The lone alpha

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A teen out in the woods searching for revenge for her packs sake. At the age of 12 her pack was slaughtered causeing her shift to be early.

Thriller / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Zigging in and out of the trees hearing the pounding of footfalls behind me. I had woke up from a light and dreamless sleep to near by howling. Getting up and packed as fast as I could I took off running with my bag in my mouth. It had been an hour and a half since we started running. The sun was peeking over the tree tops now. Seeing a creek I ran through it to hide my scent and ran to the biggest tree I could find climbing up it as fast as I could. Sitting on a branch I waited for the wolves to run by. Jumping down from the tree I ran back the way I came. I didn't stop running until I couldn't run anymore ding a cave I shifted and put on cloths going back outside to find a big rock. A few feet away there was a huge boulder going behind it and rolling it infront of the cave opening with a small spot with just enough space for me to slip through. Going to find some fire wood slipping it inside then going in after it. After makeing a fire I dig around in my bag for a deer meat roll. After eating it real fast I walk over to the boulder and slide it over to were just a little bit of a gap was for the smoke. Falling asleep into a restless sleep.

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