Obsession Of A Psychopath

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A cold sweat ran down my face as he aimed the gun at my temple and stared at me with a psycho grin. "Hunter what are you doing" I asked suddenly remembering the first time he tried to kill me. "My love I don't want to do this,I really don't but your behavior is driving me crazy"he stated. " you can't hurt me,even if you wanted"I tried. "I should have done this the first time we met but I couldn't because I'm drawn to you Amanda" "You're insane hunter" "Insanely in love with you. Aren't I your personal psychopath" he asked so darkly it was scarily. His blue grenish eyes lite up. "That's what I love most about you" He cupped my cheek with one hand then captured my lips in a soft but urgent kiss. ------- Amanda is a normal girl, after surviving a curel night when she was almost killed by a psycho, she got a transfer to a new college to escape her controlling mother.little did she know that she would find her psychopath again in that same college and fall for him unknowingly but what will she do when she finds out his deadly secrets and his obsession for her Hunter whom all girls defined as a Greek god had been mentally and physically abused by his father growing up and turned into a ruthless psychopath. Once he sets his eyes on Amanda she became his obsession. He never bowed to anyone but her He was her life and she was his weakness She was normal,he was far from it

Thriller / Romance
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Author's note

Hey people I just wanted you let you know about a few things before you start reading.

Warning ⚠:

Mature content: their may and will be strong sexaul scenes so for those who feel disgusted by such please move along but just to make it fair for such people, I'll be giving a warning if a chapter has sex scenes.

Blood scenes: well this is a story about a psychopath so don't be surprised if like every chapter has bloody scenes and torturous weapons and phrases that make you scared.

Strong language:this story may and will contain strong violent language which are insults,abusive language which others may find disturbing,sexual etc.

This is my first story on inkitt tell me what you think. The first chapter will be posted soon

Don't forget to
Peace ✌
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