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Regina ducked as Toby threw another sandball at her. She flung her own sandball getting him square on his back.

"No fair Gina, you're so damn short it's hard to catch ýou because you can duck so easily ." Toby started to form more sandballs.

"Yeah keep telling yourself that Toby." Regina laughed forming her balls as well.

"Ok Regina no more Mr. nice guy. Toby fired one ball hit her directly on her ass cheek and the other in her hair. "Oh shit!" Toby shrieked realizing he hit her in her hair.

"Ahhhh! Toby I'm gonna fucking kill you." Regina started charging for him and Toby broke off running scared for his life.

One rule he knew that one should follow is never, ever, ever mess with a black woman's hair. Even though normally he could outrun her she had that murderous look in her eye and she was gunning for him full speed ahead. Her lil short ass was catching up quick.

Regina flung her body forward close lining his waist making them both fall to the ground. Both of them laughing rolling around on top of each other in the sand. They finally stopped playing to lay flat and catch their breath.

They lay their quiet for a second. "Thank you for this on my birthday Toby. I'm having a lot of fun."

"Hey you only turn eighteen once. You're an official adult now." Toby smiled.

"Yes I certainly am." Regina spoke softly turning to look in his eyes. They gazed at each other a minute before Toby cleared his throat breaking their longing gaze.

"Ok Trouble your birthday is not over yet." Toby stood up handed his hand to help her up.

Regina grabbed his hand with a smirk. "Why do you call me Trouble?"

"Because that's exactly what you are, Trouble."

Regina just rolled her eyes as they walk hand in hand to the water. Regina stenched noticing they were going too deep.

"Regina relax this is my birthday present to you. To give you, your first swim lesson. We're surrounded by water Trouble. You need to learn."

They walked furthet in and Toby could tell she was nervous. Regina started freaking out feeling something near her leg.

"What was that? What the fuck was that?" Regina started shaking looking around.

Toby held her shoulders with a chuckle. "Regina calm down that was just our legs hitting each other's.

Regina narrowed her eyes at him. "I'm glad you find this amusing Toby but when a megaladin shows up I'm making sure he eats your big ass first, he'll get a better meal out of you."

Toby just threw his head back laughing. "Ok Trouble let's start your lesson."

Toby was showing her the basics, how to breath, move her arms and legs. Regulating herself to keep her body a float and in control. Regina was smart as hell, she picked up on things easily. She even managed to do a full lap without any assistance from him. Pretty soon they were ducking each other under water. Continuing their day of play. Regina wrapoed her foot around his waist and her arms around his neck. Toby just held her up in the water. They gave each other that linging gaze again.

Regina cupped his cheek. "I know, I promised not to pressure you again but you make it hard for me not to want you Toby."

Toby just gave her a soft smile. Then he pecked her lips. The pecks turned into several pecks between them, until it turned to something deeper. Pretty soon their lips were glued and their tongues tangled together in hunger. Toby squeezed her ass cupping her cheeks under the water.

Regina groaned as the kiss only got more heated. Toby walked out the water with her still wrapped around him. Their mouths still working as he walked them in the hut. Toby finally rest her to her feet. He seperated their connection only to take off his boxers setting free his mammoth erection. He sat on the blanket on his forarms his eyes never leaving hers as she slowly removed her panty and bra.

Their eyes giving each other hungry lustfilled need. Regina walked to him as his hands slide along her slender thighs. Regina licked her lips looking down at his long thick boner. Toby wrapped one of her legs around his shoulder as her he buried his nose in her soft pussy flesh. His mouth and nose taking in her intoxicating scent. His teeth gentle biting her pink labia between his teeth as he sucked them in causing Regina to throw her head back.

"Right there DADDY eat this pussy." She begged.

Toby's tongue slipped between her slit. Lucking from her tasty hole up to her clit. Regina panted andvher legs stsrted gettiing weak when he sucked in her clit.

Toby just lifted both her legs on his shoulders as he continued to feast on her edible pussy.

Regina could feel her eyes hitting the back of her head. Her breath was in hitches. This was the most thorough she's ever been eaten. Her stomach tighten for her orgasm to release. Toby groaned tasting her juices in his mouth making him bury his head even more.

He finally shifted her after getting his hunger quenched. Laying her flat on the blanket, spreading her legs. He spit in his hand stroking his dick. Then guiding it at he entrance moving his dick to gather in some of her natuaral mositure before sinking himself in her. Closing his eyes taking in just how sweet she felt as her muscles clenched around him.

"Fuck Regina." Toby panted e looking down at her cupping her breast.

Regina wrapped her leg around around his hips as he began to move them. Hitting her walls with purpose. "Fuck my pussy Toby."

Toby began deep hard slams. His hips grinding deep that Regina could feel him in her guts. Her pussy was already soring up from the sweet pain. "Your pussy is so sweet and wet Trouble." Toby bent biting her shoulder.

Regina closed her eyes biting her bottom lip scratching into his back feeling his veiny dick dip in and out her. All you could hear was the sound of their groans and their flesh smashing together.

Toby could feel her clenching him pushing him at the right edge.

"FUCKKKKK!!!!!" Regina stiffened before she spilled all over him. coating her in her juices.

Toby grunted against her ears flushing inside falling his head between her breast. Both cooled their sweaty bodies panting quietly as Toby let himself die down in her. Regina played in his hair as he lay still hugging her. When he finally lifted his head Toby had the biggest smile on his face to Gina's surprise. She sure thought he'd come up with more regrets.

Toby just kissed her deeply again. He then kissed her forehead disconnecting them but he still didn't move. But now he had to.

"Toby your big ass is crushing me dude. I can't breath." Regina chuckled.

Toby laughed getting off her laying flat on his back. "Ok Trouble better?"

Regina only responded by laying her head on his arm playing with his chest hairs.

"Hungry Trouble?" Toby asked rubbing her shoulder gentle.

Regina smirked wickedly, "For real food or....." she grabbed his dick.

Toby smiled removing her hand. "Real food Trouble. We still have time left in yiur birthday. I'll treat and cook for you."

"Wait a minute Acker's your ass knows how to cook?"

"Yup! Very well thank you." Toby got up puttingnon his jeans.

When he finished cooking Regina was licking her fingers at how good he managed to make the food taste given their limit supply. "Dude you're cooking from now on."

"I'll do that when you go diving and fishing everyday missy." Toby smiled.

Regina patted het satisfied belly. "Ok I need to work off this food Toby let's go exercise.

"Regina I'm not running up and down this beach tonight."

"Who said anything about running. I was thinking we dance."

Toby raised his brows as if she was crazy. "Regina we don't have any music."

"Trust me!" Regina pulled his arms so he could stand up.

Toby just sighed standing.

"Pictur it Ackers. We are in a club and Flo Rider's Low comes on."

"Who?" Toby asked lost.

"Oh I forgot you're old." Regina laughed out.

Toby just smirked smug. "You wasn't saying that a while ago."

Regina eyes grew as she gulped. "Like I was saying low comes on and I start to twerk on you." She started twerking on Toby's crotch as she sang.

🎤🎵She had them Apple Bottem jeans, Boots with the furs, She had the whole club looking at her, She hit the floor next thing you know shorty got Low.🎵

Toby smiled as Regina dropped it low, then came back winding on his crotch.
They were having fun when Toby hugged her waist gentle humming a slow tune next to her ears slowing things down a bit.

"Sing it Toby, I think, I know this."

"I'm not much of a singer Trouble but I can tell you the words. "Try A Little Tenderness."

Regina smiled as he continued to hum. "Yes I do know it. Uncle A use to blast this in his car." Regina moved and hummed with Toby as they swayed to the hum.

"Thanks for making this day special for me Toby." Regina said grateful.

"You're welcome Trouble."

A/N: Regina celebrated turning a full fledged woman. Toby gave her a few surprises😛😜. The two only grow closer. Tell me your thoughts on this chapter and please hit that heart button, comment or write a review. Until next time guys.

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