Don’t Turn on the Tv

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Normal Afternoon

"Come wash up for dinner. Your food will get cold!" That's my older sister Emily. She said that every night, since I was five because I would usually forget about dinner while I was doing my homework. " Kate, can you please turn on the faucet for me. I can't reach it." And that's my little brother Charlie. He's seven but still can't reach the faucet. That should tell you how short he is. But he's still lovable.

I was always busy with my studies and never cared about watching tv. But on the contrary, Charlie watched it all the time after school. "how was your day at school you two?" Emily asked

"Good!!!" We said in unison.

"Great, glad to hear it."

Then all of a sudden, the room went black.



I could hear Emily throw up. She was gasping and gagging. All I could do was listen. I couldn't see. I couldn't move. I could hear an older girl talking outside. She mentioned a tv and the disappearance of my only family and my bestie. She sounded like she was sympathetically explaining someone's past. Like she knew what happened before it happened. But what she said didn't make sense. I wanted to ask her questions. What she was talking about? Why she was here? Who was she? I try to speak but she is already gone.

"Come back."

Then I woke up at the table. Why every night. While doing something normal. This is getting ridiculous. Everyone was asleep. I looked at the time. "3am!!!!!! Shoot I have to get to my bed or I'll never be mentally prepared for school!!!" I rushed up the stairs, sat on my bed and started to meditate. Trying to fall asleep but failing. Sweat dripping down my cheeks that are probably to big for my face. Tears creating a wet stream as I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth for what feels like hours, clearing out my thoughts and relaxing my body. Before I know it, two hours have passed and it's time to get ready for school. It's time for my normal afternoon to come to a close, and start the new day. A boring day.

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