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The captain of The Maria stood on the deck looking out at the open Sea. The teacher and his students should be approaching any moment.

The Maria was a modeled 18 century ship. With sails, It was powered by coals. His second in command approached him.

"Captain Sir. I don't think it wise, we make this journey. We are a man down, plus I don't think we have enough coals to sustain the ship. Our radio hasn't worked in months. We'll be taking a huge risk."

The captain scowled. "It will be ok. We've made it on this journey before with less. The Maria maybe old but she's sturdy. Nothing will go wrong. The school is paying us handsomely for this field trip. We can't afford to pass up this money. You can man the coals, while the other two deckhands work the decks.

The deckhand just obeyed and went down below to the ships coaling station.


Toby kissed his wife goodbye as she dropped him off to the dock. "See you later honey."

"Ok baby be careful see you in two days." Norma smiled pulling off.

Toby carried his bag and walked to the older ship the school booked for their field trip. He was so excited. This would be a good learning experience for the kids. They'll learn what being on an older ship meant without modern technology.

He got on the ship and was greeted by the captain.

"Captain!" Toby held out his hand with a smile as the two men shook.

"Mr. Ackers welcome to The Maria." The captain greeted.

"It's a pleasure Sir. I'm really excited for the kids and I to learn about the ship. Toby looked around not seeing any extra lifeboats. "Are there any lifeboats?"

"Yes Mr. Ackers. We have inflatable rafters. No worries you and your students are in good hands. Everything is already set up. We have two rooms ready. One for you and the male student, the other for the two young ladies." The captain assured.

Toby smiled and waited on the kids to arrive. The first was Tommy. A senior and one of his most studious student.

The next was Amanda. She was only a sophomore but she was very inquisitive and loved everything history.

Then they all waited on the diva Regina to show up. She was running late of course. She came on the boat and Toby could already see she was going to be a pain this entire trip.

"Hello Regina." Toby smiled greeting her politely.

"Yo dude."Regina said walking pass him and stood next to the other two students. Toby just sighed.

The captain gave them the rundown of the ship and what to expect on the two day journey. When he was done everyone seemed to be in good spirits and excited except for you know who.

"Wait hold up you mean to tell me there is no wifi on this hunk a junk." Gina huffed.

"Regina it's an older ship. Wifi wasn't even invented then. " Tobias said calmly.

"This is lame." Regina rolled her eyes.

"I don't think it'll be that bad." Amanda said nicely.

"Who the hell, asked for your opinion?" Gina yelled at the younger teen.

"Regina!" Toby warned.

Gina just ignored him.

"Why don't you guys settle in your room. We will be on our voyage shortly." The captain suggested

They all went to their assigned rooms.

"This is going to be so exciting, we get to learn so many different things." Amanda said excited.

Regina wasn't in the mood. She was quite annoyed at the moment. "Are you going to be this annoying this whole trip. Do me a favor. Don't talk to me." Regina said harshly.

"I...I was just trying to be friendly." Amanda said hurt.

Regina just scoffed. "How old are you any way? Aren't you a little young to be on this trip?"

"I'm fourteen. My parents thought it would be a good learning experience for me." Amanda answered.

Regina just ignored her and went to the top bunk. She looked around the tiny cabin for an outlet. Of course there wasn't any. She turned off her cell to save the battery. Hung over on a hook by the door was a kerosene lantern, not even a light switch.

"Great!" Gina huffed sarcastic.

Later that evening after the ship set sailed into the open waters, they sat down for dinner.

The ship's cooked their meal on an ancient ass oven. The food tasted bland. Regina hated everything about the ship so far.

"So Mr.Ackers when we were up at the steering earlier how come I didn't see a GPS?" Regina asked.

Toby knew of course Regina was asking out of spite. He decided to be cool. "That's because it's an older ship Gina. They didn't have a GPS system then. They use a compass and a feel of the ocean."

"What kind of bs is this Toby?" Regina said being cad dropping her fork.

Toby kept his cool demeanor. "Regina he said with a calm warning.

"No this is complete and utter bullshit." Regina yelled even more.

Amanda and Tommy could feel the tension rising and kept quiet.

"You maybe oblivious to the shit that's happening but I'm observant as hell Mr. Ackers. Their radio is busted and I haven't seen any life jackets or boats." Regina said.

"Regina I'm sure the life jackets are around. They have inflatable rafters.

"Inflatable?" Are you fucking kidding me?" Gina said sarcastic.

"Watch yourself Gina I'm warning you." Toby said of her disrespect.

"The weather is picking up Mr. Ackers inflatable rafters can't hold up in extremely bad weather." Gina said adamant.

"Maybe it will if we threw Jonah to the whale." Tommy said with a smirk, causing Amanda to grin.

Regina squinted her eyes at him pissed. "Why is your irrelevant ass even talking?"

"Regina that's enough." Toby yelled losing his cool.

"Oh sure reprimand me but he couldn't hear a thing he just said right." Gina scoffed getting up. "I'm going to bed away far from you bitches."

"Regi...." Toby said but she walked away. He took a few deep breaths. Regina was determined to be a pain. Maybe tomorrow would be better. Hopefully.


a/n: They made their way on the older ship. The captain still decides to sail even with things not being in working order. Gina isn't happy and Toby just want everyone to enjoy themselves. Please comment, like and write a review. I may change the ending of the story for my Wattpad readers. Nothing s decided yet but we'll see.

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