A Long time Mystery

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A young boy who’s just 4 years old is Kidnapped, and his older brother becomes a J.R. Detective to find his little brother. Where was he? Who took him? Why did they want him? And how long would it take to find him?

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was a dark, cold, and stormy night. The wind was whistling roughly through the trees, and Eren was at the police station with his adoptive parents asking for help to find Eren’s younger brother who was just 4-years-old.

“ So what does your little brother look like?” The Officer asked him.

“ H-He’s about 40 inches tall, he’s four years old, and has the same color of hair as me, light brown hair, with a thinner strip that has a lighter brown highlight. He has brown eyes, he’s soft, gentle, has a bracelet around his right wrist, with a charm of a small dolphin, and a necklace with a half moon charm, that shines brightly under the light of the moon,” 15-year-old Eren said very descriptively.

“ What was he wearing when you last saw him? And what’s his name?” The Officer asked.

“ He was wearing a whitish shirt, with a light green sweater, tanish pants, and white shoes. Oh, and his name was Johnathan, but for short we call him John,” Meadow replied.

Meadow was Eren’s and John’s adoptive mom. She was an elf at the age of 30, she had purple hair, green eyes, and was the most gentle, caring, and loving mother. She even owned a unicorn farm with her husband and her two adopted kids.

“ Can you please find our son?” Elk asked.

Elk was John’s and Eren’s adoptive dad. His name was known for the most legendary, oldest, and magical tree that lived in the magical elf forest. He had indigo colored hair, with blue eyes. He was nice, gentle, caring, and loving. He even had a necklace with a green crystal that shimmered under the sun and moonlight.

“ Okay, last question. When exactly did he go missing?” The officer asked.

“ Uh...Friday, October 13th,” Elk replied.

“ Thank you, we’ll have our best detectives on the case on finding your son,” The Officer said as he printed the sheet of missing John.

“ Thank you,” Elk and Meadow said.

“ You’re welcome,” The Officer replied smiling kindly at them.

“ Come on dear, let’s go home,” Meadow told Eren.

Eren looked down sadly. The Officer noticed how bad the wind was howling.

“ W-Wait! Why don’t you stay here till the storm passes? It’ll probably be morning until it’s over, so maybe for your safeties you could stay here,” The Officer said.

“ We don’t want to give you much trouble,” Elk said.

“ It won’t be a problem at all. I’ll get you guys blanket, just sit down,” The Officer said.

“ Thank you,” Meadow said gently.

The Officer nodded and left to get them some blankets. Elk and Meadow sat down in the chairs, and Eren sat down next to his parents.

“ It’ll be alright, Eren. They’ll find him, we too are worried for him,” Elk told him.

“ I can’t believe I just let him go like that,” Eren said, tearing up.

“ It’s not your fault,” Meadow told him as she put her arms around her.

Eren leaned against his mother as he teared.

“ We’ll find him, don’t worry,” Elk told him.

“ For now, just rest. We’ll keep searching in the morning,” Meadow told him.

Eren closed his eyes and fell asleep in his mother’s arms. When the Officer came back, he came back with blankets, and he handed them over to the Elk and his wife.

“ Thank you Officer,” Elk and Meadow said.

“ You’re welcome,” The Officer replied.

He dimed the light down and left them to rest. In the morning, two detectives walked up to them and taped them on the shoulder. Elk and Meadow woke up, and saw two detectives standing in front of them.

“ Hello! My name is Detective Sara, and this is my partner Detective Aris,” Detectives Sara said.

Sara was a 36 year old detective, with red long and straight hair, with blue eyes, she wore a black shirt with a blue buttoned jacket, black pants, and a belt where she kept her weapon. She always stayed on task, and tried her best to solve a mystery as fast as possible when it came to limited time. She worked well with her partner Aris, who was usually sometimes fooling around. She was kind, hardworking, smart, sweet, gentle

“ Hi!” Airis said smiling kindly.

Aris was a hardworking agent. He was nice, sweet, gentle, funny, stubborn, and even when he fools around a lot and makes his partner angry, he still works smartly through problems and helps her out when she needs help. Aris has seaweed green hair, with emerald green eyes, he has a light blue button up shirt that they let him wear, with black pants, a belt with his weapon tied to it, and a bracelet around his left wrist.

“ Hi! I’m Elk and this is my wife Meadow, and my son Eren,” Elk said.

“ Nice to meet you,” Sara and Aris said.

“ We are the detectives that are on the case on finding your youngest son. John right?” Sara asked.

“ Yeah, that’s him!” Elk replied.

“ Great! Now, I need you to tell me what time he went missing. If you don’t mind,” Aris said.

“ Yes, of course. He um...He went missing around 10:30 at night,” Elk replied.

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