Diamond Flakes in Rose Petals

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Matilda McCarthy, the daughter of the most wealthiest man in town, has a secret life that affects her severely. Oscar, slowly starts to bond with his secret admirer Matilda and tries to help her out with her problems. Unfortunately, it was too late, and Oscar now will avenge for his bestfriend and crush, Matilda.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

The sun was setting. She was sitting on the white sand, watching the sky's warm tones, mix with the light blue sea. She felt calm and detached from all the chaos in the world, when she watched white terns flying in groups, through the soft, grey clouds, and when she felt the cool breeze go through her hair. The entire beach was empty, noone was in sight, allowing her to listen to the waves crash to the shore, and soak in the beauty all on her own. Atleast, she thought so.

Matilda McCarthy, was the daughter of the most wealthy man in the city, David McCarthy. David, was a politician, as well as a businessman. He had many scandals and not many liked him. But, everyone respected him. He had power, children, money, properties unlike any other. He was a little bit respectful to those who were by his side, but those who displays their hatred for him, he had no mercy.

Me, the son of a widow who worked at a small bakery in the village, has no chance of being with the daughter of the most well-connected man in the city. Yet, I can't help but adore how beautiful her dark brown eyes complimented her rosy skin. Watching her straight hair fly with the wind, as she watched the sunset, anyone would be obsessed. If only you could see her, she looks amazing. She has a gorgeous personality too! She is nice, kind, and friendly. She makes friends with almost everyone who speaks to her. She is the complete opposite of her father.

She stood up, grabbed her basket and starting walking back home. I didn't leave where I was sitting, I just watched her leave. Once I was sure that she was gone, I grabbed my bag and went home.

By the time I reached back home, it was already dark. The light from the houses were the only thing that kept the dark night lit up. I opened my front door and saw my mom lying on the mattress, sleeping. I put the blanket on her and sat beside her. If my father didn't leave us, my mom could've gotten a better treatment for her illness. We make ends meet using the money that I earn from tutoring and what mom had saved from when she was married. I wish I can provide her with something better than what we have right now once I finish studying. I hope she can make it till then..

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