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Time away from parents makes them miss the small transformations of their child. The fluffy happy mask turning into a defined bearded face. Benjamin was all too grown up for Viola. But soon it hit her that apart from a few hand gestures and the benevolent smile, Benjamin grew up to look exactly like his father.

However Viola noticed his son was fairly happy about the scholarship. He seemed to have forgotten about the roots of his existence. For Benjamin to permanently forget about the stench of his husband, Viola was ready to pay any price. The decision to put her son away, thus never bothered her much. She made up her mind about this sacrifice a long time back.

Benjamin left some of his old clothes and his vulnerable self behind before he stepped out into his shimmering future of beautiful opportunities.

The university was the best place to be, in the entire world. At least Benjamin thought so. Full of intriguing books and the freedom to ride one’s own life was one of the many gifts the university offered him. Last but definitely not the least was a very engaging and enigmatic siren that has lured Benjamin into a sea of not-so-known prospects. The prospects of love. A kind of love that was started from scratch by a girl in his class.

She was a beautiful woman, who came and gelled with Benjamin like he never expected. In Benjamin’s life she played the role of that angel fairy who came with light in her hand and promised to keep the curtains open forever.

He was deeply in love because everytime he met her, she felt like a piece of that cake which he can’t have because it is too big to consume all at once and too delicious to leave because it’s the most delicious cake he will ever get in his life.

The two years passed preciously and it was ultimate bliss for him. According to him he has never been happier in his entire life. He thought he had found the cure to the curse. His deepest darkest curse...the wand to dismiss the curse of that old Chrysanthemum garden in his childhood home.

The thought of his forthcoming bright life enchanted his face on graduation night. She is taking him to her place the next day. She spoke to him a few times about her home. The place to which she is the sole descendant. Her parents left her a lot of wealth and a house indicative enough of their affluence. They died in an accident when she was only five years old.

At the onset of the dawn, they started their journey. All her sentences throughout their journey were filled with a kind of ardency that she was very excited about him finally visiting her home.She spoke about the most beautiful thing in her home and purposefully kept it a surprise for the golden moment. Her zest amused him too much to make him not to stop her for even once.

At the end of the odd hour of afternoon, they reached. She roared her car at the gate and an army of attendants came from inside at her service.. .Without a moment’s delay, she took him by his hand straight to the end of the hall….and opened the big rusty door.

The door opened and everything went dark in broad daylight.

The colors splashed instantly and a fish net caught Benjamin…it dazzled his eyes like the torch light in a grimy obscure uninhabited forest....and in that moment he was caught again, he felt his hands were tied with difficult knots and he is not able to free his neck.The denseness of the herbs played memento for the cautionary childhood tale that he kept under a lot of rugs, far away in a locked jar around the careful corner of his mind.

A discharging wave of familiar deception slowly covered his entire self.

The seven year old Benjamin was once again standing inside the poisoned backyard of his childhood home. In front of him was his mother, the woman who deceived him the best in life, stripping his innocence into a thousand pieces from the cursed night of the dead father around the dining floor.

His choked eyes met hers as she smiled in her consumed happiness.

“Isn’t it gorgeous? ” She asked...with her hands wide open pointing towards her beloved flowers.

Out in front was a beautiful spread of Chrysanthemum…

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