Ocean Eyes

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Make his death look like a suicide Kill your Father.....

Thriller / Mystery
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Ocean Eyes (Darkle series)

Birds chirped as the cool autumn breeze blew on people’s bright faces. Everything was perfect.

“Get the hell out of my way dreamer!”

Or Not.

“I’m sorry” A silent apology quickly slipped from my mouth as I maneuvered from the glaring woman who just saved her white blouse from a coffee stain.

Instantly my dream of a perfect day was over. A cyclist shouted at a passerby very unkind words. At my peripheral view, a man in formal shirt was running with a suitcase clutched tightly at his side. Everyone was either jogging or walking fast trying to get to their various destinations.

And the sun had suddenly gotten hot.

I decided at once that this wasn’t my scene. I couldn’t wait to get the job done.


I looked down at the golden retriever whose tail was waggling as it walked before me oblivious to the chaotic world around. Or it probably knew but was used to the chaos.

At least it was a good day to walk a dog. The leash hung loosely around its neck and just a small tug from the dog, and I’d be dangling only the leash.

I looked at my wrist watch and smiled.

Just few minutes.

I Chanted in my head as i walked to the side of the road. I checked the time again.

Fifty seconds

I looked at the dog beside me.

Marcy, that was the name the former owner gave her and since it was used to being called And I was just a temporary owner I figured it was best called her that also.

The road was suddenly clear for Pedestrians to run to the other side but I stayed on the spot.

Twenty seconds

I looked to the left and I could already see what I was here for coming in average speed.

I looked at Marcy who already had her eyes to me while panting with her tongue out and a part of me felt liken

I released the leash and the dog jumped on the road just in time.

My lips parted and my chest thumped as I watched the scene unfold before me.

The red car’s brake skidded nosily but it was already late. The dog was lying on the floor already.

I could hear it’s pained whimper.

I rushed to the dog. Her eyes were closed.

“Poor thing”

A voice said beside me. I didn’t bother looking up but I knew the driver of the car was already staring at the dog while tugging his hair.

“I-is he yours?” His voice asked shakily

My eyes trailed to him. He was looking at me with wide eyes.

I nodded “she. It’s a girl”

“Oh my God, I’m sorry, I didn’t s-“

I shook my head. I looked around me. Few people had gathered round.

“It’s dying” I choked out.

He swallowed “Let’s get her to the hospital”

That was all he just had to say and few seconds later I was sitting at the passenger seat of his car, holding the whimpering dog.

Her breath was shaky. I didnt see any blood but I almost sure that she was internally. It was suffering. My index and middle fingers pressed its neck. It made a whimpering sound but I didn’t release my fingers. All I wasn’t to do was end it’s pain.

“Hang on buddy” The man said not looking away from the road

I looked at the driver

“Turn around” I said in a small voice but loud for him to hear.

He looked at me with confusion written in his face “wh-“

“She’s dead” I deadpanned.

His bulged eyes looked from the motionless dog to my expressionless face.

His lips hung open and he slowed down. “I’m s-“

“Just” I quickly said stopping him from talking “just take me home, I’d better bury her now”

He looked at me. He opened his mouth to say something. Probably to tell me how sorry he was or maybe question how I was emotionless.

I looked at the window as my hand stroked the dog’s ear.

“Your address”

I called out the address.

We drove in silence till we got my destination.

“Here?” He asked as he turned off his ignition.

I nodded.

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay” I sighed out. Everything was going so slow. I jus wanted to get things over with. I had few hours to my deadline.

“Can I help you.....” he trailed

“Yeah I’ll need a hand burying her” I said.

“Okay” he said and quickly he was already at my side.

We walked to my tiny cottage. I took out my ket from the back pocket of my short and opened the white door.

“Errr...where do I....”

I turned to the man. I didn’t even ask if his name. I looked at the motionless body of Marcy on his eyes.

“Follow me, I’ll have her buried at the backyard” I said in a small voice.

“Okay” he said and followed me to backyard.

My backyard was an overgrown garden facing a street. The flowers was entwined with each other and oddly enough the sight was beautiful.

I picked up the shovel and started digging in a non visible area. I dug in silence feeling the eyes of the man on me.

“I guess this is okay” I pointed at the shallow grave.

I collected the cold body of Marcy and gently laid in the ground.

“Let me help please”

Before I could object, his hands were already gripping the shovel ready to throw dirt over Marcy.

I sighed and nodded. I watched in since as the last glimpse of Marcy was covered.

Few minutes later, We were inside my beige looking sitting room.

“Thanks” I said

He looked at me “No you shouldn’t, I killed your dog, I should b-“ he stopped himself and pulled his palm over his pale face. I watched him as he struggled with his breathing.

“Sit down” I told him and pointed to the stool before my small kitchen island.

“Sorry I should go, I’m sure you hate me n-“

“I’ll give you tea” I cut him off and walked to my kitchen without waiting for his reply.

My hands worked as I prepared the lemon flavored tea and poured the tea into two mugs. I looked behind me and his head was resting on the island. He looked comfortable. Like he was safe. I felt insulted. He shouldn’t feel safe. He doesn’t know me, I could be dangerous.

I shook my head and poured my ultimate ingredient in one mug and mixed it. I carried the two mugs to the island and glided a mug to his side. He looked up, from the tea to me.

He gave a small smile and muttered thanks.

I watched as he brought the mug to his lips.

He suddenly looked up at me, I blinked and brought my own mug to my lips and took a sip.

Taking that as a safe precaution, he took a sip.

He looked at me with a smile “Lemon, my favorite”

I returned the smile. I wanted to say I know. I wanted to tell him I knew he loved lime flavored tea. I knew he takes the tea every morning in his condo before leaving for his office. I knew he takes the same tea every 2:00pm. I knew the exact brand he likes. Just like the one sitting in my cupboard now.

But he already took the warm tea in one big gulp. He licked his lips and smiled. I returned the smile and waited. Waited for the perfect time. Waited for what made me happy. For what made me feel powerful. I waited patiently for what I had planned to weeks.

I took the book I had on my island and opened the middle. The picture laid there untouched. My thumb trailed the picture.

“Jessie jones”

I looked at the man. He was looking at the book I was holding.

“I love her books especially this” He nodded to the copy of the bleacher i was holding. The book was old that it was dog eared.

“I know” I told him

“What?” He slurred out.

My ingredient was already kicking it. I looked at my watch and smiled at the time.

Just as expected.

“What’s g.....oing on?” He was blinking as he used his hand to fan his already sweaty face.

I closed the book shut and watched as struggled to stand up.

“W-What’s I-in t-the tea....” his face was turning blotched.

I yawned and rubbed my eyes.

His hands went to his throat. I rolled my eyes.

He was dramatic.


It’s just meant to make you unconscious not kill you well only if it had the right measurement.

And of course, I had the perfect measurement when I mixed it with his tea.

What’s the fun in just poisoning him like that.

I walked to the other side of the sitting room and took a chair.


Too late. He was already lying down on the floor unconscious.

Great. Now I’d have to drag a grown ass man to a chair.

I pouted. Not fair for a skinny lady.


Dustin Smith,


Accountant for big companies and rich business owners,

Happily Married to Sadie Smith,

Father to three children. A girl;21 and two boys;19 and 16,

Has four sleek and expensive cars,

Drives pass the Roland avenue every 9:30am,

Spends 30 minutes running round his neighborhood every morning,

Loves basketball, so he sponsors his boy’s high school basketball team,j

And of course loves lemon flavored tea.

I cleared my throat tied my brunette hair with a hand band. I studied his face. No glimpse of hair and for a middle aged man, his face was smooth. And yeah, Brown hair just like mine.

I picked the book from the island and sat opposite him.

I lifted the book over my head then dropped the noisily on the hardwood floor. That did the trick.

I watched as Dustin groaned and blinked his eyes.

He moved his head and tried to move his body but the action was futile since I tied him to the chair.

His eyes shot open. It was dilated. I expected that.

He looked around. Confusion was written all over his face. His eyes finally landed on me.

He frowned like he wasn’t expecting to me there or better still like he didn’t know who I was.

Of course, I expected that also.

According to the internet, Flunitrazepam or Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine used to treat severe insomnia and assist with anesthesia. As with other hypnotics, flunitrazepam has been advised to be prescribed only on a short-term basis or by those with chronic insomnia on an occasional basis.

Disadvantages of rohypnol or should I say advantages is that it causes weakness, dizziness, forgetfulness and whatnot.

And Mr Dustin here does not know where he was or better still how he got here.

“Who are you?” He slurred

I shrugged “Someone”

“What th- , where am I?”

I raised my eyebrow. “Now that’s something I can’t tell you” I leaned closer to him “But I can tell you why you are here”

He glared at me causing me to smirk. He looked behind me. And his lips parted.

I looked over my shoulders. Four cell phones were laid on the table. I looked back at him.

“What the hell am I doing here?” He leaned close

“Who are you?”

I sighed and stood up. I took the book, the bleachers, and opened it.

“I need answers” He swallowed “Do you need money from me?”

I looked at him

Seeing that he got my attention, he continued “I pay you any amount, I’m rich , I have millions in my disposal, I -“

I started laughing. I clutched my stomach. I know I should be angry but I wasn’t. I was fascinated at how he thought he could pay me.

How do I tell him that my wrist watch was worth millions.

I looked at his confused face and pressed my lips together. I stopped laughing and took the picture that I kept in the middle of the book.

I walked to him and sat.

“You know me” I said

He shook his head without even giving it a thought “No, I don’t “

I nodded “Yes you do “

He shook his head again. His eyes weren’t looking dilated again but it didn’t hold confidence either.

Fear was beginning to seep in his eyes but I could still see doubt. He probably thought it was a prank. Thinking he was untouchable.

i leaned closer to him “Look at my eyes, do you recognize it?”

He looked at me like I was mad. I knew what he was thinking. Lots of people in Washington had ocean colored eyes.

I gritted my teeth “Do you?”I raised my voice slightly.

He shook his head.

Of course he doesn’t. No one remembers the hunted. Only the hunted remembers the hunter.

I picked the small Polaroid snapshot from my laps and bit my lips.

“But you know her “ I said and I raised the picture for him to see.

If I wasn’t observant, I’d have missed the twitch on his left eyes. He looked away from the picture to my eyes and shook his head.

“No, I don’t know Who this is, or who you are or that matter”

I smirked and stood up “you should know one thing I hate” I said and walked to the three phones “lies, I hate lies. Lying to me means you think I’m stupid and I’m not stupid”

“Let me go, you psychopath”

“You see these phones, there are people at the other side of these phones that are ready to do whatever I ask them. I just need to press a button. No need to talk. Just a button and these phones would pass the messages I want. And these people are each watching your sons in their high school, your daughter in university and of course your wife” I explained to him and his eyes were already bulged.

“Your sons, Levy and Alex right?” He didn’t respond.

“Your daughter, Nora right?” My head leaned to the side studying his face.

He looked like he was in shock with his parted lips.

“So you know I’m not bluffing, lie me again and a sniper’s bullet goes through one of their head” I took the phones and sat down

“And you want to know the funniest thing?” I asked “I don’t know which phone is for who, I mean I could press any butt- “ my index finger hovered over one of the phones

“No” he shouted while shaking his head repeatedly “please don’t, don’t “ he swallowed

“I won’t if you don’t lie” I smiled “Okay, you do as I say and we’re good”

He nodded repeatedly.

“So you know this woman?” I pointed at the blond woman in the picture

He nodded “Yes I do, from years back”

I smiled. “Good, Who was she to you?”

He looked around like he was searching for answers “ I don’t know, that wasn’t was years ago, she might be an e-“

I finger went to the phone.

“She was a friend” he shouted. I don’t bother hushing him, no one would hear us.

I raised an eyebrow but my finger wasn’t still hovering on the phone.

“I’m telling you the truth, she was just a damn friend, no one important” he ranted while looking at my finger.

I gritted my teeth. No one important. Just a friend.

I stared into his eyes. My index finger went down and I pressed a button.

We stared into each other’s eyes. His eyes were wide like saucers.

He looked at me “I-I-I did w-what you asked, why did you do that, why?, we had a deal, you lied”

“ No, you lied” I glared at him” You said she was just a friend, no one important...”

He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything “How’s that fucking important?” He yelled

“Anything I ask you is damn important and when you lie you cause someone’s death. So whoever has a bullet wound in his head now, died because of you” I said in a breath and when I finished i was breathing fast.

I could see tears forming in his eyes and that made me happy. “W-why are you doing this?” His lips vibrated

“All you have have to do is say the truth and no one will die again.”

He swallowed

“So tell me who was she to you?”

“I - dated her, we went out. She was my girlfriend” he answered gloomily

“Now was that hard, you could have said this earlier and no one would have died”

“Someone would be looking for me now and they’d know that something bad has happened to me”

I chuckled “Incase you’ve forgotten, you were going to the airport this morning for a conference in England. And I’ve had you here for like three hours, so technically, you’re still on the plane”

He bit his lips and bowed his head.

“The next question, where is she?”

His head shot up. He looked at the phone.


“Good, and how did she die?”

He sighed “A car accident”

“Who caused it?”

He shook his head “I don’t know, I just got a call that she was involved in an accident and she didn’t survive it”

I licked my lips. This was it. This was the moment I hated talking about. I could feel water rushing to my eyes.

“You caused that accident. She was in a call with you. She told you that she was coming because she had a surprise for you. But you shouted at her that you don’t want to have anything to do with her again. You called her names. A freak. A psychopath. A drunk. And you told her that she didn’t mean anything to you” I told him not taking my eyes away from him.

He didn’t say anything.

“Say something... Am I right?” I shouted

He shut his eyes “Yes I did but I wasn’t lying. That was who she was. She said she had a surprise. Who knew what she wanted to bring to me. And what’s worse was that it was on my 11th wedding anniversary. I had a happy family.i just could allow a drunk ex who was still stuck up on me come and spoil my life”

I gritted my teeth “You made her they way” I shouted and stood up making the chair fall. “ And not only did you make her an alcoholic because of what you did to her, you also caused the accident that killed her. When you hung up. She wasn’t organized. She couldn’t drive. She- “ I stopped and bit back my sob “she didn’t see that red Jeep coming and she hit it blindly” I choked out.

He didn’t say anything. His head was bowed

“Look at me” I said. He raised his head slowly.

“And when you got that call, the call that she was dead,What did you do?” I asked as I raise the chair and sat on it. I gave him the look that dared him to lie.

“Nothing, I did nothing and I was glad she was gone. You want to know why? Because she was a ticking bomb. It was a matter of time before she came on my door steps to destroy everything I worked for. And when she died. It was like life was telling me that I was free” he said Without any hint of guilt. Like she deserved it. Like my mother fucking deserved to die a loser.

I have a humorless laugh “ Did you know the surprise she was coming to show you?”

“No” He said quickly and widened his eyes when he saw that I already pressed a button.

My mouth was in a straight line.

“Why?!” He exclaimed “I made a mistake, I d-“

“Then next time before saying anything,think”

I know I was being unfair but would you blame me? I could press all the buttons and I wouldn’t feel one ounce of guilt.

Not because I’m a trained Assassin who has been drilled to be emotionless but because he lied that he didn’t know that I was the surprise he was expecting.

But of course he didn’t know that 11 years old girl he wanted out of his life. His mistake. His past. Was the one who held the fate of his life.

Come to think of it, if he hadn’t rejected my mother’s pregnancy after drilling her for all her inheritance he used to start his firm and claiming he wasn’t ready for marriage and later marrying his so called best friend few months later. My mother wouldn’t have been a drunk and neglected her life.

She wouldn’t have to beg a gold digger to come back to her life.

She wouldn’t have to use me to get back to him when I kept insisting on meeting my father.

She wouldn’t have called in the car that day because she was eager to meet him and surprise him.

She wouldn’t be dead now.

And I wouldn’t have had to run away from foster homes.

And I wouldn’t have met the woman who trained me to be an assassin now.

I wouldn’t have been given the assignment to kill a certain accountant who also happened to be my father after some little digging.

Imagine the joy i had when I found out that my father was living happily with his make believe family.

If not for him, I would have lived a normal life,maybe have siblings and parents.

I wouldn’t have to tie someone to a chair and have his family’s life in my hands.

He caused this.

If he had made the right choices, things would have been different.

I looked at him and said “Two more. So be careful now”

“Do you know she had a daughter and you were responsible ?”

He blinked “y-yes. When she gave birth. She told me and no I didn’t go to see her. It was my wedding.

I nodded my head “Do you know I’m that girl?”

He stared at me. Unable to say anything. I was sure that a little part of him already knew but that didn’t stop he surprise look he gave me.

He blinked and shook his head

“What?” I smiled “You think she died in that accident?”

A tear drop fell from his eye.

I sighed. Too late for tears now.

“I-I’m s-s-sorry, Please forgive me”

“No you’re not sorry for that,you’re just sorry you didn’t find out earlier that your daughter was still alive and you didn’t kill her”

“N-n-o I wouldn’t have d-d-done that, I can’t kill anybody”

I laughed “Now that’s another lie, you killed someone. A rich client. You wanted all the money for yourself. That was why I was sent to you initially. All I had to do was kill you and make it look like a suicide but I had my own plan” I said and pressed another button.

He stared at me “Please “ he begged.

I knew he was helpless now. He couldn’t do anything.

“Well I lied”I suddenly said

“W-What do you mean?”

“I lied when I said I didn’t know which phone was connected to a person. I lied. I know that your sons had been killed and your wife also. Only your daughter is alive now” I told him

Tears began streaming out of his face. He started sobbing. Mucus case out of his nose mixing with the spit coming from the side of his mouth.

The sight was irritating.

I grimaced and stood up.

I opened a cabinet and took out a syringe. It already contained liquid.

His eyes widened when he saw me coming toward him with it.

“W-What’s t-that?” He started staking his body. He was only going to give himself marks.

I shrugged “Drugs. Would make you unconscious and forget this ever Happened. You’d wake up forgetting you ever met me.” I said with a smirk

“And don’t worry you’ll still meet me, like I said you are supposed to go down with suicide so I can’t just kill you now even if I want it. I already have everything planned” I concluded and injected his neck.

I smiled and bent down to his level. His drug was different. His eyes were already drowsy.

I said in a final note “And guess what? I and your daughter are best friends” I paused as I watch his eyes give in to unconsciousness “ and my name is Dustin Knight”


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