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Zara at 13 witnessed something that would change her life forever but not things are what they seem. Zara and her 3 siblings, Zachery, Zayn, and Zaya, all fight to know the real truth behind their family's misfortune but what they find out will scar them for life. What did they find out, who really died, why did that person die, so many questions with no answers. Read the book to see how everything unfolds. •|×|• Kemi≈Nor.

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Chapter 1 » ♣Unlucky Beginning♣

I doodled in my sketch book, while listening to music from my phone, the moon being my only source of light in the dark room I was in. On nights like these when the gentle breeze would find its way into my room and the weather was sweet and cold, I would normally be on my bed sleeping like a baby, but this night was, different.

The night before, my mum and dad got into a heated arguement, which ended up in my dad leaving the house late at night, the next morning I asked my mum about it but she told me not to worry about it, which obviously made me worry even more. The rest of the day was hectic, I missed my school bus, came late to class, got detention, etcertra. I finally got some "me time" and I didn't really feel like sleeping, and to be honest I am really happy I didn't sleep.

While doodling in my sketchbook i took a look outside the window in my room just inorder to see bright head lamps park right in front of our house, I saw a fimilar red Lexus car when the head lamps where turned off, and I thought to my self, "Who would come by this time in the night" I turned off the music and stretched to see the person coming out from the car. The person came out with a bottle in one of his hands, he had a hawaiin designed T-shirt on ,and some shorts, i couldn't really see the face so I got my telescope which was right beside me, i would normally use the telescope for astronomy stuff but it also came in handy for situations like this, I took a look through the telescope, adjusted it a bit, and I was surprised to see that it was my dad. He looked drunk and hostlie he walked to the front door, and I immediately knew why he came here.

I've read tons of books, Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Drama so many I cant even count and I'm smart enough to know that when a man, especially a father, comes back to his home drunk something bad will happen, so I instantly grabbed my phone having the police on speed dail. I ran to my mum's room, quietly closing the door and and rushing to wake up my mum, she was sluggish to wake up but once I told her that a drunk Dave {My dad} was at our doorstep she woke up without hesitation. She told me to wake up Zachery and grab Zayne and Zaya from their room and get them out of the house I nodded my head and quietly left the room. I woke up Zach first, he is my elder brother and the eldest child, he is 17 years old, he has short black hair with matching black {or really really dark brown} eyes and he normally stayed in his room reading for college and stuff. I explained to him what was going on and what our mum told me and almost immediately he started packing stuff into his bag, then I left the room to wake up my little siblings, Zayn and Zaya, they were twins just 5 years old, Zayn was born 4 minutes before Zaya, both of them are always causing one trouble or the other but we all love them. When i entered their room Zaya was already up watching something on her tablet, she was so startled to see me that she let out a loud whisper scream, I shushed her and told her to get her bag and start packing stuff that were important, while I woke up Zayn and told him the same thing, they were confused on why but i didnt know how to explain to two, 5 year olds, that their drunk dad was here looking for trouble, so I said in the only way i could in that situation " Don't worry about it, just hurry up and pack" and then i left their room and ran to my room to pack my bag, I put some clothes, some toiletries, some books, in one bag, then in another bag I put all my money, some shoes, some snacks that i kept in my room and some other stuff. When i was done I heard my mum shouting almost crying downstairs, I rushed to the stairs and I saw my so called "dad", raise a glass wine bottle over my mum but before he could hit her with the glass bottle I unknowingly screamed at him which stopped him right on time he glared at me and I could see the rage in his eyes with a hint of disappointment but all I could do was stare at him, He then started to to laugh like a mad man, "Your a qsyco" I shouted, I turn to look at my mum who was on the floor, fear written all over her face, "Zara! Leave dont get you self involved in this dear" my mum pleaded, Dave kicked her telling her to 'Shut up', as I saw Dave kicking my mum out of anger I grabbed one of the ceramics decor's and threw it at Dave he got knocked out and feel down to the floor. My heart raced, my mind was on fire, I was finding it hard to breathe, my brother, Zachery, turned me around by my shoulder and hugged me, telling me i did the right thing, then the twins came to hug me as well. I felt bad but relieved at the same time, but I knew that it wasn't over yet so i dried my tears with my hand and rushed down the stairs to where my mother was I hugged her and so did everyone else, I think I speak for everyone when I say that was a very sentimental moment. With tears in her eyes my mum told us something "Zaydn, as the oldest child you need to take care of your siblings, even when I'm not around because as you can see I don't think you guys are safe with me" she said in between her sobbing "W-what do you mean" Zaydn replied with sadness and confusion in his voice "Just make sure, that what ever happens, m-make s-sure to take care of ur siblings p-promise me" My mum sobbed.

My mum was known for her independence and srtong heart she was able to build and function a multi-billionaire business from scratch with no help, not from her parents, not from friends, not from other companies, No one helped her so you cant blame me if Im finding it hard to believe that the same woman that told me to "Never ever cry for any reason what so ever, because crying doesn't slove any problem" is now standing right infront of me crying her eyes out I dont think its the same woman because my mum was so strong hearted she wouldnt have even gotten married if not that it was her fathers wish that she'd get married. So it hard to believe that this woman is the same woman I've know for the past 14 years of my life.Same thing can be thought about my dad he might have not been as so independent as my mum but he at least never acted strangely and definitely never came home drunk, so I'm really confused why he would do something like this. I don't know why but I felt like something was wrong.

"Why are you talking like your about to die, I thought we are ok, I mean I threw a flipping ceramic shit at him he could be dead for all we know" I said "He COULD be dead and thats why I want you guys to be safe, now go." she said while pushing us out of the house, I struggled against her I wasn't going to leave my mum with a stupid qsyco man I used to call father. I love my mum to much to do that "Are you crazy we can't leave you here with that man he will gain consciousness and he will kill you" i yelled "I agree with Zara you should follow us you will be safer with us" Zach said my mum sighed and kissed us on the forehead "I love you guys and I would never do something to hurt you or put you in danger so I think if I stay and you guys go so he won't hurt you because of me" my mum said I stared at her I couldn't speak, I didnt want to leave her here and i know that she doesn't want to stay here but she will do it to protect us "Mummy" Zaya said "Will you be ok, will you come back to find us?" I looked at Zaya just to find her eyes red and puffy she was crying uncontrollably my mum hugged her and motions her hand to hug the rest of us to she told us "I will be ok, be strong for me ok, when we get out of this situation I will find you and we will all be together" we all let go and and I ... I listened to her and left but before i left she told me and Zach something "I know what about to ask you is crazy but please don't tell anyone else about this, don't tell the police and don't tell any of our relatives ok" Zach and I shared the same confused look "Why mum isn't better if we tell someone" Zach asked my mum shook her head in disagreement "Please just do it for me please" Zach and I looked at each then at our mum "Ok " we said she smiled and kissed our forehead bye. We all waved bye to my mum. I helped my younger siblings into the my brothers car and took a seat in the front. "Where are we going?" Zaydn asked I looked over at my brother who I could tell wasn't to sure on where to go "Let's go to Grandma's maybe she can help us, plus she not that far from here" I said, Zach nodded in agreement an started the engine he backed up the car and as he was about to drive off I look at the window in the living room, where i had knocked down Dave, I saw him stand up with a gun in hand, my eye widened, as he took one shot at mum, I screamed, but my scream was for nothing, in the flash of eye my mum was gone, I grabbed my phone about to call the police but before I could my brother grabbed the phone out of my hands, I glared at him "This is not a time to play games, Give me back my phone" I said loudly he looked at me "remember what m-mum told us" he stammere while allowing tears to form up in his eyes, I saw the tears roll down his cheeks, my brother never cried even as a baby he rarely cried so seeing him like this made me weak, slowly my rage and anger turned into sadness and regret. I pulled up my knees to my head and rested my head on my knees, I took a moment to let it all out, My mum was officially dead, and i didn't and couldn't do anything about it. Rest In Piece, Mum.


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