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Lisa sat on her daughter's bed. Taking up one of her pillows she hugged it close to her. It's been four months and still very much fresh in Lisa's mind. Why didn't she listen to her child about going on that ill fated trip? Lisa could still smell her daughter's scent. She knows she should be cleaning out her daughter's room and packing her clothes for goodwill but she couldn't bring herself to do it. As she sat thinking her brother walked into the room.

"Hey sis!" Atlas said sympathetic. He could feel his sister's anguish over losing Tidbit. He himself was filled sorrow but mostly anger that her life was cut so short.

"Hey bro!" Lisa said her voice slightly cracking from her tears.

Atlas walked over to his sister giving her shaking body a hug.

"It isn't fair bro she was our baby. She was too young." Lisa cried on her brother's chest.

Atlas had to hold back his own tears. Yes he was like a father to Gina but he could not even imagine what a mother had to go through especially seeing as Gina was Lisa's whole world. "It will be ok sis. We just have to keep Tidbit's memory alive. She'll never be forgotten."

"I know not my special girl. She drove me up the wall with her fast ass attitude but she was my smart babygirl, she made me so proud."

"Exactly sis, once we keep remembering all the goodtimes with lil Tidbit we'll be just alright."

Lisa pulled away from her brother and smiled softly, wiping her tears. "What about you and Norma?" Lisa nudged her brother's side playfully.

Atlas couldn't help the smile that hit his face. "Sis it aint like that. She just lost her husband. I felt bad especially her being a new, single mom. I'm helping her and doing what I can as a friend."

"I can tell you wish you two were more though. I see the way you look at her lil bro." Lisa teased.

"Sis stop I'm not even going there with you. Besides I aint the only one. Why don't we talk about Jonathan Smith." Atlas raised his brows wickedly.

"Boy shut up. I aint been in the dating scene in years. I wouldn't know where to begin. He just has a bit of a crush on me that's all."

"Yeah a huge crush but you keep shutting him down. Give old boy a chance sis. I know you like him."

Lisa just smirk coyly. "Don't you have a certain red head to be visiting?" Lisa grinned.

"Yeah, yeah keep trying to avoid that shit sis. But you're right I'm going to visit her." Atlas stood up.

"Go get your woman boy." Lisa teased.

"Shut up sis." Atlas said heading out the door smiling.

Norma picked up Tj cradling him in her arms as she rushed to answer the door. Her face lit up seeing Atlas. "Hey!" She let him in.

Atlas stretched out his hand and Norma gladly handed Tj to him. "Hey there yourself." Atlas kissed her cheek as he gentle held Tj in his hand.

Norma looked at Atlas and Tj with a smile. She was always grateful to Atlas for being there and stepping up as a father figure for Tj. Heaven knows it wasn't easy knowing her husband was gone and she had to do this on her own. Atlas was indeed a good friend and a huge help. Even though she suspected he wanted to be more at times she wasn't ready to go there yet. Don't get her wrong, Atlas was a fine black handsome well built man his physical attributes was very appealing but still it wouldn't be right to go there just yet after losing her husband so soon. But that didn't mean she wasn't a woman and couldn't notice. Oh she noticed alot about Mr. Atlas for sure.
Cidney opened the reply letter on screen as he and his mom read it together. Both reading the contents started jumping up and down. He was accepted for all of his courses in the community college. He was proud he took a leap and went for it anyway. Regina would be proud of him. He'd keep her legacy alive and walk the straight and narrow like she always dreamt for him. He didn't have to be his father's son. He'd make Regina proud and hope she'll be watching over him in heaven.

Back To The Island:

Toby's hand slide along Regina's thighs. She looked up at him with hooded dark orbs, filled with wanting as his hands slid up further between her silky legs. His stomach tightening as reached up to kiss his chest. Toby's breath hitched as she pulled his thin nipple causing him to harden as his fingers rubbed her jean clad shorts.

Hearing her pleasure filled moans had his anatomy beating against his confined jeans. Regina sucked on his neck and Toby grunted his erection threating to burst through his jeans. Her hands rubbed on his ten inch hardness. Toby was already lost as he felt her unzipping him. Toby looked down to her face again and she bit her bottom lip sensually. Her fingers found his wet tip.

"Oh Toby........." She said with pleasure.

Toby's eyes flew open. As he sat up panting. It was still dark. He looked down to see a sleeping Regina. He let out a low groan. God he was dreaming of doing unimaginable things to a seventeen year old girl, what was wrong with him? He felt the front of his pants and sure enough he was leaking through his jeans with an uncomfortable boner.

Toby moved almost to the edge of the blanket putting distance between him and Regina. He layed back down and turned his back to her, willing his erection to go down.

a/n: We see how the family is dealing with the aftermat. Toby continues to struggle with his increasing desires for the teen temptress. Your thoughts?

Yes I decided to go back to the cast original names. It didn't feel right with her being Tina lol. We love our Toby and Gina.

Anyhoo.....please comment, press the heart or leave a review. To hell with that other platform and their toxic crackheads. I'm still going to write and bring all my kiddies here.

So those of you who know I'll bring your faves the Abrams and our Babygirl crew.

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