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A Connection I Never Wanted.

My shoulders reach up under my ears as I’m stuck, stiff against the doorframe. The voice moves through me like a tremor. I convulse and fall onto my knees, sweat dripping off of my face. My eyes glaze over, everything is highly saturated with each blink as the monster gets closer and closer. I feel the hook pulling me forward, wanting that shadow, wanting that darkness, to slip in and slip under. My lungs are filling with something that isn’t air with each breath, heavier, thicker, it’s choking me.


“DRU!” Doc, again, reaches out for me, back to the monster, deflecting me from the blow. I feel the shroud come off and a scream escapes me as a bewildered look comes onto Doc’s usually calm face. He slumps forward on me and spasms slightly. He’s gripping onto me and I’m gripping onto him as he falls and the monster is standing over us and there is a gash on Doc’s back there is a tear in his shirt on the back with the smoking gash and there is one with dried blood on his side. I remember him barreling into me. I remember his body smacking me out of the way. This is the second time. I got him hurt twice.

It’s getting worse. I did nothing and it’s getting worse.

But I did nothing.

It will only get worse from here.

“NO!” I scream out loud, and I hold onto Doc. “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

The monster shrinks back slightly, paralyzed.

I hold up a hand, blind rage seething over me. “GO.”

The hook gouges into my stomach and I grit my teeth against it and slump over Doc as the monster draws back just enough for me to flick my eyes to the girl. I look at her and she looks at me and I scowl and the monster turns.

The hunger pain turns to a searing, tearing pain and I double over, but I then look up to continue to stare at the girl. I cough, and there is a copper taste in my mouth. I feel the pain and the tearing and the draining on my life but I keep staring and seething. The monster turns and stares at her and the girl stares at me and I stare at her and I keep staring down at her from this hallway and the air goes dank and heavy.

Pain drills into me as the monster lunges at her.

The monster lunges at her.

She screams out as it tears through her. And I sit there panting, heat raising on my back. I pant harder and tears start stinging in my eyes. I can’t stop breathing heavily, so much so that my stomach is cramping over the pain. I cough, and blood comes out in a blackish red blob from my lips. My stomach clenches, and I let out a pathetic sob, the pain is surreal I can barely see straight. My vision is swimming in hazy red. My skin is being pulled so tight I can feel it tear. My face is numb, my bones are lead. I almost died, I feel myself dizzy with the dance from the devil, I can feel it cold and my soul is being pulled outward towards the monster.

What just happened.

The screams continue and Doc’s grip tightens on me. I look down in shock at him and he looks up at me, his eyes glazed over with pain. His back has stopped bleeding but the jagged cut is deep red and black. Superficial, but I had a thing with making the monster’s touch poisonous. I grip onto him and he struggles to sit up.

“Let’s go.” His words are gruff. I feel like I’m watching me lift Doc up to his feet and we move into the stairwell, and I drag both of us up the stairs. All I hear is my heartbeat, blood roaring in my ears. We get up two flights and Doc leans against the wall, his breathing ragged. I sit there against the wall with him.

“Dru,” He inhales sharply through his nose.


“But, Dru-“

“Doc, stop.”

“We need to-“

No, shut up shut up SHUT UP!” My voice is shrill. I slam my hands on my ears as the pain is sharp in my nerves, an electric storm on my skin.

“You controlled it, didn’t you?”

I stay quiet, staring intently at my feet. I stare until my eyes burn. I stare until my eyes water. My shoulders shake and I set my jaw.

Doc coughs and shifts next to me. A door slams somewhere above us, footsteps pounding. Still, we don’t move.

“Dru,” Doc sprawls his legs out in front of him, I watch his painful movements. An icy feeling worms up my stomach and into my chest. There is a hot iron on my chest. “Dru, you can-“

“No, I can’t.”

“But, you just did.”

“I,” I gag again, and I feel blood dribble down my lips and another sob leaves me. I look up at him, my throat burning. My insides feel like they’re melting. “It almost-“

The footsteps get louder and we both look up as they turn the corner, prepared for the worst. The two stop in front of us with gasps, and the four eyes stare at us as we stare at them. I spring to my feet.


Mayday!” I fall into her arms and she sobs and I hold her. I hold her tight.

Trevor.” Wren falls to his knees and crawls over to his twin. He hoists him up with his arm over his shoulder. Wren’s eye is almost swollen shut. There is a gash on his forehead. Mayday’s knee is bleeding and the left sleeve of her shirt is a mess.

“They found us when you called me. We had to run. What happened to you guys?”

“Obviously something along the lines of what happened to you.” I say a bit too quick, glancing at Trevor, sweat glistening on his forehead as he stares intently at me.

“I am going to kill that monster.” Wren hisses, his eyes bright and wild.
 “Forget it, we need to get out of here.” I demand, “It’s a fucking monster, you think you’re going to kill it?”

“I agree with Dru,” Mayday clutches onto my arm. When did our roles reverse? My stomach twists and the pain shoots down my legs and into the soles of my feet. I force myself to stand upright, and I know we need to move. “We should get the fuck out of here while we still have our souls.”

Wren glares at us, and then looks at his brother, and then nods. “I got to the operator while we were screaming and running, so hopefully someone friendly will be outside waiting for us.”

Another door slams. And now I can assume that it is not another friendly face of any kind. The hunger in my body is bad enough I’m starting to shake. We turn to go down the stairs, but a door slams from below. I clench my fists. We all stare at one another and then push through the door on the closest level we can, frantically making our way down the brightly lit hallway. Wren is leading the way, helping his brother keep up a quick pace.

“This way.” Wren turns and we follow him. “FUCK.”

The monster is standing down the hall, lights flickering around him.

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