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Toby took a long stick and rest it on the side for now. He sharpened two sharp rocks against another rock to the feel of the blade of a knife. He used strips of coconut leaves and tide the sharp rocks to the sticks and added strong wine and tied that over the stick as well. The sticks where sturdy and long enough for him to spare fishes for their dinner.

Today he had opted to come down by the end of the rocks by himself while Gina stayed at the hut to look for more debris. Two months was approaching them without rescue in sight.

Taking off his shirt and pants Toby headed into the sea. A school of fishes that were normally around this time of day made their appearance. Fishing like this was relaxing and took his mind off a certain teen temptress.

He was trying extra hard not to focus on her body at night or watch her ass as she bent to pick up certain things. Gina's physical attributes had him stomped. Yes she was a seventeen year old girl and facially it was evident. Her body on the other had though it was young it was very sexy. Her waist was tiny, her breast even though small were perky don't get him started on her facial features. The girl was simply gorgeous. The most tempting part for Toby was her ass. She had a beautiful round jiggly ass that could not be denied.

Many nights as they were asleep her ass was propped up against his crotch. He'd turn around to prevent the pulsing of his dick.

Toby was having a hard time being this close to one person a miniture sexy body female at that. They had to depend on each other solely for everything but Toby was a man and he missed his wife. He had to stay focus on that. He was a grownass man of thirty six years. Gina could be his daughter for crying out loud.


It was getting late and Toby's head just poped up heading towards the hut. He had two spear sticks in his hand and a large can. Maybe he got some fish she hoped. They had been eating crabs and snails all awhile. "Where you able to get any?" Gina asked hopeful.

Toby smiled, "Yup all ready gutted and scaled." Toby handed her three fishes in a can.

"Ooh great I'll get these on the fire. Gina poured some lime juice over them. They had found a lime tree, spinach and an aloe bush on the island along with the coconuts and bananas.

After pouring the lime over them Tina threw them on the cooking rock on the fire.

Toby headed into the bush so Gina knew he was headed to the fall to clean off. When he came back refreshed the fish was almost done. They sat in silence waiting for it. Gina began loosing her curls. Toby watched under his eyes as her curls bounced. He wondered how her natural curls managed to stay so soft and vibrant after two months. Gina was a smart girl though she probably was making good use of the coconut oil for her hair. Toby watched as her chest heaved up and down. He gulped at how her breast was standing so upright in her top. She'd raise her arms every so often and her top would rise along showing her bare sexy midriff.

Toby closed his eyes as a discomfort tightened in his jeans. He tried conjuring up his wife's face.

'Fuck!' He thought as he couldn't see her clearly in his mind. 'You're married Toby Ackees with a baby. Stop lusting, catch your ass.' Toby scolded himself.

Gina had gotten up to take the fish out the fire. Her body lit by the glow of the fire. She bent and her ass was on full display right in front of him. His dick started to beat. Toby began a slight panting. He wiped his face willing his dick to rule.

"Ok the fish is done." Gina smiled and putting two in the coconut bark for him and handing it to him along with some fry bananas.

Toby gladly accepted. She then grabbed her own dinner and sat on the log next to him. After they ate they sat and talked for awhile. Dark was here and there was no moonlight or stars out tonight just a dark sky. Only the fire's light kept them seeing each other.

"I really did try to hang onto her. I tried but she just kept slipping." Gina said sudden. Toby could see a tear slip her eyes. Finally after a few months she was saying something about the ship wreck.

"I should have been stronger. "Gina added in barely a whisper.

"Gina you tried, It's not your fault. If anything it's mine. I should have listened to you and be more aware. I was just so focus and excited and I thought you were being your usual bratty self. I put you, Amanda and Tommy in harms way because I didn't listen." Toby hung his head in shame.

Gina wiped her eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Toby you can't blame yourself. You had no way of knowing. We both are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves. Maybe we feel guilty because we survived and the others didn't. But by no means was the wreck your fault. You went into a burning fire to rescue Tommy Toby. To me that makes you heroic. Gina removed her arms and smirked wickedly.

"See I know these muscles weren' t wasted." Gina joked to lighten the mood. Toby just looked at her stoic but he felt a bit better.

Gina stared at his muscular arms the way his veins just popped in his arms as his arms flexed. Gina bit her lips with lust. The atmosphere definitely shifted as Toby stared at her gorgeous face. Gina rubbed her fingers on his muscular arms.

Toby's breath hitched at her touch. "So strong," Gina's hands rubbed his arms causing Toby to gulp. "So firm." Gina continued as her alluring eyes looked up holding his gaze as her fingers lightly trickled to his chest. Her core was forming into a pool for this sexyass man.

Gina smirked,"I see why all the girls call you TILF at school."

"Tilf?" Toby asked confused.

Gina hummed, "Teacher I'd Like To Fuck."

"GINA!" Toby shrieked removing her arms.

"What?" Gina smiled wicked.

"Gina that was highly inappropriate." Toby stood up. "I'm your teacher and a man old enough to be your father. You're a child."

"First of all I'm not a child. My pussy, breast and ass says different. Second you're not my teacher or father here on the island Toby. But I am open to calling you DADDY if you want. "Gina licked her lips.

Toby huffed shook his head and went into the hut. Gina smirked going behind him as he lay on the blanket.

"Toby I'm not blind, I'm a woman you're a man the longer we're stuck on this island the more were going to start seeing each other differently.

Toby sat up annoyed. "Gina stop this conversation now." He commanded in his deep voice.

Gina just looked at him. She was annoyed but she could care less about him being her teacher or an older man he had a dick and her kitty was starving. She'd get him to cave by any means necessary. Gina raised her tee over her head.

"Gina what the fuck?" Toby said covering his eyes.

"Tonight is hot I'm sleeping without a top and just in my bra. It's nothing you haven't seen. Don't think I don't see you watching me Mr. Ackers." Gina smiled smug.

Toby lay back down ignoring her turning his back to her. "Fucking Trouble!" she heard him mumble under his breath.

Gina smiled as she lay next to him. 'Oh he hasn't seen trouble yet.' Gina thought to herself closing her eyes to sleep.

A/N: Lmao😂Gina is a mess. Poor Toby continues to struggle and they only two months in. We shall switch gears back to their families next chapter. Please comment, hit the like button or write a review on the story so far.

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