A Soulless Path

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Chapter 18

“You had the season end on their breakup?” Ms. Hampton asked Atlas.

“Yes ma’am, If you see here in the latest polls most of our audience support their relationship. By ending on their breakup it will make them come back in the hope they’ll get back together again.’ He explained.

“How are our ratings?” She asked another man at the table.

“Exceeding our predictions, they’re a hit. We've already had the marketing team working on merchandise”

“Good. I want a montage of her boot camp time when we come back, how long until the murder?” Ms. Hampton asked Damion.

“Actually that won't work. You see he joins the military too that’s where she kills him” Damion grinned.

“See this is what I love about reality you cant write this kind of plot twist” Ms. Hampton excitedly announced.

“What's left to work on Mr. Taylor,” Damion asked.

“We've finished modeling the boot camp area and were almost finished with the deployment area. We're on schedule for it and the mercenaries are almost finished with their training”

“You mean acting classes” huffed an older gentleman.

“Those acting classes are important. If she suspects them even a little she could kill them. They're our only defense against these murderers until we get the security system up and running” Damion glared at atlas.

“I know we're behind on that but the red tape we have to cut through with government is holding us back.” Atlas defended himself.

“I'll make some calls and see what I can do to help. The faster we get it up the better. Were gambling these mercenaries lives until its up” Ms. Hampton told Atlas.

She was the first one to leave the room and the rest followed Leaving Damion and Atlas alone.

“That other project we discussed,” Damion asked. Atlas walked over to the windows and hit a button to close anyone from peeking inside. He then inserted a clear piece of plastic into the table to pull up a hologram.

“Iv almost have the schematics you asked for completed” he answered. The table showed a whole planet not that much different from earth.

“Did you find a suitable planet to terraform?” Damion asked swiping his hand through the hologram to change views.

“I did but is this really necessary?” Atlas asked concerned “I mean its never taken this much before”

“Before we weren’t a television company having to keep up with ratings” Damion explained.

“So what we let this go on forever never rehabilitating them just to keep the show going?”

“Absolutely not this is for future criminals” Damion explained.

“So after them well continue to televise the rest of our rehabilitation?”

“Exactly let's go through all the red folders from the safety of a whole planet”

“Genius but why keep it a secret?” atlas asked.

“Ms. Hampton is obsolete compared to where this company can go and I aim to prove that” Damion answered.

“Well in order for us to pull this off we will need some extreme funding so better get her out quick” atlas suggested.

“Don’t worry about that the plan is already in motion” Damion acknowledged.

“Care to explain the plan” atlas raised his eyebrow.

“There’s no reason just worry about the terraforming schematics” Damion answered staring at the schematics still not really paying attention to Atlas. He walked out of the room with Atlas following him and they both went back down to the lab.

“How is boot camp going,” Damion asked one of the other scientists.

“They just put her in jail for punching the football player on sight” the squeaky scientist answered.

“That will make the highlight reel” grinned another one.

“Indeed it will. According to the records they’ll keep here in there for the night. When she returns will then advises taking a different approach to her problem and we have the perfect murder.” Damion flips through the records.

“What's the plan?” Atlas asked.

“You would know if you read the files Mr, Taylor. You're the leader of this team if you're not prepared then your team isn’t” he handed the file to Atlas.

“OF course sir I apologize. I must admit iv been distracted by my other projects” he challenged Damion.

“Im sure none of them are as important as this one. So make sure you are well prepared and read the file for this season. After all we will be adding the mercenaries with her deployment. I would hate for our prisoners to go of course and you not notice” Damion dominated the conversation.

“I will do better Mr. Chester” Atlas gave up.

Damion loved how Atlas would play games with him every once in a while, but he hated it at work. NO one should question his authority at work especially him. If their relationship got out it would ruin his plans of taking Ms. Hampton's position. He turned his gaze back to Aj where she sat in the cell with a black eye running her hand through her hair. It was a sign of anxiety that he noticed she does quite often. It was also one of Damion's pet peeves knowing it was causing her to grease her hair up every time she did it.

A couple of minutes later the mercenaries walked into the lab. They all wore full black and were all well cut even through their clothes but what impressed Damion the most was that they were clean and well dressed. Nothing was out of sort just like Damion had carried himself. He wondered if the military would change Aj to be the same way.

“Thank you for being on time. Now you will be deployed soon and it's important that you remember the history timeline we wrote for your characters” Damion announced as he handed them a hologram disk.

“We tried to keep it close to your actual record so there was less of a chance of you messing it up. We changed location and dates mostly to fit the older timeline”

“I don’t see the subjects files,” a man with a full beard asked him.

“You won't be allowed to see their files. IF you know something about them and mention it they’ll grow suspicious. Remember they look young but they become the world's biggest serial killers. We can have zero screw-ups” Damion insisted.

“Not screwing up were used to but with that being said we are humans” a woman with a tight ponytail spoke up.

“I understand. If you mess up just inform them that the information is classified. We are giving you high ranks to match your skill level to look more realistic but remember even that can still look suspicious.” Damion explained.

After debriefing the mercenaries Damion went back to the office and pulled the live feed of all the prisoners. He watched as Charlie cried in Hayley's lap upset that she didn’t say her goodbyes, will as he was being ordered to carry a backpack through some mud, and Aj who was talking to an officer through a jail cell. As usual, he brought up Aj’s news feed and became jotting down notes on how she reacted to a figure of authority who wasn’t her father. It seemed as if she handle authority well which was curious to Damion as he thought the exact opposite. Aj was the only one in the group who didn’t follow Damion's analysis which means it would be harder for him to treat her. He couldn’t figure out what had made her into a killer.

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