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Tobias Tanner a 36 year old History Teacher. He's married with a child on the way Martina Richards a 17 year old student. She's a genius and n disguise but acts out for the popular crowd. A field trip on the high seas their ship encounters problems and they are the only two people stranded on an island. Temptation arises between the forbidden relationship.

Thriller / Romance
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Toby stood outside the hut. Hesitating before making the five step journey inside. Going in would mean so much more than eating his dinner and going to sleep. Going in would mean he'd be tempted by the alluring young girl inside. Going in would mean he'd want to rip off her barely there clothing and sink deep inside her. going in would mean an image of his wife fading one he can barely remember as is. Going on n would mean he could hear her the girls voice screaming his name in the height of passion going in will mean Trouble.

a/n: This is a rewrite of a book that got deleted from another platform. I don't know I will be able to cature the same magic as the original but I will give it my best shot.

Face Claims

Regina: Riele Downs

Toby: Henry Cavill

Norma: Amy Adams (Toby's wife)

Lisa: Laren London (Regina's Mother)

Atlas: Donny Savage (Regina's Uncle)

Cidney: Jaden Smith (Regina's Boyfriend)

Corrina: Amanda Stenberg (Regina bestfriend)

Khaleel: Algee Smith (Regina Bestfriend)

Wendy: Megan Fox (Hot neighbor)

Victor: Casey Afflec (Toby's Brother)

Kate: Michelle Phiffer (Toby's Mom)

Jessica: Tabria Majors

Jonathan: Ian Somerhalder

Wish me luck guys hopefully I remember enough to at least keep the essence of the original.😢🙏

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