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Gina was awaken when she felt the boat rocking back and forth roughly almost causing her to fall off the top bunk. She panicked as the rocking got even more violent. Jumping down off the bunk she grabbed her flashlight and blew out the kerosene lantern.

She felt a hand go around hers and realized it was Amanda. The younger teen must have been terrified and honestly she couldn't blame her. She too felt a bit of fear grip her. Holding the girls hand tightly they made their way upstairs to the deck.

There they saw the two deck hands and Toby trying to keep the sails in tact. The girls held on to the rails for dear life.

Toby noticed them and immediately went to them. "Regina, Amanda it's too dangerous for you guys to be up here right now. Please go back to your cabin."

"Mr. Ackers......." Regina went to say.

"God damnit Regina don't argue with me right now just do as your told." Toby said sternly.

Regina sighed and lead Amanda back down the stairs. As they nearer the cabins they were met with thick smoke, that caused them to cough it was so thick. Regina looked to see the cabin where Toby and Tommy stayed ablaze from the door underneath as smoke seeped through the cracks. She and Amanda ran to the cabin knocking on the door.

"Tommy, Tommy?" They called for him with no answer. Gina tried the doorknob but immediately moved her hand because it was extremely hot it burned her hand.

"Come on Amanda let's go get help." They made their way back up to the deck. "Toby, Toby, Gina called coughing getting his attention again.

"I thought I told you guys to go to your cabin." Tobias said.

"It's Tommy your cabin is on fire."Gina coughed out.

"What?" Toby said shock. He ran down the stairs and the smoke was darn near blinding now. He covered his mouth with his shirt and felt his way to where he saw the door totally engulfed in fire. He kicked and kicked at the door until it finally fell down. He had to step back from the blaze. The room was completely burning. He knew the boy couldn't survive that. He made his way back up in a daze.

Gina saw Toby coming but no Tommy, she and Amanda both knew and they held each other sad. Before they could think straight one of the sails broke loose. The wood snapped in half and swung striking one of the deck hands impaling him.

They all stood terrielfied from shock.

"Oh my God." Gina yelled frightened.

Toby went straight up to the captain.

"Mr. Ackers I need you and your students to get on the inflatable rafters. The Marie is in a dangerous state. Just plug them into the generator. The life jackets are in the cupboard over there." The captain pointed.

"Sir one of your deck hand just got killed and one of my students just died the ship is on fire." Toby told him somber.

"What?" The captain asked shocked. He made a sign of the cross. "Mr . Ackers move quickly please you and your other students can still make it."

Toby nodded, he grabbed the life jackets for him and the girls.

"Oh before you go take this." The captain handed him a flare gun. "Only use it if necessary. God speed Mr. Ackers." The captain went back to steering the boat.

Toby hurried back to the deck he handed the girls their life jackets and went to deal with one of the rafters. Gina had to let go of Amanda's hand to put on her life jacket when a sudden violent jolt hit the boat. Amanda went flying over the rails. Gina caught her hand and tried pulling her up. But both their hands was wet from the sea water.

"Gina please don't let me go." Amanda begged scared looking down at the dark raging waters.

"Amanda hang on TOBY!" Gina yelled loudly.

Toby looked up and quickly ran to the girls. Amanda's hand slipped further and further. "NO......hang in Amanda please." Gina desperately tried to hold the girl. Just as Toby reached Amanda slipped out of Gina's hand falling into the dark water. Toby had to hold Gina back from falling over behind Amanda. They both watched hopelessly as Amanda got sucked into the sea.

"No...No" Gina cried shaking. "I....I....tried to hold her..... I"

"Shhh, shhh, Toby hugged Gina seeing her distress. "I know you tried your best Gina."

The deck hand urgently asked them to hurry get on the rafter. Toby and Gina sat in the rafter and the deck hand gave them two oars before lowering them into the water.

"What about, you guys?" Tobias asked concerned.

"We have to stay with the ship. Remember to row with the current instead of against it your chances of survival will be much better."

When Gina and Toby hit the water they started to row with the raging seas. The waves were high, as they got far from the ship they heard a lot of screaming and could see the entire ship caught on fire. They watched hopelessly as the ship begin to sink. Suddenly the screaming stop. Gina and Toby continued to try and keep a float the entire night. They almost turned over twice. Finally exhaustion set in they started to drift off into the night.

Gina was woken that next morning when she heard a thud. Lifting her tired body up off the rafter she saw they hit a rock looking around she saw land. She quickly tapped Toby to wake him. "Toby land." Tina said excited.

Toby got up and looked around. He too saw land and smiled. He handed Gina an Oar and they both started rowing towards land.

A/n: Gina and Toby made it to land after a perilous night. Poor Tommy, Amanda and the rest of the crew that died. Next chapter we'll switch gears back to home base to see how their family will take the news.

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