A Soulless Path

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Chapter 14

Aj woke up to hammering coming from inside the house, Charlie shuffled in her arms groaning at the sound. “he does know its Saturday, aka the day you sleep in” Charlie complained. “I'll go talk to him, go back to sleep,” aj said as she kissed her head. When she walked in she found Will working on the cabinets still hammering away. “Couldn’t find something quieter to work on” she asked sarcastically. “I could but how would I wake you up to help me” he teased. “Did you try going into my room and shaking me”

“I was too scared. She could have been naked”

“She? It would have been fine if I was the only one naked”

“You’ve been practically running around here for the last two weeks naked Aj. I'm officially immune”

“Damn and I was hoping I could use my womanish charms to persuade you but, in all seriousness, could we maybe let my girlfriend sleep in?”

“Will you stay up and help me build that chicken coop you demanded”

“Fuck yeah, all you had to say was chickens”

“What is up with you and chickens?” Will asked

“They’re descendants from dinosaurs and if that’s not a good enough reason for you then I don’t know what else to say to you.”

“Fair enough let's get started on your dinosaur coop” he grinned.

Living with Will was easier than Aj thought. When she first showed up all she could do was look at the spot where she killed his mother. “She deserved worse” Bjorn told her when he caught her staring at it one day. By the time they finished the coop Aj’s guilt had washed away and the next day was the trial for her father.

Charlie and Hayley had decided to spend the night for emotional support which was just another way of saying to get drunk together, Though Aj wasn’t up for much of drinking she found herself often fidgeting with things in the house or just zoning out dreading tomorrow. Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her outside on the porch. “Penny for your thoughts?” she asked her.

“What if my father died for no reason and he gets off free?” Aj confessed.

“Then well handle it” Charlie looked at her seriously.

“What does that even mean”

“It means this town has let the scum get away with things for too long now” Charlie explained.

“And what we're going to kill them all?”

“We'll handle it like Wills mother is what I’m suggesting”

Aj grabbed the drink out of Charlie’s hand and set it on the rail. “You’ve had too much to drink that was an accident you know it”

“Excuse you that’s the only drink I have had. Do you think I didn’t notice you weren’t drinking? I wouldn’t leave you alone like that and I meant what I said” Charlie's tone raised.

“We can't just kill every asshole in this town Charlie” Aj sighed.

“I’m not saying everyone just him” Charlie crossed her arms.

“We're not talking about this anymore” Aj walked back into the house but to her disappointment, she found Will and Hayley passed out on the couch. She was hoping to use them both as a buffer from the current conversation. Before she could reach the room Charlie had grabbed her hand to stop her.

“Hey, I don’t want to fight not tonight” Charlie’s expression filled with sadness.

“I know but what you’re saying I can't handle right now”

“Do you agree that you were meant to come here and be with me?” Charlie asked her.

“Of course”

“Then that’s all that matters right now. I just want you to know I would do anything for you” Charlie reached her hand up grabbing Aj’s face. She turned her head and kissed Charlie's hand then “Let's just go to bed and forget about this conversation, for now, please” begged Aj. Charlie shook her head and followed Aj to the bed. She laid her head on her chest as Aj wrapped one arm around her. They laid there for several minutes in the quiet until Charlie broke the silence.

“I think were aliens”

“What” chuckled Aj

“I’m serious I mean there’s this whole theory out there that this is an alien planet and were prisoners and I believe it” she explained.

“Prisoners huh? My life is pretty shitty I can see that”

“I mean think about it I'm stuck with the most annoying Christian mother, Wills mother, Hayley being in the hospital for most of her childhood and your…” she stopped herself.

“My dad” swallowed Aj.

“Yeah it all kind of makes sense when you put it all together”

“I guess you really have a point”

“If it is true and they come back and take one of us off this planet we have to promise to find each other again” Charlie looked up at Aj.

“You could be in another universe and I would still find my way back to you” Aj reassured her,

This made Charlie laugh “You say the absolute corniest stuff sometimes”

“I say the corniest stuff. You just dropped a whole alien conspiracy theory on me”

“That’s not corny!” Charlie defended herself

“No, but definitely weird if you literally asked anyone so I don’t think you should judge anyone” Aj laughed. Charlie wrapped her arms tighter around Aj “You’re the only one I could say something like that to”

Aj felt the pain behind her words before she met her Charlie had led her life in a mask. She was the perfect daughter who never stepped out of her cookie-cutter life. It wasn’t until Aj that she was able to really be herself and she felt the same way. The fact was that Aj wasn’t just an orphan now but a murder too and Charlie didn’t run away screaming. The exact opposite she embraced it and loved her even more.

“Were star crossed lovers” Aj told her.

“Hmm?” a sleepy Charlie asked.

“Lovers who have bad luck basically.”

“Oh that’s definitely us then”

Aj ran her hand through Charlie's hair as she thought about the future she would have with her. She thought about what Charlie said on the porch. Could she kill the man that murdered her father? Aj wanted nothing but for him to die but it was sheer luck she got away with Wills mother. This was different this would be premeditated and someone the town actually cared about dying not to mention they would come to her first. There were too many obstacles in the way for her to do it. That is what she convinced herself as she finally fell asleep.

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