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Toby's breath hummed out as he stroked his dick harder. He could feel his stomach moving as his balls swoll up. "Uhhhh!!!" He grunted as his pre cum pertuded upwards in his dick.

He imagined her chocolate mounds in his mouth as his tongued tasted her nipples. He imagined pulling on her curls as he pound her tight pussy. He squeezed at his tip as white pellets started shooting out he aimed for the water. Rubbing his dick until he was good and drained. He opened his eyes coming back to reality.

He exhaled as guilt struck him. He just finished masturbating and his wife didn't come to mind as he was doing it. Eight fucking months on this island. His lust for Regina increased with each month.

She was being a tease no matter how much he refused. Toby pulled up his boxers. He tried keeping his distance from her in the day often going for walks or fishing by himself.

The worst part he could barely remember his wife's face. All he saw was Regina invading his mind in the day and his dreams at night.

The only thing that kept him sane was reminding himself that Regina was child. A seventeen year old child and he couldn't cross that line. Toby grabbed his spear and went on the other side of the rocks to fish. Hopefully he'd be able to not think of her.

Regina fingered herself moaning out Toby's name as she started to clench her fingers tight before squirting on them.
She panted opening her eyes in the hut. Satisfied for now. Enjoying her high a bit longer she pulled out her drenched fingers sucking them in her mouth. Heaven knows she wanted her teacher bad. It was only a matter of time. Everyday she could tell her plan to seduce him was working. He could barely stand it.

Anytime she'd purposely walk around in just her bra or bend over just so he could get a good view of her ass. She could tell he was fighting his conscience.

The facts were they are the only two people on this island. He was a man and as much, as he tried not to think of it, she was a woman just two month's shie of her eighteenth birthday. She wanted to feel those muscles crush her body as he fucked her.

At night when he was asleep she would press her ass on his crotch. Sometimes she could here him grunting as his boner grew, when she rubbed her ass slowly. He was so huge.

She wanted to lick him, taste him but most of all feel him inside of her badly. Was it wrong? Yes but she didn't much care. They would eventually get to that point no matter how hard he fought it.

Evening just painted the sky. Regina turned over the snails and crab as Toby cleaned the fishes he just caught that day. He kept it in the salt water for them to have the next day.

Sitting enjoying dinner Regina frowned noticing Toby's chest.

"Oh my God Toby you're bleeding." Regina said panicked.

"What?" Toby looked down and remembered. "Oh yeah that. I fell against some sharp rocks today while fishing resulting in this. Toby went to rub the blood with his hands.

"Wait!" Regina halted him. She went into the hut and brought out a can of salt water and some aloes. Using some spinach she wiped the blood off his chest cleaned the wound with the salt water and used the sap and juices from the aloe over his cut.

Toby watched her as she worked grateful. Regina smiled finished with aiding his minor wound.

"Thank you." He smiled softly unable to keep his eyes off her beautiful face.

Regina blushed, "Just be careful next time Mr. I maybe smart but I can't do major surgeries." Regina chuckled.

Toby chuckled too as they gazed at each other. Both their minds drifting to each other's private session. Regina kept her hands on Toby's shoulder biting her bottom lip. She felt down to his taught muscles. Toby swallowed as her hands played with the hairs on his chest.

The feel of her hands was drawing heat in his body as his manhood awoke. This was dangerous. "Regina stop!" Toby demanded as he caught her hand from going anywhere lower on his waist.

Regina sucked her teeth annoyed. "How much longer are you going to fight this Toby?" She asked as he walked off into the hut.

"Regina I'm not doing this with you." Toby huffed.

"Soon you'll be doing me Toby." Regina held his arms to look up in his eyes.

Toby pushed her arms off. "Regina you're a fucking child." Toby said through angry clenched teeth.

"Your dick believes different Toby." Regina smacked her lips seeing his very distint boner.

"Regina do you see this fucking ring on my finger. I'm a married man." Toby yelled.

"Your wife isn't here Toby I am. You need my warm body just as much as I need yours. Regina grabbed his hands putting them around her waist.

"Regina stop! Just fucking stop. I'm sleeping in the raft tonight." He scoffed walking out the hut.

"Fine Toby but tell me what are you going to do when you're no longer satisfied with just rubbing your dick any longer? Sooner or later we're going to end up fucking." Regina smirked taking off her shirt and pants in front of him. Watching his eyes grow dark with lust before she headed back in the hut.

a/n: Poor Toby lmao😂. Regina aint easing up man. She wants that teacher lovin as she tries is breaking him down. Toby is trying to resist the temptation and be good. Question is, will it last? Please comment, hit the heart button and write a review if you want. Until next chapter beauties.

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