A Soulless Path

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Chapter 13

Will and Hayley left after dinner they agreed to come back tomorrow after school. Aj sat on the couch and looked around the house. She looked over everything trying to figure out what would go with her and what would be thrown out. Charlie walked over and straddled her “Penny for your thoughts,” she asked. “I was thinking about what to pack but you just reminded me of something better” aj grinned. She flipped her over and pinned her on the couch and started kissing down her neck to her collar bone. Charlie squirmed beneath aj pressing against her. Aj followed her lead and began grinding back against her. Charlie pulled aj harder against her and kissed her passionately on the lips. As aj quickened her pace Charlie pulled her down and then whispered “touch me.” Aj sat up and began taking her clothes off and Charlie followed suit. They laid next to each other naked on the couch Aj ran her hand from Charlie's face down to her hip. Then down to her stomach and soon in between Charlie's legs. Charlie gasps for air when she feels Aj inside of her. She pulls her closer as she pushes against Aj’s hand. She bites Ajs neck which makes her let out a tiny moan. It was the most amazing sound Charlie had ever heard and she wanted more. She reaches her hand between Ajs legs and returns the favor which makes Aj gasp for air. They grind against each other’s hands faster. Their moans filled the house until it stopped.

Aj had her head nestled under Charlie's chin laying against her. She traced her fingers up and down her arm forgetting about her problems until Charlie's phone rang. “Ugh, your phone rings at the worst times” aj complained. Charlie pulled away from aj “Fuck it's late its probably my parents” Charlie grabbed her phone and sighed at relief when she looked at the screen. “Hey, dad….yeah I know I'm sorry I am at Aj's. She decided to move after finding out who owned the house…..yeah were packing her stuff up she wants to be out by tomorrow. Ys I promise I won't miss school we were just about to go to bed ill stop by in the morning to get a change of clothes. I love you too. Bye,” she finished her call. Aj propped herself on her elbow “Your dad is the easy one?” Aj asked. “I wouldn’t say easy he just understands me better” she explained. “I get it, well I used to,” Aj thought about all the times her father defended her even when she was guilty. “your not a bad kid, you just get bored easily. You would make a great undercover agent” he would joke. She must have made a face because Charlie laid back on the couch and began playing with her hair. “I'm sorry Ava” she hated her name but it was different when Charlie said it. Everything was different with Charlie. “He has to die, he killed my father and he has to pay for it” aj whispered. “it’s the only way.”

Aj woke up to a knock at her door she was still naked but somehow managed to make it to bed. Charlie was already gone but Aj knew she was getting up early to make it to school. The knocking continued annoying aj “Hold on I'm coming” she yelled. She put on a shirt and a pair of boxers though no matter what she would have put on she would have been underdressed. Knocking on her door was Mr. Chester dressed in a three-piece suit and two guards. “Ms. Jones. I have come to offer my condolence.” He gestured if he could come inside. “In person? I see he left an impression” she accepted. Aj watched as he walked in the room he examined everything and occasionally touched things as if he was testing to see if they’re real. “If you don’t like the house I'm moving” aj teased him. “Ah, yes you're moving to Wills farm, I heard,” he informed her

“Interesting because I just decided it last night,” she told him cautiously.

’It’s a small town, Ms. Jones”

“So why are you really here” aj got to the point.

“Don’t mistake me, Ms. Jones. From the little time I spent with your father I could tell he was a good man and this town has already felt the ripples from his death.”

“Oh is that what all the casseroles are about?”

“Ms. Jones there are times to put on a different face but this isn’t one. You’re supposed to feel exactly what you feel. I want to make you an offer for emancipation.

“Emancipation? In case you haven’t noticed I'm parentless”

“In the court's eyes, you're still underage for one more year so they would have you sent into foster care. Though I have taken it upon myself to negotiate on your behalf. If I give you an allowance, so you could afford anything that may come up, then the court would approve emancipation.”
“Why would you do that”

“It's not just you, it is Will as well. I believe that you two could make something from your tragedies. I'm curious to see what you can accomplish”

“So were a bet for some rich fuck” she snapped.

“Ms. Jones, I know I have to prove that I'm not like the rich people in this town but what other option do you have right now?”

He was right she had no options. If she goes into foster she would defiantly be taken away and placed who knows where. Away from Charlie, Will, and Hayley, she would really have nothing left. “So if I accept this what does that entail”

“I send you both a check every month and you two stay off the radar”

“AKA don’t embarrass you”

“Technically by giving you an allowance I am accepting custody so you both become my responsibility but I believe that you can manage on your own”

“I'm assuming Will already accepted?”

“Yes he did”

“Fine. I accept your allowance”
“Excellent. A gift for our new deal” A guard walked up to her and handed her a small bag. She opened the bag to find the newest phone. “Fancy”

“I don’t like making unexpected visits so this way we can reach each other if needed. Iv already added my number and Wills as well”

“He received a fancy gift as well huh?”
“Yes he said he preferred a new truck but ‘beggars can't be choosers’”

“Ha sounds like him”

“Well, Ms. Jones I will be going now. Please don’t let Will spend all my money” he jested as he walked out the door.

Aj stood outside her father's bedroom for what seemed like forever. She finally stepped in and began going through his things. Nothing really stood out to her except a picture hanging on the wall. One they recently took of them working on jeep together. She took the picture and sat on the couch with it. “ill fix this dad” she told his picture. The door unlocked and Charlie walked in unfolded boxes tucked under one arm. “A little help?” she smiled. Aj jumped off the couch and rushed over to her. “Of course, sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you this early” she grabbed the boxes from her. “I told them I was helping you move and they're counting it as community service and gave me a half-day” Charlie explained

“That explains how the whole town knows” sighed aj.

“I'm sorry, I just thought I could surprise you”

“No I'm sorry, I love it” She grabbed Charlie and kissed her. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around Aj's waist. Aj set her on the kitchen counted kissing her harder. Charlie pulled Ajs shirt off and bit her neck and scratched her lower back “Round two?” aj asked her. “Nope we have to pack but that’s all I thought about in class” “What that’s not fair you can't just stop” “One I definitely can and two I will finish what I started later”

“Was taking my shirt off necessary” She tugs at the waistband of Ajs boxer briefs then runs her fingers down Ajs stomach and hip line. “I'm sure you may notice but your well-cut Aj and I like looking at you with no shirt on” she grinned. “You're such a tease” Aj groaned. That was the one good thing about fighting so much is that she did stay fit. Aj pushes off the counter and picks up her shirt pouting like a child who didn’t receive any presents for Christmas. Charlie hopped down and wrapped her arms around aj hugging her from behind. “once we get you settled in we can break your new room in” Charlie promised her. “You obviously haven’t seen the farm its pretty beat up so how about we break your room in”

Charlie let go of aj and stepped away from her. “I love every second I'm with you aj but my parents can't find out” Charlie looked down to the floor. Then it hit Aj all of this has been behind closed doors once she went back to the outside world Charlie is just a sympathetic church girl helping someone in need, racking up her community service hours for college. She grabs Charlie's hand and lifts her face up “This is kinda late but will you be my girlfriend” Aj asked her. Charlie starts laughing “We weren’t this whole time?”

“I mean yeah but I want it to be official. Outside these walls, no one knows and I can handle that for now but I want it to at least be clear inside them”

“Of course I'm you’re girlfriend”

“That word sounds weird now that we say it out loud”

“Then how about your mine and I'm yours”

“Perfect” grinned aj

“Are you ready to start packing now?”

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