A horror story

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Chapter 2


It was a dark night. I was leaving from work to home at 2. I went to the Parking area to start my Activa. It was not starting up. I did kick-start it. It started. I was on my way home on an empty road. Suddenly I saw the shadow of a man. But I couldn’t see any one there. I thought it to be my illusion.

As I started to ride the bike further, I felt like my bike was being pulled from back. It was pulled with a greater force, the more I tried to accelerate the more was the pulling force. I wanted to look back, but I was afraid.

I then tried all my strength, accelerated my bike and I was now moving with the max speed of 90 kmph. I was shaking up. I didn’t know what to do. I got a thought to call my friends. But I was afraid to halt for a second. I just kept riding.

I didn’t realize that this will also happen and this scared me to the core. I just filled the petrol tank yesterday night while coming to office and I hardly rode 20 km. But now, the petrol tank meter was low. It jumped from the extreme right to the extreme left. The Activa started to jerk now and I felt like it will stop anytime. I still kept trying to ride. And now the worst of all. No, my bike was not halted. My headlights were off. Even though the Activa has no option to turn off the headlights, it was off. I kept switching it but no it was not turning on. It was dark and hard for me to look ahead. I started to cry.

To my shock, the street lights started to go dim. I was at the extreme panic level now. I was sweating of fear. I thought I definitely need some help. I stopped my Activa. I was looking around for help. I saw a car coming up from the front. I was waiting for it to come and stop. But, you know what, it passed through me. I kept looking when it passed. I kept running and running no,w leaving the Activa. To be frank I was just lost, helpless and tired. I closed my eyes and I just started to pray.

Let's just say it was the worst experience then I saw some old lady she said that you go from here and she stayed that night I was scared but I went home and began to tell my parents but they did not believe me and the next day I went to see the old lady but, what I was seeing I could not believe she had been dead already........

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