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Regina's Pov:

Regina sat in Mr. Ackers' class as he handed out their exam for today.

"Ok guys this exam will start now and end in fourty minutes and the time starts now." Toby said as he sat to his desk and the students turned over their exam papers.

Regina scanned over the test shaking her head. She started her exam and finished it in record time. Sighing she looked around to see everyone else still working. Some acting as if the test was so damn hard. 'Geez bitches pick up a book and study sometimes,' she thought to herself.

Resting her head on the desk her mind wondered off, thinking of this upcoming field trip she was dreading. She could see if it was a luxury cruise ship, a yacht or even a modern ship they were going on, but no. It was some old eighteen century ship. The clock slowly ticked by and Gina wanted the bell to ring so she could could catch a smoke or two under the bleachers.

Regina was brought out her thoughts when Mr. Ackers called her name.

"Regina what are you doing? You only have fifteen minutes to complete your exam." Mr. Ackers said.

"I'm done already." Gina scoffed sucking her teeth.

"Bring it here Regina." Toby ordered.

Regina sighed scooping up her paper and walking to hand it to him. She sat down smugly as he looked over her test.

Toby couldn't believe his eyes he doubled and tripled looking over the test before he started marking it. The bell rang and everyone carried their papers up.

"Regina I need to talk to you again, wait." Toby said collecting papers as the rest of the students filed out.

Gina rolled her eyes annoyed, she was getting sick and tired of this shit.

When the students left Toby handed Gina her test back, as he sat on top of his desk
Regina smirked smug as she saw the big red A+ with 💯% as she knew she'd get.

"This is all fun and games to you, isn't it Regina!" Toby sighed.

"I got it all right, why the hell are you down my throat right now." Gina yelled annoyed.

"I'm not down your throat because you got it all right Regina. You're wasting all your potential for what? "

"Who says I'm wasting my potential Mr. Ackers maybe I'm just waiting on the right time to unleash it."

"Regina you're trying to manipulate the system." Toby said certain.

Gina smirked wickedly. Walking close to him with mischief on her mind invading his personal space. "Come on Mr. Ackers be honest. There's more to why you keep holding me back for these sessions, isn't it. What's the matter wifey not doing the job at home?" Gina licked her lips and caressed his cheek as he turned his face away. "I bet your fantasy is to live back in slavery time to have the lil black slave girl bent over the table while I scream Master isn't it." Gina smirked cupping his face.

Toby removed her hands and pushed her back to her space. "Regina it's not going to work. What you're doing is called avoidance. I'm not going to sit by and watch you play ping pong with your future, or I'll make a personal call to your mother myself. You are going to your next class and stop pretending."

"Who says I'm going to my next class. Maybe I have shits to do." Gina huffed.

"I'm not playing with you Regina. I will check in with all your other teachers to make sure you attend each class or else I'm making that call."

"Why the fuck won't you leave me alone?" Gina shrieked.

"Because I care about you and your future."

Regina sucked her teeth and put her test in her backpack.

"Next class is starting soon Regina." Toby looked at her sternly.

Gina scoffed rolling her eyes. "Yes Master." She said sarcastically making her way to her next class.

Toby Pov:

Toby sat in his armchair at home rubbing his on coming headache. It was a rough day. A glass of whiskey was handed to him and he looked to see his smiling wife.

"You look like you could use that." Norma said sitting on her husband's lap.

Toby let the warm liquid calm his insides as he sipped it. "Thank you honey." Toby smiled pecking his wife's lips, rubbing her baby bump.

Norma kissed down his neck causing Toby to moan. They had been having a lot of vanilla sex lately because of the baby but Toby was still satisfied.

Toby unbuttoned his wife's blouse and cupped her breast. "Why don't we take this up to the bedroom Mrs. Ackers."

Norma smirked wickedly, "Your wish is my command, Mr. Ackers"

Toby scooped her up in his strong arms causing her to laugh as they made their way to the bedroom.

Regina's Pov:

"Gina honey are you done packing?" Lisa knocked on her daughter's door entering her room.

"Just about Ma." Gina answered softly finishing up her over night bag for the two days field trip. "Ma do I really have to go?"

"Regina we've been over this yes you do." Lisa answered.

"I just have a bad feeling something is gonna go terribly wrong Ma. And you know I can't swim for shit." Gina said nervous.

"Would you stop being a Debbie Downer young lady. It'll be fine, ok." Lisa smiled kissing her daughter.

"I hope your right Ma, I really hope so." Gina said still nervous.

A/N: Another chapter down. Hope you guys are enjoying it. Remembering as much of the original as I could. Up next the field trip. I really wish Inkitt had a gif section. But oh well. Please comment, like and those of you who read it before feel free to hit me up with a review.

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