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Toby avoided her the entire day. He refused to be near her and stayed at the end of the beach to fish. He was now thinking of not sleeping next to her at all. Maybe he should just sleep near the bush on the now deflated rafter.

Sun was still up when he headed back down to the hut with the fish he caught. Normally he'd stay an hour later than this but since he came earlier he was tired. Nearing the hut she had her backside to him and she was just in her panty and bra tending to the fire she started for dinner.

Toby rest the fish on the sand. He couldn't deal with her bs right now. He made a beeline towards the falls before she could spot him.

Toby took off his jean, tee and boxers resting them on the grass as he got into the little stream under the small fall. He buried his head under the falls water. Trying hard to relax himself but the tempting teen krept in his head as usual. Like in partnership his brain and dick had against him he began growing into a stiff hard on. He began stroking.

Regina decided she should clean herself off before dark fell. Toby was probably still at the end if the beach. Dinner was still roasting on the fire it wouldn't be ready right now. She had enough time to go to the fall and come back in time to get dinner. Heading towards the bushes she saw Toby's can and spear he usually carried with him. 'When did he come back?' she wondered and Where was he?'

She wondered if he could be to the fall. A smirk hit her lips not hesitating to go that way.
Regina watched Toby's nude form under the fall he was jerking himself off. He didn't even see or hear her, he was lost in his own little world yanking so hard. She took off her panty and bra and rest them on top of his clothes. She quietly stepped into the water treding slow so he wouldn't be alarmed. She stood right in front of him but he was so busy servicing his dick with his eyes closed.

"Gina!" she heard him whisper as pre cum hit his fingers.

See she knew, she wasn't crazy. He wanted her just as bad. She dipped in the stream and held his ten inches in her hands. Toby gasp opening his eyes as Regina's hand removed his and her tongue hit his tip. She licked up the precum that spilled. Her tongue on him made him pant out. She sucked him down half way. Her wet lips started painting him in wet slick saliva.

Toby groaned with pleasure looking in her big doe brown eyes. He swallowed in one last ditch effort to reject her, raising up her chin gently. "Regina" he said in bearly a whisper sorrowful.

Regina just pressed her pointer to her lips shushing him. "Shhh Toby. It's ok let me take care of you." Regina swallowed him back in. There was no more turning back as Toby closed his eyes enjoying her wet mouth on his package.

Regina enjoyed the taste of his him. So many days and nights she wanted to enjoy just this moment. Her tongue could feel his veiny dick. He had a work of art that she relished in. She could only suck him half way down though and then jerk him the rest. She knew he was huge but she wasn't no where near prepared for this mammoth of a man.

She relaxed her throat with every inch she took him in further.

"Fuck Regina!" Toby was a panting mess. Her wonderous tongue turning his eyes over. Toby grunted running his hands down his face when her tongue played over his sensitive tip and the slit of his cock. Toby licked his lips watching her body bent in front of him he touched her smooth brown back. She looked up alluringly as she poped him out her mouth. She smirked and then swallowed his balls.

"Holy Fuck!" Toby groaned out harshly pulling her curls at the friction she was causing. She was eating his nuts while jerking him.

Toby couldn't take it anymore he scooped her up by her shoulder and turned her bending her over her fantastic ass teasing him. Licking his two finger he spread her legs with his. He slipped one finger in her already drenched pussy. He then added the second feeling inside her wetness.

"Ahhhh Toby!" Gina moaned his fingers slipping in and out her.

Toby decided she was wet enough. Removing his now soaked fingers he sucked his digits in his mouth tasting how sweet she was. Spitting in the palm of his hand he rubbed himself in added moisture. He lined himself at her entrance before slowly trying to slip in. But she was too damn tight he was having a hard time.

He finally squeezed half way in.

Regina was closing her eyes trying hard not to think of the pain. He was far more than she could handle. She wanted to run for the hills and punk the fuck out. He then started a slow steady stroke and she was adjusting.

Toby stomach tighten with every stroke he inched in her. Her pussy was all he imagined and more. It felt spectacular. He knew he wasn't going to be able to get enough. He thought the saying, "The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice" was just a myth. But he was wrong so very fucking wrong and he was only half way in.

"Wait To....Toby your too.....too bi......" Regina tried saying as he shoved all of him in her.

"No Regina you asked for this dick you're getting it." Toby's baritone voice said as he started pounding.

Regina felt all of him all the way in her guts. But the more he slammed in her the sweeter it felt. "Yassszzzzz!!!Right there. That's what I want." Regina screamed out.

All you could hear was the sound of him slapping against her ass. Toby leaned back lifting one of her legs so he could beat her pussy even better. Seeing how glossy his dick got with her essence he was almost over the edge. He needed more however so he held back shifting her in another position He lifted her under his arms. She was so light she felt like paper weight to him. He wrapped her legs around him while entering her her. Regina held around his thick neck for support while she bounced up and down over him. She could feel every one of his veins as she pushed her up and down.

"You feel so good Toby. " Regina groaned out her stomach begin to tighen. Then she clenched for a release.

Toby could feel her sweet wetness cover him. He was a goner when she then started pulling. He buried his head in her smooth neck Biting her shoulders as he started shooting.

He held her tight feeling her flush on him. Regina's eyes turned over with a pleasure smile burying her head in his thick neck.

Toby could feel her breathing on his neck as he drained himself. Regina started sucking and kissing his neck as his heart slammed agaisnt his chest to calm down. Her curls was all over his face The only thing he could smell was coconut oil in her hair.

Regina finally raised her weak body off his and kissed him. Their tongues pulling as he finally died down in her. Toby set her back down on her two feet. They stared at each other awhile. The unspokeness was deafening.

The deed was done now the guilt hit Toby hard and he hung his head.

Regina gently lifted his chin. "Hey don't do that. No regrets Toby."

"No regrets? Regina I just fucking cheated on my wife." Toby said annoyed.

Regina cupped his face. "What we just did was special. It could happen to even the strongest men Toby. I will never regret wanting to be with you Toby it was worth it."

Toby sighed. "Regina I need time to process this ok. Just give me time please."

Regina just smiled and pecked his lips. "Ok Toby I won't pressure you again."

A/N: Well the deed is done. No turning back now. Toby gave in. The moment Regina started giving him head it was Game Over. Toby of course has regrets but Regina is seemingly happy go lucky your thoughts? Please comment, hit the heart button or write a review if you want. Until next chapter Beauties.

Happy New Years to you guys. May this year bring you many blessings.
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