Struck Me

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Chapter Thirteen

"Be quiet, we can't wake up my mom," Justin whispers to me as I am dangling from his bedroom window.

"I'm scared of heights," I reply.

"Too fucking bad, just jump!"

I let my hands go from the window and closed my eyes as I fell, thankfully landing in the grass.

Justin jumped after me without hesitation and we both stood up from the fall and made our way to my house.

"You really think Heather is there?" Justin asks.

"I think so. Leah said a woman was knocking at my door and she didn't recognize her from the funeral. Who else would it be?"

"Someone trying to kill you. You know we didn't really think this through. What if it's not Heather and it's actually someone trying to kill you and she has a knife or something?"

"Heather would probably try to kill us," I say jokingly.

He doesn't say anything to my comment.

I wonder if he's scared of Heather. If she is at my door then I'm going to be terrified. I haven't seen her since that night at the hospital. Doe she even know my mom is dead?

We arrive at my house and the only thing I notice in the pitch black darkness that surrounds the neighborhood is used doc martens and white, pale legs sitting on my front porch steps waiting for me.

"What are you doing here?" I call into the darkness.

"What do you mean?" Heather asks, standing up from the porch revealing herself.

"I mean... where the hell have you been? What happened to you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Oli," she says taking a step closer to us. Justin steps back.

"Well why are you here now?"

"Because my sister is dead and no one told me."

"I'm pretty sure grandma called you like a million times."

She disregards my statement and looks up at the sky.

"I came here to tell you that you're going to live with me," she says.

"Says who?"

"Me. Why would you want to live alone? Where else would you go?"

"Can you just explain why you went missing and haven't responded to anyone's calls this whole week."

Heather tilts her head at me, mimicking that of a confused puppy.

I look over at Justin who is making an attempt to avoid this entire encounter with my aunt.

"How are you, Justin?" Heather smiles at him.

"I'm good," he responds while avoiding eye contact with her.

"See! You met Justin the day you went missing. What happened that day?"

"Oli, you're really confusing me. If I could answer your question, I would. Can you just get in the car so we can go?"

"Like right now?"

"Yes! I'm not coming back for you."

I look over at Justin again in hopes of him giving me some sort of answer telepathically.

Do I go live with her? If I don't, what's going to happen to me?

"I was spending the night at Justin's, can I go pick up my stuff over there real quick?" I ask, hoping me and Justin will have some time to come up with a plan.

"No! I drove all the way over here for you and you want me to wait again?"

"No one told you to come to my house in the middle of the night!"

She stares at me for a moment, intimidating me with her gaze.

"Let's go," she says while shoving me towards her car.

"Wait no, Oliver doesn't have to live with you, he has a place to live," Justin announces; Heather ignores him.

"He can live with me at my house," he continues.

"Let go of me!" I yell at Heather.

I don't understand what brought Heather here and why she's so adamant on me leaving with her at 1:00 in the morning.

I could feel Justin's hands on my arms as he tried to help pull me off Heather but she wouldn't let up.

Justin and I continued trying to fight Heather off until she began screaming loudly into the night, which was enough for us to quit fighting her, resulting in her pushing me into the car and slamming the door shut.

She gets into the car and drives off.

I could see Justin's concerned face through the window as she drove off, hoping he would tell his mom or someone so they could save me from Heather because I don't know what her intentions are.

I know she's my family but she is acting like a complete stranger right now.

Heather doesn't speak to me the entire drive to her house. I look over at her and her stare is lost in the road; I don't recognize the person driving us to her house.

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