A horror story

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Chapter 4



This story is a real story I have searched a lot and then wrote it this isn't my made story

, Manjulika was a girl from Bengal who loved to dance and she was really beautiful, she was kidnapped by some people and brought to Varanasi where she found Shashidhar who taught her how to sing.

Shocking! the story of Manjulika from Bhool Bhulaiya movie is real, have a look

They started loving each other when they sold her to dance in front of King Vibhuti Narayan of Varanasi, Shashidhar also used to dance for the king, they thought they will dance for the king last time and run away together but the king came to know about their plan, he cut Shashidhar’s head after the performance which broke manjulika’s heart.

One day manjulika was sold away in order to dance for the king. Because of her stunning beauty she was constantly forced to perform. On the night she was performing for the king(for the first time,the king was very impressed with manjulika's dancing singing and complexion..the king immediately fell in love with manjulika..after this the king offered her a room.In order to impress manjulika he sent his finest painter to paint a fine portrait of manjulika without her noticing. Manjulika who declined all the kings offers was heart broken and only loved Shashidhar who lived behind the mansion in which the king lived in. They both secretly confessed their love to eachother. Every night manjulika would dance Shashidhar would climb the window and secretly dance with her. The two would stay up all night and sing to each other. Then one day the king found out that Manjulika and Shashidhar love each other, with this the king became very angry,but because the king was smart he still acted quite kind and humble towards Manjulika. On the night Manjulika and shashindar decided to run away the king called them to perform one last time..after the performance shashindar bowed down to the king and the king immediatly capitated shashindar and killed him. Manjulika who was heart broken killed herself, leaving a note that any king who ever came she will never keep them in peace. It is said that the King died shortly after..but the cause of his death is unknown. This story has been made out to be a tragic lovestory. Thus this story indicates it is at least 200 years old. In 2007 a movie "Bhool Bulayia"adapted this story in it's plot. This is based on a true story...... And if any king still goes to that place manjulika does not let me be in peace

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