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Regina POV:

Regina dropped her backpack at the front door of her home as she got in the house. She could already smell the scent of fry chicken. Making her way to the kitchen her mom Lisa was at the stove and her uncle Atlas sat at the island his mouth practically drooling. Gina smiled kissing her uncle first greeting him and then she walked over to the stove kissing her mom's cheek.

"You're home baby." Lisa smiled at her daughter as she stirred some Mac N Cheese.

"Hey ma." Gina smiled.

Gina's mother was a beautiful woman young to, she was just thirty four. She could easily pass for Gina's older sister rather than her mother.

"How was school?" Lisa asked tending to her pot.

"School was uhm....ok." Regina said non chalant.

"Ok?" Lisa turned to her daughter with a scowl. "Regina don't even try it your principal already called."

Martina sucked her teeth she knew she was caught.

Atlas ears perked knowing that wasn't a good sign. "What happened at Tidbit's school?" He asked curious standing up.

Gina knew she was a in double trouble now. Growing up she never knew her father cause he spent most of his time in and out of prison. He had disowned Gina from the time he got her mom pregnant. Her uncle A was the only man she knew as a father figure.

"Seems our little Tidbit done gone get herself in a fight." Lisa folded her arms peeved.

"Ma she was calling you names so I just bodied her ass."

"First of all young lady watch your damn mouth. Secondly I don't give a rats ass what that lil girl had to say about me. She don't pay none of my bills, feed or cloth my ass and she certainly ain't put no roof over my damn head so her ass ain't relevant. What I do care about is you Regina. You are too damn smart to be acting up. And it stops right here, right now. I done work too damn hard to make sure your ass gets a good damn education. You understand me young lady." Lisa gave her daughter a stern warning.

"Yes...yes ma'am." Gina said nervous. The last thing she wanted was to get whipped by her mother. When her mom beats every word that came out her mouth was a smack.

"Yeah lil Tidbit why you letting your grades drop like that? Don't be paying no mine to them fast ass lil boys, stay focused." Atlas added trying to sneak one of mom's chicken out the pot.

"Boy if you don't get your ass out my pot, your ass will be the next to get beat. Don't think cause you tall as a damn tree and muscles bulging everywhere I won't still whip your ass Atlas you still my lil brother." Lisa said smacking his hand out her pot.

"Damn sis why you gotta be so damn mean? A man can't come home from a hards day of work and get some grub?" Atlas sucked his teeth.

"Not before washing your damn hands. Both you and Gina needs to go freshen up." Lisa commanded.

Gina and her uncle went to separate bathrooms. Atlas went into the main bathroom and Gina went into her mom's room.

Gina knew dinner had about half an hour left so she decided to do some homework. She scanned through them shaking her head because it wasn't even a challenge for her. She did three homeworks in thirty minutes.

Proud of herself she went down to join her mom and uncle for dinner. Dinner was quiet until Gina remembered. "Ma, UNC guess who I talked to today?"

"Who baby?" Lisa asked.

"Mr. Acker's" Gina smiled.

"Tobias Ackers?" Atlas asked.

"Yup!" Gina smirked.

"Damn haven't seen that cat from he moved out the neighborhood." Atlas said thoughtfully.

"I hope you behavin and learning something in his class Gina." Lisa added.

"Yes ma'am." Gina said coy.

"Ohhh that reminds me. Your principal is involving you in a field trip out on the high seas for two days. Mr.Ackers is your chaperone on the field trip."

"Argh Ma I don't want to go to that." Gina said disgusted.

Lisa looked at her daughter as if she done lost her damn mind. "Miss I don't give a shit what you want to do. You need to be grateful he still considering you after all the shit you done pulled. You are going on that trip and that's final young lady.

All Gina could do was pout. She needed a distraction. "Ma can I see Cidney tonight?"

"Not unless you finish your homework." Lisa scowled.

"I already did mom it's done." Gina smugged proudly.

"Let me see." Lisa asked for proof.

Gina went skipping up to her room to get her three homework. Coming back showing them to her mother. Lisa scanned them and saw they were completed correctly.

Gina looked on hopeful and shrieked happy seeing her mom satisfied. "So can I go?"

Lisa sighed. "Yes! Thirty minutes."

"Thirty minutes? Ma what kind of time is that?"

"The time that I'm allowing you lil girl."

"But mom....." Gina pleaded. "One hour please."

"No and that's the end of it!" Atlas thundered agreeing with his sister.

Regina folded her arms upset. Once her mom and uncle agreed it was no use arguing. "I can't wait until I turn eighteen." Regina pouted.

"Even if you turn eighteen honey my house my rules." Lisa smirked kissing her daughter.

Gina went to her room to call her boyfriend. Lisa and Atlas really didn't favor Cidney too much because one he was nineteen and two his father was a notoriously known drug dealer.

Cidney pulled up to the house five minutes later. Gina rushed out the door to him.

"Don't make us have to come looking for you Gina." Atlas yelled to her.

Gina climbed into her boyfriend's car kissing his cheek. "Hey baby!" She smiled.

"Hey mama," Cidney smiled.

"Babe we only got twenty-five minutes. Got myself into a fight so my peeps got me on a tight leash."

"Damn babe it takes that long for my dick to get hard. Guess we better make it count then." Cidney sighed starting his car.

A/N: We see Gina's home life and she learns about the field trip that's going to change her life. Please comment, like, share and if you'd like hit me up with a review.

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