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Toby punched the air and kicked the sand. No amount of crunches, sit ups push ups was helping anymore. Two weeks had pass from their last encounter and Regina had his dick in over drive.

Heaven knows he was trying hard not to stray on his wife but the fucking teen temptress was making it difficult. She upped the mutha fucking ante on him. She went from walking around topless to naked. FUCKING NAKED!!!

A troublesome evil tease. No matter how much he resisted, she taunted more. Displaying and parading her ass in front of him. She knew, she was breaking him down too.

Regina was taking over his mind. Invading his dreams at night to him pratically could hear her scream his name as he devoured he chocolate little body. His hands wrapped up in her curls as he pounded her tight little......... "FUCKKKKK!!!!!!"Toby groaned out loud frustrated with himself and her. God he wanted her so fucking bad. She also held his fantasies in the day to the point he had to seperate himself from her. Often going on long walks or fishing by himself just to relieve his mind and throbbing dick.

He dropped to the sand and started doing pushups. Trying his damn best not to think of the five two less than a hundred and ten pounds very young chocolate beauty.

In the back of his mind he knew he was losing this battle. Regina wasn't ruling anymore and neither was his dick. The only thing that kept him sane and from straying, was his heart and even that was faultering.

Regina finished her sand culpture of a replica crab. The only thing she could do from dying of boredom. Toby left her to her own devices again. She knew he was trying to avoid her at all cost but Regina wasn't about to give up. Teasing him was probably wrong but she didn't much care. She wanted him. All he was doing was prolonging the inevitable. Just thinking of his rock hard body and dick was tightening her stomach. She wanted to lick from his chisled jaw to his dick. Squeeze his firm looking ass and ride his monster cock. She could feel his mouth and teeth latching onto her aching nipples.

The evening began to shade and Regina looked up to see Toby's head coming towards the hut. She smirked since he was still a bit of a distance.

She ran into the hut discarding all her clothes, naked as the day she was born she layed on the blanket fixing her body to where he could get a good view of her ass. Since he was so obsessed with it. On more than one occasion she caught him staring hard at it. She closed her eyes pretending to sleep.

Toby sighed before he made the five step journey into the hut. Going in would mean so much more than him just eating his dinner and going sleep. Going in would mean the image of his wife would fade into the background. An image he could scarely remember now. Going in would mean his mind would conjure up heated images of the sweet looking teen. Going in would mean him wanting to rip off her barely there clothing as he lost his own eager to intertwine their needy bodies. Going in would mean him wanting to give into temptation, going in would mean TROUBLE!"

He sighed, he had to man the fuck up. He was letting a little young nympho control his body. He could do this, he had this. He made the five step journey in and his jaw dropped. 'WTF????' He stared at her in awe.

He knew by now he should be use to seeing her this way as much as she flaunted herself at him. But who could get use to the perfect thing of beauty. Just watching her juicy looking ass and smooth silk chocolate had his dick beating against his jeans already. Toby had to literally slap himself to reality hitting his cheek with his open palm. He saw the smirk on her lips and knew she was pretending to be sleep. Trouble, just fucking trouble was all she was. He huffed picking up her clothes and throwing them on top of her.

"Regina get up! I know you're not sleeping. Put on your damn clothes now." Toby said sternly.

Regina sat up with an alluring smile. Instead of putting on her clothes she tossed them to the side and stood up in front of him.

Toby closed his eyes and exhaled trying hard not to look at and want her body. He was panting at this point to the throbbing of his cock.

"I don't want to put on my clothes Toby. Regina ran her hands on the hairs of his chest. Looking at him lustily. There was something so ruggardly sexy about a hairy man. Her hands were getting dangerously low and Toby had to catch them shaking her.

"Regina stop it, just fucking stop it. How many times do I have to tell you, I don't want you Regina. I'm married, this is wrong." He yelled still shaking her.

Reguna just smirked cause she knew his claim of not wanting her was far from the truth judging by his giagantic hard on right now. Her wicked smile had Toby captivated. "I can't stop Toby. I want you. I want you to fuck me. Just give in, just once Toby." Regina removed her arm out his death grip and rubbed his hard on through his jeans placing one if his large hands to knead her aching breast, tip toeing to his neck and sucked on his hot flesh.

Toby grunted feeling her plump lips on his neck as she rubbed his length with her hands. Regina wrapped the other arm around his neck bringing his lips to hers . Their tongues latching onto each other with urgency.

Toby pressed her up against him by her tiny waist leaning forward as she leaned back sucking on her lips as his hands automatically snaked to her beautiful ass cheeks getting more than a hand full as he squeezed them hard before lifting her off her feet her legs wrapped around his hips.

He groaned as she started dry humping his erection. Feeling her moist pussy was pushing him over the edge.....almost.

A sudden wave of realization of what he was doing had him creeping back to reality. Toby stopped and planted Regina back on her feet. "Regina NO! This can't happen. Just because we're the only two people on this island doesn't mean we should give in. I'm not Adam and you're not Eve." Toby turned away from her heading out the hut for the falls. "I will not cheat on my wife and you're too young."

Regina just smirked even more walking behind him as headed towards the bushes. She yelled behind him. "I may not be Eve or you Adam but one thing I know for sure we're both ready to taste the forbidden fruit Mr. Ackers."

Toby stopped in his tracks hearing her remark. He shook his head annoyed and just continued with his journey.

a/n: lmao Regina is a whole ass mess. Toby you got trouble on your hands my dude. Switching gears to their families next chapter guys. Please hit that heart button and write a review if you'd like.
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