Struck Me

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Chapter Three

My mom's reaction to finding me and Justin in the hospital parking garage didn't carry much emotion. Her face was blank, and all she did was tell me and Justin to get in the car. I would rather have her yelling at me than this. Tension filled the car; I was able to feel it in my chest.

I checked my phone for the third time that minute, and still haven't received a response from Heather even though I already texted her twice.

"Mom, so um, Heather was with us," I finally announce.


"Heather is the one who brought us here."

"How many time have I told you in the past to stay away from her? She causes nothing but trouble and I don't see why you want to be in contact with her so bad. It's pointless."

My mom doesn't even sound mad. I study her face so I can attempt to prepare for some sort of reaction but I can't read her.

"We don't know where she's at," I say, disregarding her statement.

"What do you mean?"

"Well all of us were in the basement and me and Justin kind of ran away and... well we don't know where she's at. We never saw her when we ran away."

I wait for my mom to say something or turn around to go back to the hospital, but she doesn't. She just sighs and the rest of the car ride home is silent.

"Oliver, I need to talk to you in private," my mom says when we finally arrive home.

I smile at Justin to reassure him everything is fine and he proceeds to my room.

"Oliver," my mom whispers. I stare at her anxiously, wondering what she has to say.

"Look," she begins. "I know Heather can be cool and nice but-"

"Do you hate her because of the kinds of things she does? Like all the witchcraft stuff?" I can't help but ask.


I can feel my face getting hot from embarrassment. I sit back in my chair and tell myself to shut the fuck up the remainder of the conversation, no matter how many questions I have. My mom rubs her temples and closes her eyes. Why is she so angry? Do I apologize? No, Oliver. Remember: shut the fuck up.

"Can't you just listen and trust me when I say to PLEASE stay away from her? That shit she practices is not something to mess around with. She's been into that kind of stuff since we were little. She has hurt people."

"What do you mean?"

My mom grabs me by the shoulders and gives me the coldest look a person could giver another. Her stare made my throat tighten and I gulped the pain down my throat so I wouldn't cry in front of my mother.

"Stay. Away." She repeats.

I nod my head and she lets go of me and sighs.

"Should we be worried, though?" I ask.


"We don't even know where she is." I'm too scared to even discuss Heather anymore, but my mind can't stop thinking about not knowing where she went, and why she didn't run away with me and Justin and why she was whispering to the apparition we saw.

"It's probably for the best. Try to get some sleep." She says while trying to attempt a smile for my sake.

I make my way back upstairs, wondering why my mother would imply it's in her best interest if Heather was fucking dead.

I walk into my room to find Justin sitting on the bed picking at his fingernails.

"Well, what did she say?" He asks nervously.

"She was just telling me that I need to stay away from Heather." Justin seems anxious, even though he won't admit it. I think it's best if I don't go into detail about my mother and I's conversation, even though I am not too sure about the discussion myself.

"Did you ever hear back from her anyways?"

"No but she has to be fine, right? She probably noticed we ran into my mom and went the other way or something," I respond attempting to convince him and myself.

"I just think it's weird that he hasn't replied to your calls or text," he says before grabbing one of my pillows to lay on the floor.

I sigh and check my phone. Still nothing.

"Please answer. I'm sorry I ended up leaving." I press send before turning my phone off in an attempt to fall asleep.

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