Entangled With The Past

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A girl who thought she was an orphan just find out that she has a crazy past, she has a twin brother and also a mother. She has demonic blood running through her veins but also has angel wings. She has to find her brother and free herself from the demonic leash but will it be easy if your father is the demon lord and you are his demonic daughter??? Lets see....

Thriller / Fantasy
Blue rose
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The Nightmare

I was standing in a dark room,feeling tired. The room was cold as an ice and had no furniture, my whole body was shivering and I was wearing a thin long frock that suddenly I heard his voice again , the voice which sent chills up to my spine,the voice which gives me goosebumps,the voice which sounds like dead autumn leaves;

”Help me Crystal,help me”,

I turned around and saw the same boy,the boy which hunts my night,I wanted to ask him soo many questions,like why does he looks soo familiar,why is he wearing a hospital gown,why is he looking pale but most importantly I wanted to asked why is he crying for help.

I tried to reach for him but whenever I take a step forward he seemed to go more far I tried running but darkness enveloped me inside it and I started falling and falling until I hit the ground.

I stand him feeling dizzy,my heart was racing ,I was no longer in that dark room but the room was looking like a strange bedroom,bedroom without windows,the aura around it was dull,lifeless that suddenly my eyes caught something which made my stomach turn,it was blood ,the smell was soo heavy that it made me more dizzy ,I was seeing blood everywhere, I started running but then i stoped because I heard his voice again but now the difference was that the voice was very close this time,like someone is standing beside me and whispering;

“Help me Crystal,help me please”,

I turned to where the voice was coming from and suddenly felt that my body has been paralysed, I tried to run but couldn’t,I tried to shout but no voice came out,the boy which use to stand far away was just standing few inches from me,I could see his face clearly now,his lifeless eyes were staring at my living eyes,he was staring at my eyes like he could read me easily,like he was reading my soul,the thing which made my heartbeat stop for a moment was when I saw his lips.

I was sure that the cries I always heard were his but now when I saw his lips,my heart skipped a beat,his lips were stitched ,I could see the black thread but his lips were not normally stitched but they were stitched into a huge and ugly smile,there were some cuts along the stitches which made it look like they were stitched by someone and on those cuts were some finger nails indicating that someone also tried to free his lips but failed,he also had a long chain like burn mark around his neck, my eyes were going to scan more of his body parts but I felt a dry breath over my face,my eyes came again to his face and I don’t know how but i heard him saying;

“Find the truth”.

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