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Back At Home:
Norma rest Tj in the high chair while, she went behind Atlas hugging his waist as he cooked them breakfast.

"Morning handsome, she smiled as he turned the bacon.

"Goodmorning beautiful." Atlas smiled leaning back a little. "Thought I'd get up and cook us some breakfast before I left."

"You know what, we should talk about that." Norma said with thought.

"Talk about what babe?" Atlas asked getting ready to plate.

"About you possibly moving in." Norma said biting her lip. "I mean only if you want to."

"You know what." Atlas turned to her kissing her lips. "You know what babe, I think I'd like that."

"Yeah!" Norma smirked looking up at him.

"Yeah!" Atlas smiled bending to kiss her again.

They carried their breakfast to the table. Atlas fed Tj some cereal before eating his own breakfast.

When he and Norma were done they washed their plates together.


Both of them stopped in their tracks. Looking at Tj as he repeated it again holding out his arms for Atlas.

"Oh My God he just called you daddy." Norma said proud holding her mouth as Atlas proudly picked up Tj.

"Your first word lil dude." Atlas smiled at ten month old Tj.

Jonathan walked in to the bedroom as Lisa sat on Gina's bed. Lisa held the photo of Gina as a baby looking at it with a smile. She looked up seeing Jonathan smile softly with sympathy.

"Hey!" Lisa said. "I keep meaning to get rid of her stuff but I just can't bring myself to do it. I know it's been nearly a year but I just can't seem to let her go. My baby." Lisa cried as Jonathan sat to next to her on the bed hugging her letting her cry on his shoulders. "She didn't want to go and I didn't listen. If I, only had." Lisa said sobbing.

"I know it's hard honey, but you know your daughter loved you no matter what. She'd want you to move on and be happy." Jonathan said comforting.

"Yeah she would. Gina was so smart and full of life Jonathan you would have loved her." Lisa said proud.

"I'm sure I would have sweetheart. If she was anything like you most definitely." Jonathan chuckled.

"She and I bucked heads because we were so much alike." Lisa laughed.

"See remember the good times and what made you happy about your daughter." Jonathan advised.

Back On The Island:
Toby and Gina gathered as much as they could in the cave. The wind had picked up significantly on the beach. The tide was nearly to their hut. That's when they both realized it could be a hurricane. Seemed like maybe a catergory two or three. Being in the cave was safer for them, for now.

They brought in extra bananas, water and coconuts sticks and timber for the fire. The, blanket, The deflated rafter and flare gun.

Toby and Gina made a make shift door to stench in front of the cave tying it with vine around the cave's boulder to hold it in place just so no flying debris got in. Hopefully it would hold at least until the hurricane passed.

They laid in the hut as the darkness hit. Listening to the heavy wind.

"That sounds scary Toby. How long will it last?" Gina asked nervous as she laid on Toby's chest her arm wrapped over his waist. Toby held around her shoulders as they cuddled close.

"In my experience according to the speed. It seems to be moving fairly fast I'd say a day or two the most."

Gina's eyes started getting heavy as she struggled to stay awake but she couldn't fight it any longer and fell fast asleep. Toby listened to her even breathing and smiled. He kissed her forehead as she snuggled even closer to him for warmth.

Toby knew he was falling for her and he had no doubt she was for him too. Gina was a lot different than Norma. She was younger but she had good head on her shoulders.

Gina talked about her plans of owning her own investment business and the plans she had to be rich before the age of twenty five. If rescue ever came for them. She was a determined young woman. She was fun and kept him youthful. Wiser than her years suggested. Although he was falling for her a little he could never tell her.

Yes she and he depended on each other for everything but he also still had a wife and possible a son out there. He still loved Norma. He was inlove with two very different women.

He had built a life with Norma for three years. They had started their family. Who knows how much further they'd be if he wasn't stuck on this God forsaken island.

If rescue was to ever come he knew he would have to chose. But to Toby the choice was already clear.

A/N: We see how the family has moved on. Toby has thoughts of Gina and his wife. He knows he loves both women but knows if rescue was to ever come for he and Gina he'd have to make a choice. I'll try to update again tomorrow guys. Please hit the heart button, comment or even write a review if you want. Until next time guys.

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