Struck Me

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Chapter Two

"I haven't seen you in so long, Oliver! I wish your mother would let me visit you."
I shift uncomfortably in Heather's small, dim lit house the resembles something out of Hansel and Gretel.
"So what did you boys need?"
"We wanted to talk to spirits and we figured that you probably knew how to since you're into that kinda shit," Justin interrupts. Heather laughs.
Heather is in her mid twenties. She's quite short for her age; I mean I am 16 and I'm taller than her. She has long, black hair that has probably never been cut since she was born, and she's always wearing a pair of old doc martens. To top it all off, she tries to make it seem as though she doesn't get a lot of sleep because she is always wearing black makeup around her eyes. Her personality does not match her lifestyle most of the time.
"Is there anyone in particular you guys want to talk to?" Heather asks.
"Not really," I respond.
She turns to her desk that is consumed by dust and I believe a few cobwebs. She shuffles around a bunch of items then pulls out a board.
"You guys ever try one of these?" She asks while waving around a spirit board.
"Are you fucking serious, Heather? I thought you were legitimate about your work," I say as Justin eagerly grabs the board.
"Fuck off, Oliver. You obviously have never used one."
"Oli's mom would kill us," Justin says as he stares in astonishment at the old piece of cardboard.
Heather laughs again. Her laugh has an evil tone to it that makes me want to leave just as quickly as I arrived.
"Well don't use this at your house. I actually know a good place to try it out."
"Where?" I ask.
"The A.B.H.S Health Facility."
"You really want to play with an ouija board at my mom's work?"
"Duh. That place is haunted as hell. I'll even go with you guys."
I'm not sure what my mother would do if she found out. I have heard so many stories about the A.B.H.S Facility. The reason it is so haunted now is because the patients used to supposedly get tortured there. I remember hearing about how the worker's used to take the patients dead body down to the basement and soak it in a bath of acid. Of course, that was a long time ago and my mom doesn't do that kind of work. At least I hope not.
"Hello? Oli? Are you in?" Heather asks, shaking me from my thoughts.
"Um, sure yeah," I say half smiling. I don't know why I feel uneasy about this. I have been wanting to talk to the dead for years. Mostly my dad though. I know my dad isn't at that hospital and this could possibly go terribly wrong.
The drive to my mom's work seemed endless. Somehow Justin ended up sitting in the front with Heather, and I sat in the back by myself. Justin didn't seem scared about doing this at all; in fact, he was reminding me a lot of Heather in this moment and it was starting to creep me out. When we arrived, I walked slowly behind Justin and Heather who didn't seem to notice my presence at this point. Heather was leading us on a different path opposite of the main entrance, and we followed her down two flights of cement stairs.
"Where are we going?" I ask.
"Dude, just relax. You're the one who brought up the idea that we should "manifest spirits," and we are here about to do the damn thing and now you're scared?" Justin says, challenging me.
"No but what if something goes wrong?"
"Well that's why I'm here," Heather says smirking. God, who's fucking idea was it to invite her with us.
We entered a dark room that smelled as if it flooded in there and all the water stayed trapped inside the floors or something. Justin and I followed Heather into the middle of the room and sat on the floor in a circle.
"Okay, have either of you ever played with a spirit board?" Heather ask.
"No," me and Justin respond at the same time.
"Well it's quite simple. All of us are going to place our index finger on this planchette," she says while pointing to some weird triangle piece that comes with the board. "Then we just ask the board questions and it will move the planchette to ye or no, or even spell out things."
"Let's do it," Justin says eagerly.
"You sure you want to do this, Oliver?" Heather asks as she starts lighting candles around the three of us. Oh, as if she gave a shit about what I have to say. She is going to do this anyways.
I don't say anything, I just simply nod.
"Great. Now place your finger here. Now focus." Heather closes her eye and I look around the pitch black room. Justin mimics her and closes his eyes as well.
"Are there any spirits in this basement with me, Oliver, and Justin?" Silence.
"Fuck not even this is going to work," Justin whispers.
"Shh! Focus!" Heather demands.
"Are there any spirits in the room that feel hurt?" Once again nothing happens. I don't know why I was so scared. I knew Heather was full of shit.
Suddenly, I feel the triangle thing in the middle of the board move along with our fingers. Fuck.
I study the triangle moving to the corner of the board where the word "yes" is placed. None of us say anything. I decide to scan the room again our of paranoia, and my eyes fix on what looks like the same apparition that Justin showed me on his phone this morning. No way. My mind is making up shit. This ouija board isn't even real, you can buy this shit at Toys R Us. I want to ask Justin if he can see it too but I don't think I'm supposed to be talking.
"Do you want to hurt us?" Heather asks the board. Our fingers don't move this time, it just stays on "yes."
"We're fucked!" Justin shouts. Heather stays silent, and my eyes stay focused on the figure that I swear is staring back at me.
"You know what?" Heather starts, breaking her attention from the board. "Why don't we just take a tour of the hospital? I know some cool places." It's obvious she is trying to stay enthusiastic for our sake.
"Why are you two so scared? It's really starting to piss me off," Justin says while laughing at us. He still hasn't noticed the 6 foot figure standing across from us.
"Do you guys say that?" I finally say while still staring at it. I don't know why my eyes are stuck on it. I'm not even sure if it's real.
"Let's just go, you guys," Heather replies while still trying her best to stay calm.
"Oh, fuck that," Justin says while beginning to stand up. I look over to Heather and her eyes are screwed shut while she is whispering things to herself that doesn't sound like English.
Before I could decide on what to do, my feet were moving and I was running to find an escape from this damn basement. I could hear Justin behind me as we tried to find a way out.
"Why did we think this was a good idea again?" Justin pants.
"Why did we invite Heather?" I yell back.
We finally made it to the parking garage and we just stared at each other for a while before bursting into laughter.
"Where is Heather?" Justin asks.
Before I could answer him, I saw someone. Someone even worse than the ghost I just had a staring match with a couple of minutes ago: my mom.
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