A Soulless Path

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Chapter 15

“Did this conversation actually happen or is it because of the experiment?” Atlas asked.

“According to the records this was an actual conversation” answered Damion.

“Why are the records so detailed I don’t see anyone else’s files as thick as her”

“When she was caught they found out she was writing about everything she did. She kept an autobiography of everything since her father passed. Honestly, it made our job a lot easier to recreate everything” explained Damion.

“Well it won't be long until things start really popping off”

“Exactly we’ve barely even started with the chaos they cause and the ratings are already through the roof” grinned Damion.

“Not to mention people are falling in love with them. Charlie and Aj’s relationship is the highest trend in the world right now kind of hard to believe considering everyone knows what they turn into”

“That’s the dark secret of being human. We secretly crave this kind of stuff and are willing to turn a blind eye to it if it fits our needs”

“I guess this says a lot more about the people watching it than the actual criminals”

Mr, Chester stood up and stretched as he watched Aj sleeping on the giant screen in front of him. Just like the audience, he found himself enthralled by Aj even knowing the tragic outcomes that she would face. He didn’t want to admit it to Atlas but he did in fact want to do more for her because he thought to himself that if he was there from the beginning he could rehabilitate her. Though that’s not what was expected of him right now, no he was just to show their story before he could interfere. So instead he kept a small notebook on his person and wrote all his ideas down for the next season.

“Another idea,” asked Atlas.

“Another rehabilitation technique yes”

“As much as you’ve been writing we should be able to kick out several seasons for her”

Damion snapped his notebook closed irritated. “Atlas you know not to talk about her in the lab”

“I really love it when you use my first name” flirted Atlas. Damion has had his fill of office flings though Atlas had been the longest and his best-kept secret.

“We agreed to keep things professional in the office” Damion cleared his throat.

“Fair enough just wanted to see you flustered it’s a rare sight you know” Atlas joked.

“And if someone entered the room how would you explain that comment”

“That were two heterosexual men comfortable with our sexuality” joked Atlas.

“Atlas please I have enough headache from work I don’t need one from my personal life as well”

“Sheesh calm down I was only kidding sometimes you really need to relax. Maybe after this season take a vacation as we build the new set” suggested Atlas.

The idea of taking a vacation send goosebumps up Damion’s spine he couldn’t imagine the amount of work he would come back to. He was always having to micromanage the employees because if they had it their way they would sit around talking for half the day then turn in work half-ass done.

“I don’t think so” he informed atlas “but I will sleep tonight if it makes you feel better”

“I'll send someone to your office when she wakes up, after all, you'll need to be in court tomorrow”

Damion went back to his office where he sat at his desk for a while and went over the files for Aj. She had already been through so much and what was to come next was only the tip of the iceberg for what events would unfold. He flipped through their victim's folder and looked at all the faces that would come to pass in this season. They all had a criminal history in some way including corrupt police officials and even politicians. No one was safe and instead of fixing crime, it increased it which is why the file was so thick. Because everyone was too afraid to venture outside criminals took over the city. Cops were afraid that the Chaos army would come after them if they tried anything and criminals took full advantage of it. Though they would not live long after they committed their crimes.

Damion sighed as he walked himself over to the couch in his office, he flipped towards the end of the file which showed a picture of Aj’s mugshot. It didn’t look like the same girl he just met she looked deranged and her eyes were like she lost her soul completely. He used the picture as a reminder of who she really is anytime he felt even the smallest form of guilt building in his emotions. Atlas was right to constantly check on Damion though he never admits to it. Every second he spent with this girl he started to get more compassionate towards her.

He fell asleep reading the victim's file which was the plan along. Though instead of filling his dreams with nightmares of Aj’s crimes he dreamt about being her father. The knock at his door caused him to wake with a jump of fright being so embarrassed about his dream.

“Mr. Chester” a squeaky voice came from behind the door “Mr. Taylor sent me he said its time”

“I'm awake ill be there in an hour” Damion called back not opening the door. He waited until he heard footsteps walking away to sit up. He ran his hands through his disheveled hair and thought about his dream “Atlas was right I need a vacation” he said out loud to himself.

After stopping by his penthouse to shower, Damion met Atlas outside the entrance to the Prison.

“Good morning Mr. Chester” grinned Atlas.

“Good morning Mr. Taylor, is she ready?” he asked

“If by ready you mean pacing back and forth driving everyone insane the yes. I can't imagine what she feels right now”

“This is a crucial moment for them. This court decision sets everything in motion and just like our audience I want to be there for it.”

“I know you’re overseeing all of this but it's still my project and I worry that you might be interfering too much.” Stressed Mr. Taylor.

“I understand your concerns but if they deviate from their path Ill remove myself personally,” Damion reassured him.

Damion straightens up his suit then stepped his way through the security doors of the prison.

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