Don’t Turn on the Tv

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She is waiting for me in the room. She seems to be playing with a Teddy bear and is sitting in front of the screen. "Oh your here, I'm glad that you're here to help me get rid of television for good. But for now just watch with me." I walk over and sit down next to her. One by one, screens turned black. They were gone for good. In a matter of minutes

50% of the contestants were " deleted". I look as there terrified faces left the screen. Until Emily and Charle were in the tv. "Kate, Charle, Shota!!!!! Where are you!!!!" Emily shouted as she was walking in a dark room. Then her face was tuned to fear as her screen turned black. "Big sis!!! Sho!!! Are you there. It's time to go home." Charle was scared but put on a brave face. But it only lasted for a second as he screamed and his screen cut to black. It had barely been an hour. I cried as I was only able to watch my only family and innocent people people die. Only three screens were left. And thankfully Shota was one of them. They were all together and walked into a crimson room. Nothing happed for awhile. They just wired and talked. It was all good till the crimson painted the room including Shota, before it all faded to black. I cried and cried before I herd the maniac laughter of the little girl. I turned to look at her but she was gone. I was in the car going home. "Oh look who's awake." Emily laughed as she drove. "I was getting scared, you cried in your sleep!" Charle was in the seat next to me with a concerned look on his face. I lightly patted my face only to feel my tears. It happened again. But this bream was to scaring. I knew that I had to get rid of what was giving me these nightmares. "Kate, we know that the tv I causing these dreams and we've tried to remove it but it won't budge. Do we're moving." Kate states as she is driving up the driveway. "Ive saved up and we can now move to the other side of town. So get your things ready." I nod and head to my room. I can still hear her laughter. And it never left. That was real. But I close my eyes and fall asleep. Still hearing the laugh. It haunts me and slowly broke the illusion of a life that I was living. I was in an orphanage. That's were I have been the whole time. Just having mini dreams in one big dream. And I still wonder... was that my life before I was put here, or something else.

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