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Toby came out of his early morning shower rejuvenated. His pants and dress shirt already pressed brought a smile to his face. His wife had already begun her day and she did what he needed before he even thought of it. Finishing up his hygiene and getting ready for work he grabbed his already equipped computer bag with his laptop, tablet notebook and cellphone inside of it.

Did he mention how much he loved his organized wife. Smiling he heads downstairs to the smell of coffee. His wife was busy plating breakfast. He kissed her cheek thanking her for helping him in his daily ritual of preparing himself for work.

Norma smiles and pecks her husband lips. "You're welcome honey." She uses this opportunity to rest the plate down to straighten his tie.

She resumes her duty of getting breakfast. They both sit to the island eating a hearty breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon along with a hot cup of delicious dark coffee.

When breakfast filled their stomachs Toby checks his watch realizing he needed to leave now to beat traffic. He kisses his wife one last time and touches her seven month baby bump, before rushing out the door.

Despite trying to beat traffic he came smack in the middle of it. Woman trying to handle their unruly kids in the backseat, some opting to put on their makeup, young guys smoking, elderly driving slower than usual, a general fucking nightmare Toby thought shaking his head.

Finally he pulls up to Vesper High and sighs. Now he has to deal with the teen population. The bratty, think they know it all headache givers.

He still wouldn't have it any other way. He loved his job as a History teacher and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Making his way to his assigned classroom he greets some of the very mannerly teens and give warning eyes to those who seemed hell bent on being mischievous.

He goes into his classroom and starts writing notes on the board before the start of the first period when his principal walks into the classroom.

"Toby can I have a moment." The principal smiles.

"Yes Sir. How can I help?" Toby stops his writing and pays attention to the man that signs his check.

"You have Regina Mason in your class right?" The principal asks.

"Yes Sir. Think I have her third period before lunch."

"And you're familiar with her family as well right?"

"Yes I know them but I haven't seen them in a while since I left that part of town." Toby answers honestly.

The principal sighs, "Well I need your help Toby. Regina has gotten herself into a lot of trouble lately. She has been caught smoking under the bleachers, her grades are declining and she just got into a fight with another student breaking the girls arm. She's headed towards being expelled but I want to give her the benefit of doubt because she has potential.

Toby felt conflicted about this news. The Regina he knew from she was fifteen now seventeen was a totally different person. She went from a straight 4.0 student to getting bad grades and skiping classes.

"Sir I'm not exactly sure if I'm the best person to help." Toby said unsure.

"I know she'll listen to you Toby please just see if you can get through to her and get her back on track." The principal asked hopeful.

Toby sighed, "Ok I'll give it my best shot. That's if she bothers to show up to class.

"Thank you, I appreciate this Toby." The principal shook his hand and exited the classroom.

Toby'sp day went smoothly for the rest of the time being until third period came and the young lady in question still didn't show up yet.


Regina outed her cigarette and made her way to History class. "Mr. Toby's class was one of the few she actually liked attending in this hellhole. Better than these stuck up, judgemental female teachers Gina wish she could beat their ass on more than one occasion.

She was late of course but she really didn't give a shit. She already knew most of the fucking lameass curriculum this school was fishing out. She just pretended she didn't know to hang with the popular crowd. She didn't want them to label her ass as a geek. Truth is she should have been graduated early but she didn't want to miss out on her all of her highschool experience.

When she busted into the class Mr. Ackers just gave her an unapproved glare. Gina just shrugged and smirked sitting in her seat.

"Mr. Ackers was writing shit on the board she didn't care about. What she did care about was how hot he was and how his ass stickout in those pants. Don't get her started on his muscular form. God what she wouldn't do to have piece of that ass. She had a boyfriend she knows but her History teacher was hot as fuck with a face to die for. All the girls and some of the female teachers talked about and swooned over his fine ass. Even the gay guys fantasied about his ass.

When the period was finally over Gina grabbed her backpack and started filing out with the rest of the students.

"Miss. Mason I need you to stay back a little for me please." Mr. Toby said to her.

Gina sighed waiting on the sidelines until everybody else was gone and it was just them two.

Gina looked at him unamused as he sat on his desk and she stood.

"Regina what's going on with you? The things I've been hearing is so unlike you? What's going on.

Gina rolled her eyes, not this bullshit again everybody was all up in her business. "Listen dude no offense but you and I haven't communicated in a minute now you act like you give a shit."

"Regina I'm your teacher show me some respect." Toby said sternly.

Gina sucked her teeth rolling her eyes. "Whatever dude."

"Does your mother know about what's going on with you. Because I'm sure Lisa wouldn't like this."

Gina grabbed her backpack pissed. "Leave my fucking mother out of this. Just go back to acting like you don't give a shit about what happens to me." Gina turned away from him walking out.

"I won't give up on you Regina." Toby' yelled before sighing.

A/N: Toby and Gina . I remembered most of the original chapter but added a bit more to it. Hope you guys like the changes please comment hit the star button and write a review if you'd like.

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