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Nine months after her husband was declared dead in the fatal ship wreck Norma was screaming her ass off in pleasure. Atlas was back shotting her as her eyes turned over in her release.

Atlas held her hips in place as he shot inside her. Falling weak at her back. They both became undone and shifted as he climbed over her propped up on his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck he lowered to capture her lips.

Pecking their lips into a happy smile Atlas looked down at her as she looked up at him. "Atlas that was amazing." Norma beamed.

She knew one may think her husband wasn't in his watery grave a year yet and she was already with a different man. Her thing was who gave a fuck this was her life. Atlas was there for her when no one else was. He took care of her. Her husband was gone, why not enjoy herself. It's not like she and Atlas was in a commited relationship they were only having fun. Besides her husband was dead she needed someone. What difference did it make if it was nine months or a year or two.

They both got out of bed and took a shower together. When they came out they noticed Tj on the monitor moving in his crib. He was wake but not crying just looking at the stuff animals as they spinned around

"Atlas you mind getting him while I make us a sandwich or something to eat. After our sessions I think I need a refuel." Norma smiled.

"Go ahead babe, I got him." Atlas assured her. Norma just smiled heading into the kitchen. She trusted Atlas with Tj completely. He was the closest thing to a father to her son and he was there from day one.

Cidney walked around campus to the picnic bench area's. This was his second month in college and he couldn't be happier. Regina would have been so proud to see where he was at now. He was enjoying his lunch when he saw Stacey walking toward his bench. He was nervous. Not that he didn"t like the girl it was just that he was still healing, after Regina and he wasn't sure that he could date again so quickly. That didn't stop Stacey from trying him though. She constantly asked him out on dates and he declined.

"Mind if I sit here Stacey asked resting her tray on the table running her fingers in her curls.

"It's cool with me." Cidney smile as she sat. In many ways Stacey reminded him of Regina especially her curly hair. Plus they both were beautiful black queens. He stared at her for a moment and Stacey smiled back.

"Cidney why won't you go out with me?" Stacey asked with a pout.

"Stacey you're a cool girl, you really are. It's just I lost my girlfriend in a ship wreck nine months ago and I just don't think I'm ready for anything serious right now." Cidney answered her honestly.

"We don't have to be serious Cidney. Why don't we start off by being just friends. If it doesn't get pass friendship that's cool. I think you're a really cool guy thats been through a lot and I'd like to be there for you." Stacey said sweetly.

That made Cidney smile. "You know what? I think I'd like that. Everyone could use a friend right.

"Exactly, So friends?" Stacey held out her hand asking for an agreement shake on it.

Cidney paused a minute looking at her out stretched arms and shook her hand in agreement. "Friends!" He replied happily.

"Hello gorgeous!" Jonathan one of Lisa's co workers rest a dozen roses on her desk.

Jonathan was very handsome and he has been trying to date her for ages. Lisa just wasn't sure if she was ready to put herself out there again. After having Regina she only focused on her daughter. Regina was her entire world.

"Jonathan you're sweet really. I just......" Lisa started to say.

"Wait before you shoot me down hear me out." Jonathan pleaded. "Lisa from the moment I saw you I was completely interested. Please just give me a chance. I know this year has been tough on you but I just want a fair shot. One date Lisa If it doesn't work then I wont ask again.

Lisa looked at Jonathan with a smile picking up the roses. Maybe it was time she gave him a chance. Smelling the sweet scent of the roses. "Ok Jonathan one date. We'll see how it goes from there."

"YESSSSSS!" Jonathan restbhis elbow down in victory.

Lisa just chuckled happily.
Back To The Island:

Regina tossed and turned on the blanket. Toby was fast asleep. She watched him as he slept from his handsome chisled face to his well defined body.

She sat up and took off her blouse. She got closer to his sleeping form and started rubbing his chest hairs. There was something so ruggardly sexy about man with hairy chest. She rubbed down to his eight pack waist. Then lightly touched his stiff morning wood.

This man was doing wonders to her hot kitty. She got wet just thinking of him. She climbed over his erection rubbing her thongs against his jeans taking his large hands and rubbed them over her breast. Toby groaned stirring in his sleep. Regina continued to dry hump him. Toby's eyes shot open. He looked up to see a half nude Regina taking advantage. This girl just didn't give up.

She looked down at him licking her lips as drove on top of him. Toby had to shake his head but between her holding his hands against her soft edible breast and her core rubbing on his hardon making the front of his jeans wet with both their essence.

"Regina!" He panted moving his hands to the side of her waist, grunting as she continued to rock back and forth on him. Toby squeezed her plump ass. "Fuck!" he let out loud sound. All he had to do was pull down his jeans.

The battle was raging in him. He shook his head again trying to gain control. He quickly lifted himself up lifting her with him. Regina tried holding his neck but Toby rest her on the blanket. He got stood up and ran out the hut.

Regina just grumbled frustrated and horny. He was so fucking stubborn.

Toby just ran down the beach. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. When he reached the rocks he screamed at himself, at her and this fucking plane or boat that wasn't there to rescue them. He fell on his knees to the sand. Looking out to the just rising sun. He played with the wedding band on his finger and swallowed a hard lump. She was winning and he knew it.

A/N: Poor Toby😥 He trying so hard to keep it in his pants and not stray on his wife but Regina is winning this battle y'all and Toby knows it. Well looks like Norma moved on🤔. Whew chile this a mess. And everyone else is tryingbto move on.

Whose ready for some smut? Lol.... Regina about to put the final nail in the coffin. Oops oh well Tob's.
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