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On a warm summer evening before darkin the southern Pacific ocean there was fishing charter boatswhen there were 10 people on board and captain catching fishone after another than the sharks show uo circling the boat bull sharks and tiger sharks time to bring in lines head back to pier here comes a mega shark beliving to be only 15 ft long was a big mistake the captain made being he was seating higher up in, the other shaks left area, it went under boat than on the other side it attack the boat like a bulldozer slam right into the boat than hit it again on the other side tore the whole side of boat apart people ended up in the water the Shark ate them al that was in water captain and one other left on boat the boat was sinking fastto the bottom even though it was mostly wood no help in sightfor miles captain look into water and saw the shark it was longer and bigger than the boat the other twovwere knock off the boat before the engine caught on fire than explodedthe last two were eaten by the mega shark no witness left in area people belive it to be a boating accident reported it that way no bodys found just pieces of boat found. A month later there was another boating accident in the same area, It was a newerand bigger boat made from fiberglass inboard engine. With 20 aboard captain boat hands helping fishing people. It was 8:00 P.M. Everything was just fine they were catching there fish. enjoying them self until The Shark Shows up, Tiger sharks pull line out of the water time to get ready to leaveuntil something large hit the boat circle the boat than hit the boat took a hugh bite from1 the side of it.knock some people off the boat including the captain that was running the boat people in water vanishby the time it was all over with there was only three left on biat they shot up the flare hopping someone see it got on radio called coast guard by the time they arrive there was only one left survivor The Megalodon got him also it was like it bite the boat in half they saw the Shark it was 60'ft long weigh about 1500 pounds they search the area but to dark so they came back at sunrise most of boat bottom of ocean they sent down divers found no bodiesa but one diver found a hugh tooth stuck in the side of boat. Coast guard declared them all eaten by a predator of the sea without scaring the public gave the tooth to the family of the captain. And gave their regreats to ybe other familys with a memorial service at sea for the people on the fishing charter boats . Coast guard never found the shark again maybe matting season waiting for eggs to hatch.

The End

StarWriter Jerry G. Smith

July 24, 2020

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