Don’t Turn on the Tv

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Meet Kate and hear her story of how she ended up in a mental hospital at the age of 11 to 14

Thriller / Mystery
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There's a rural town in the middle of Arizona. This is where our story takes place.

The sun beats down like a raging wild fire, causing sweat to drip onto my notepad. The bench I'm sitting on feels loose, like the screws were melting. I've long recognized where I am. I mean, I have been here for three years. Ever since I was 11. It's a place so hot that the sun is jealous.

That place is a orphanage. I should be out soon though. I herd someone is planning to adopt me.

I should probably tell you why I'm here. You have to have had a pretty rough life to end up here. So I'll start from the beginning. It all started with my siblings, Emily and Charlie, my Bff, Shota, and television show auditions

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