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Lisa and Atlas made their way to the police chiefs office. There they were met with the other family members and the principal of the school. Four days had gone pass and Regina and the rest of people were suppose to be home two days ago.

Lisa went straight to the chief. "Sir what is going on? Where is my daughter?" Lisa asked frantic.

"Miss bare with us please I will address everyone in the room." The chief said calmly.

Lisa could see the family of the other two students. Norma, Toby's very pregnant wife was here and also Cidney. Lisa was surprised to see him but was grateful that he came it made her believe more that he actually cared for her daughter. Then there were some other family members of the crew.

"Ladies and gentlemen I know this has been a rough four days. After the school contacted us and plus you the family we set out on our investigation. We even sent a dive team and I'm sorry to say we found pieces of the ship and about two dead bodies that we have to do forensic on to determine who it is. I'm sorry parts of the ship was also burned it is our belief that there are no known survivors of the wreck."

Lisa almost passed out Atlas has to hold her up. She began shaking and asked. "Are you saying my baby is dead?" Lisa asked joining the rest of the family members crying throughout the room.

"I'm sorry Miss. Mason." The chief said somber.

"Oh my God." Norma cried out hugging herself. "Toby!" She said further holding her belly.

" could this happen?" Cidney said softly with tears.

That's when Lisa looked up at the distraught young man. She felt truly bad for him and went over and hugged him. They cried it out together as they held each other.

Atlas walked over to Norma. "Mrs. Ackers?" He asked somber.

Norma looked up wiping he drenched eyes. "Yes?" She said crying.

"We only met briefly but my name is Atlas Mason and Toby was our neighbor before you guys got married.

"Oh I remember." Norma said tears flowing.

"I just want to say sorry for your loss." Atlas said nicely.

"Thank you." Norma said. She didn't know how she was going to make it without Toby and being a single mother. She just couldn't believe he was actually dead.


After rowing what seemed like forever Toby and Gina finally made the island. It was a long stretch of sandy beach with trees and a bushy area further back. They brought up the rafter close to the bushes and decided to walk the length of the beach.

Walking Gina was being a nuisance and getting on Toby's last nerve. The girl complained the entire walk.

"Mr. Ackers can't we take a break? It's too hot. I'm hungry. Aren't you tired. This is stupid. This humidity is not good for my hair you know." She complained on and on until Toby stopped in his tracks.

"GINA COULD YOU PLEASE JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! I can't think with you going on and on damn it."

"Well excuse me. But you if everyone just had listen to me when I said the ship was unsafe then we wouldn't be in this damn mess in the first place."Gina shouted back.

"Well you were right Gina. Happy? You were so damn right. The ship went down and all those people died because you were right." Toby sighed.

"You think I wanted any of that to happen? You think I wanted to be right. I would take it all back just to save Amanda....and Tommy and....and all them other people. I would give anything not to be right." Gina started to cry.

Toby sighed as she wiped her eyes. This was hard on both of them. He could tell they both were feeling survivors guilt right now. He embraced her in his arms. "I'm sorry Gina. I know you're tired, thirsty and hungry. So am I but I need us to keep going. Maybe there is some type of civilization out here. Maybe we'll be lucky."

"Mr. Ackers we're almost at the end of the beach. I don't think we'll see anyone." Gina raised her head off his chest.

Toby looked around she was right. No one could be seen for miles not even a hint of civilization but he did see a few coconut trees a little ways back. "Let's walk to the end just to see if there's anything beyond the island ok."

Gina nodded and they continued until they reached the rocky peak. There was nothing beyond it besides the ocean.

They sat on the sand and took a break. Hot sweaty and tired. They rested for about twenty minutes and decided to head back to the rafter. On their way Toby stopped. "Gina there are some coconut trees, I'm gonna head in the bush and climb the trees."

"Ok I'll come with "Gina said not wanting him to leave her.

"Gina stay here take another break. It won't take me long." Toby said taking a pocket knife out of his jeans.

"Toby don't leave me by myself please." Gina said panicked.

"Gina it's going to be ok. You can even see me climb the trees from here. Just relax." Toby smiled and headed into the bush.

Gina's eyes didn't leave him once. Even though she could see him as he climbed the trees a lil ways off she still felt uneasy. She only blew a sigh of relief when he came down and was headed back her way. He came back bearing four coconuts in his arms.

He threw the coconuts on the sand and went back into the bush coming back out with a huge sharp rock. He beat the coconuts against the rock to take of the coconut hair and then used his pocket knife to poke a hole for them to drink the coconut water.

The coconut water was like heaven quenching their thirst as they drank two waters each. Toby then hit the coconut against the rock to break it open the bark. Inside was semi soft coconut jelly that they both ate feeding some of their hunger.

Toby went back into the bush and got two more coconuts for them later. Tina carried the two coconuts back while Toby lifted the huge sharp rock as they headed back to the rafter.

A/n: Aww the family sadly😢 thinks that Toby and Gina died along with everyone else on the ship. Toby and Gina explore the island a little. Please comment, leave a review if you'd like and hit that like button.

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