working.
Three hours into work the two joking and complaining about things 11am hits "Oh look there he is," she looks up and sees the male figure making its way to the door swinging it open with ease "your best friend." The taller male coos making the girl push him "Hello what can I get for you?" He takes his order but the girl starts his drink before he opens his mouth "Medium, americano, ristretto." she lets the words fall off her tongue with sas, the male just nods in response as if agreeing that was indeed his drink. "You know me so well." He rolls his eyes and pays for the drink making his way to the end of the counter for his drink. "Do you even know him?" The taller male asks "Jordan, does it look like I associate with his kind?" He looks over her and then over the male sitting by the window, his bleach blond hair is contrasted with a dark brown under cut, his dark brown orbs are accompanied by dark circles, his clothing match his dark aura, black tight jeans with rips, black boots, black turtle neck, and black leather jacket. He always wears clothes like this, every single day. Blacked out, sometimes he wears a hat, others he doesn't. Depends on the day.
He looks gloomier than other days, he just sits in the corner drinks his drink and plays on his phone or reads a book. She continues working and the male leaves the cafe and the strange feeling of safety lifts off the place. She looks around feeling the emptiness of the cafe as his presence is no longer felt, she continues working as the day goes on.
"Mini do you need anything before I head out for the night?" She shakes her head helping the customer, there really is nothing she needed help with during close besides the garbage but having cameras everywhere helps it not feel so dark and creepy out back.
She finishes up for the night and locks the doors to the cafe, now for the real job of the night.
She makes her way home and goes straight into the closet getting her attire for the long night that is bound to be ahead of her knowing Mr.Boon.
Black tight jeans, black thick soled shoes, white lace body suit, and the family necklace. She sighs and looks at herself in the mirror putting on more makeup, she hated nights out. Nights out ment not being able to play video games and smoking the night away, she growled putting on her jacket and walking out the door.
He better be ready, and it better not be a worthless excuse she thought as she drove down the street, the last time he called her over it was just for dinner.

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