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I Didn't Want this not this not this

“No, we don’t have to.” I gasp. “We can run. We can get out of here-“

“What, are you going to control it again?”

“Do you understand that I took control and it killed that girl?!” My voice raises, my eyes flutter and I fold forward as daggers stab into my gut. “It almost took me with it. I felt it. I felt like I was in the abyss of doom, death. I don’t want that, do you understand? My insides felt like they were melting. I don’t want this, I want to get away I want to get out! We have to run, what part of that don’t we get?”

“We can’t run from this.” Doc takes in a sharp breath through his nose, like he’s straining his ears towards any threat. “We definitely can’t.”

I stare at him as he stares at me, and I bite my lower lip.

“What the fuck do you want me to do about it, Trevor?!”

Doc doesn’t even flinch, even though I think he’s gotten even paler.

“I can’t face that thing, I can’t face it. Don’t make me do that.” I whine, my voice weak and almost shrill from my pain. The lights in the elevator flicker, it shakes slightly and we all go still. “We can just get out of here, the four of us. They’re looking for us. If we leave, then what do they have to gain from the people who aren’t us?”

“What would they have to lose for going after them?”

It’s close, I can feel it. I know he’s right but I don’t want him to be right. That girl, that stupid girl who thought TRIGGER was what the world needed and what she wanted but who wants that kind of monster? I really don’t want her to be right. I don’t want to finish what I’ve started, no I want to leave it and set this hotel on fire. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here, we are going to die because there is nothing we can do. Matters are going to get worse. We need to run. And we’re stuck here.

“It’s not like any of us have a fucking choice here, Dru.” Wren sneers. “We’re literally in a stalled elevator, stuck between a hard place, and a MONSTER. SIZED. ROCK. THAT. WANTS. TO. KILL. US.”

Mayday looks at me. “Dru, it really can’t get worse. She said-“

“I don’t care what she says-said-WHATEVER!” I try not to cry, fear bubbling up past my pain. I remember her face when she realized what I did. It was beyond fear, it was acknowledgement, it was understanding. It could’ve been exactly what she wanted, even though she ended up consumed. “I will only make it worse, it’s feeding off of me, I’ve felt it, that’s what it was. The nightmares, the aggravation, the panic, it had to be that.”

It didn’t start until I got here, until I saw the girl, until I saw the video, until I was around people who so desperately wanted to escape their lives and find reconciliation with any sort of analogy that they were willing to apparently sell their souls to the devil and summon this demon, this monster, masked as our monster.

As my monster.

I close my mouth as my mind starts to melt again. The corners of my vision are going dark. My head lolls on my neck, everything is feeling heavy, everything is ice cold and beyond hot. My heart starts thumping in my chest, and I open my mouth to continue to speak. But, a jolt of pain racks my body and I gasp, turning the attention to me.

Before I can scream out, without warning, long black claws stab through the metal of the elevator door. Doc lets go of the button and falls backwards into his brother. Mayday screams out loud as the monster tears through the metal with its claws like butter. We watch in horror and stay low as it finally bursts through. It turns to me and I immediately tuck and roll out of the way as fast as I possibly can. Wren grabs Mayday as the monster clambers about to get a hold of us in the elevator, and we all dive bomb through the bottom part of the wreckage of the door. It grabs at my ankle and I turn and kick it square in the side of it’s head. It releases me.

I’m not finished with you, Andrea.

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