A Soulless Path

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Chapter 19

Aj did not do well in jail she found it to be a horrible place where she was trapped to face her own thoughts. She had been running this whole time from her problems and now she had nowhere to go. So she constantly was doing pushups, sit-ups, and even running in her cell. Which all looked impressive to her superiors but in reality, it was breaking her. After the weekend she was released but was forced to do more exercises than all the other recruits as punishment. She was warned that her next fight would be treated more seriously. After a lecture about being a unit and putting differences aside, she was released back into her unit. She wasn’t able to see Will until dinner time but what she saw pissed her off. He was sitting at the table with her father’s killer.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that they were standing in line to exercise that they actually spoke.

“I know you're mad but there is a plan” Will initiated.

“It better be a hell of a plan” snapped Aj.

“Keep your friends close and your enemy closer,” he told her.

Aj went through the next week thinking about what Will told her and she realized he was right. If she was ever to get close enough to him she would have to get him to trust her. Though the thought of what she had to do made her sick to her stomach. The next day at mess hall she sat down next to will and basically threw her tray down. Will smiled at her while the football player didn’t even make eye contact. It went like that for a couple of days until he finally spoke to her.

“I don’t know what to say besides I fucked up. I didn’t plan to”

“Kill my father” Aj interrupted him causing another awkward silence.

“If I could take that whole night back” he clenched his fists.

“Well you can't can you” Aj stood up leaving the table. She knew what she had to do but couldn’t pull herself to even pretend to forgive him.

The next day they had an arms exercise that had then practice with various weapons and explosives. Aj was sat next to the football player and she watched as he failed at almost everything he did. It almost made her feel better that she was near him. The last part of the exercise was throwing a live grenade she watched as he pulled his pin then hesitate to throw it. She watched as he began to panic then his grip loosen on the lever. Out of instinct, she jumped over into his area threw the grenade and forced him to duck just in time for the grenade to explode.

“Are you trying to kill me too” screamed Aj at him.

“Woods” screamed a drill sergeant at the football player. As the sergeant yelled at him Aj realized this was the first time she bothered knowing his name, James Woods.

At mess hall, Aj felt like it was a little easier to be around James and was able to eat her food without a disgusting taste in her mouth.

“Thank you” James spoke “For earlier, I just began to panic got inside my own head you know”

“The more you think here the harder it will be “ Aj answered him.

“I just thought that maybe I deserved to die for what I did.” He confessed.

Aj didn’t answer him because the truth was he did deserve to die in her mind though she was shocked that he would agree with her.

“That’s not for you to decide” Will interrupted the awkward silence.

“I'll tell you when you can die” Aj glared at him.

“Fair enough, thank you again” James ended the conversation. Aj knew she accomplished what she wanted and that was to earn his trust. Out of pure instinct to save her own life she made it look like she didn’t want him to die and that was the first step in her plan to kill him.

They finished Bootcamp with no more problems and actually helped each other with certain exercises. Will scored the top of his class in almost every test with Aj and James following behind. They helped James when they could to make sure he wouldn’t stray too far from them so their plan wouldn’t be interrupted, and it worked. They were all deployed in the same area in a desert country to fight some militia that was causing issues.

They eventually went into a separate branch in the military where they had to undergo more training with harder standards. It was everything Aj could dream of not only was she trained to kill but not she was being trained to be an expert in it by some of the best in her country and others. Time went fast as they jumped from battle to battle and if you didn’t know the secrets in her head it almost looked as if she and James were good friends.

“I'm tired of the desert” complained James.

“Like you can handle the cold at night” Will teased him.

“He has a point, you burrito yourself every night” Aj scanned the horizon.

“I just want somewhere cool. Is 80 degrees too much to ask for? James continued to complain.

“Well with the money just sitting in your bank account you can take a nice vacation after our tour” Will grinned.

“Target spotted” Aj informed them. Their carefree attitude floated away as the seriousness of their situation emerged.

“Is he alone?” James asked.

“Looks like his normal escorts we need to wait for the other targets to arrive before we can move,” Will answered him.

Aj knew that could take all night their orders were to wait for their 3 targets and take them all at once.

“Why don’t you make us some dinner, it could be a long night: she instructed James. He scurried off the cliff to a whole they dug that kept most of their gear out of sight.

“Tonight’s the night” Will whispered.

“Are you sure” Aj looked at him shocked

“There will be plenty of men down there to shoot at us and honestly he is getting on my nerves. Are you ready?” he kept his voice low.

“Of course,” aj sounded confident.

She had been waiting for this moment for years now and never forgot the plan. She honestly thought it would never come but trusted will to make the perfect plan. Tonight would be the night that she would get her revenge, and nothing would stand in her way.

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