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Gina opened her eyes as morning just hit the skies. Toby was still passed out. They slept in the raft many nights. They had been on the island for an entire week now. Gina felt they hadn't accomplished anything.

Toby kept saying that rescue would soon come, a boat or plane was bound to pass by soon. He was hopeful yes but Gina was more practical. Fact of the matter is a boat or plane may never come to their rescue right away. The only thing they had in the rafter was a blanket, a flare gun and two deadass cellphones that wouldn't work out here anyway.

They needed a whole lot more if they were going to survive this island. So far they survived off of coconuts and that wouldn't sustain them long enough.

Gina climbed out the rafter carefully not to wake Toby. She looked stretched her body and went to the water first to clean her mouth with salt water. She then made her way heading into the bushes to explore the island some. She grabbed a stick so she could make a path in the sand so she wouldn't get lost. On her journey she saw a lot of washed up debris they could use. Cans bottles. She walked further and saw a few banana trees.

"Oh yes!" She said out loud and picked two to eat right away. It tasted so good how hungry she was and it was something other than coconuts. She saw some, aloe vera and spinch. This island must have had people on it at some point if these trees were here. Walking further along she saw a small cave. It was dark looking from the outside so she decided not to go in it alone.

Walking a bit more she saw a small water fall and that marked the end of her journey through the bush. She decided to head back to the beach side. Grabbing a few more bananas for she and Toby to eat.

Making her way towards the beach she heard Toby screaming her name. She started trotting.

"Toby I'm here." She started popping out the bush so he saw her. A relieved sigh washed over his face seeing her.

She neared him and he said, "You scared me half to death Gina. I woke up and you weren't there. I was about to jump in the water thinking your ass had drowned or something."

"Dude relax, I just went exploring and you don't ever have to worry about me going that deep into the water. Here!" She handed him some of the bananas.

"Where did you get these?" Toby smiled taking the bananas and digging into them quickly.

"There's a whole bunch of trees back there." Gina pointed in the bushes.

"Really? Then that means someone could be on the island." Toby said hopeful.

"I don't think so Toby. No ones here from what I see. Maybe the island was inhabited at one point but not anymore. Which reminds me Toby we can't survive like this." aGina said sternly.

"Gina someone will come." Toby said optimistic.

"Toby we have to be real. Rescue may not come right away. We need to come up with a plan."

"Gina sounds like you're giving up." Toby huffed.

"That's not what I'm doing Toby. I just think that we need a better way of surviving until rescue does come."

"Then what do you suggest Gina?"

"Well first we need shelter. We can't keep sleeping in the rafter. We need something to cover our heads in case it rains or something. That's a start.We don't want to get sick because of draft and rainwater.

"And how do you suggest we do that Miss. Smarty pants?" Toby asked annoyed.

"Haven't you ever been a boy scout? You're a History teacher for goodness sake." Gina grumbled.

"My knowledge is in historical events Gina not survival skills." Toby informed her.

"Dude you're lucky I'm smart cause I'm beginning to think I'm the only one, out the two of us that can actually use their brain."

"Gina sometimes you make me wanna choke the fuck out of you with your smartass mouth."

"Ooooh is that how Big Daddy wants to get down." Gina licked her lips teasingly.

Toby ignored her, "Gina what is the plan?"

"First we need to gather some palm trees and drift wood. We can make at least the structure and tie the wood with strips of palms."

Toby sighed. "Ok lets go then."

"No dude I think you got it." Gina smirked sitting on the sand.

"Excuse me?" Toby looked at her annoyed.

See I'm the brains of this operation and your the muscles." Gina smiled smug.

"Gina get up off your lazy ass and lets go please." Toby demanded.

Gina sucked her teeth and got up. They worked hard setting up the wooded structure. Pretty soon they had a good size hut. Toby would put Gina's legs over his shoulders and she sat so the top was high enough for them to stand inside. When they were done with the structure, they gathered some more palms to tie around the hut so no rain could get in. They tripled tied them until they had a strong hut.

Before the evening caught them they went to get some coconuts and banana to eat for later. They were exhausted so they decided to rest up until the next day. It was hot so they spread the blanket on the sand to lay on in the hut.

They sat outside the hut as the moon shined listening to the waves coming in and out. Gina looked onto the water but spoke up.

"Do you think they're thinking about us? Miss us, our family?" she asked quietly.

Toby watched her as her hair blew with the night breeze. She looked worried. "Gina I'm sure they won't forget us."

"They probably think we died the rest of the people on the ship Toby." Gina said sighing.

Toby knew that was probably true. All he could hope for now was a rescue was near. He missed his wife and he was sure Gina missed her family too. "They won't forget us Regina. That I can promise you." Toby said certain.

a/n: Gina went exploring. She and Toby come up with plans to survive the island. Their family ends up on their mind. Please comment and vote.

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