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Chapter 8- Shocked Moosa

The slight rays of sun peeked inside the window, causing the figure to mock again on her fate. Maya was just sitting infront of window, watching how sun takes place of moon every day and brightens up everything, unlike her life. Birds were chirping, probably getting ready for a new day, unlike her. It has been two weeks, since she came in his farmhouse and it has been two weeks she is unaware of her surroundings, unaware of her ownself. At first, she used to pray for herself, for her deceased family, but now she lost all hopes and was now pateintly waiting for her own death.

"Maya, child have breakfast." As usual, Hamna came in with her breakfast and as usual she felt sad on her condition.

"Hamna i am not feeling hungry. Please don't disturb me." Her slow voice was evident of her tiredness.

"Maya just look at yourself, what have you done? This is not the same girl, which i met first time. That girl was so brave, patient, calm and enthusiastic, but the girl infront me is just broken and hopeless. Please gather yourself. You have whole life ahead to live." As usual she advised her and as ususal she laughed on her innocent advise.

"I am not that same girl anymore. Hamna i have lost all hopes, now i don't want to live. I just want to die, i just want to free myself from all these things." She said, putting her head against window.

"I don't understand what are you planning Moosa. She is ruining herself and you aren't even showing up." Hamna muttered slowly.

"Maya get up and take bath." Hamna ordered her, knowing she would listen to her.

Getting up, a nauseated wave hit her and she felt dizziness.

"Are you alright?" Hamna asked her, when she saw her stopped in track.

"Yeah, just little headache." She replied, but on next second she felt black dots and then everything stopped and she wished for her real death.

On the other hand, Moosa khan was busy in his meeting, when Ahsan whispered something in his ear, which grabbed his attention immediately and he left for his office, with Ahsan trailing behind him.

"Moosa this is the third time in week, she lost her consiousness. What do you want from her? We've got the papers, there is no use of her now. Why don't you free her?" Ahsan asked him, annoyed of his oblivious behaviour.

"I will decide when she has to go and when not. You are no one to suggest me, so keep your mouth shut." He barked furiously.

"Stop it, Moosa. You know i won't be fazed. Just tell me truth and don't you dare lie this time." Ahsan also yelled furiously, fed up with his ignorance.

Moosa just looked at him once and then started pacing in the room, unaware of his own condition. He looked at Ahsan, who was standing there, watching him intently. He tried to scare him with his famous glare, which went unfazed by his bored expressions.

"What do you want to know Ahsan?" Moosa asked him, knowing that he won't leave without getting answer.

"Truth. Whole truth. Why are you keeping her captive? And when you are keeping her, then why in the hell are you not meeting her?" He said calmly.

"I don't know myself. I am unaware. I just....i want to meet her, but i just, i am scared of he......"

"What did you say? Please repeat it again." Before Moosa could proceed further, he was stopped by Ahsan.

"What?" He asked in loud voice, angry on getting interfered in middle.

"You said, you are scared of her. The great Moosa Khan is now scared of a girl. The sole heir of Mafia world is not meeting his client because he is scared of her reaction. Am i imagining things now?" Ahsan said, playfulness visible in his tone.

"Shut up and get out." Moosa growled in repsonse, trying his best to hide the truth by his anger.

"Not before you admit that you are scared of her." Ahsan too wasn't leaving.

"I said shut up and get out this instant." He said again.

"No. Admit it that you are scared of Miss Hemayal."

"I am not." He said with gritting teeths.

"Yes you are." Ahsan smirked.

"I said i am not dammit." He yelled, punching the table infront.

"Ok, then go and meet her now." Ahsan said, what he wanted to say.

"No." He denied.

"Yes, because you are scared Mr.Mafia." Ahsan was really testing his patience at that time.

"I said, i am not scared and i am going to meet that timid little girl now. And you are coming with me." Moosa said, trying to prove himself right.

"I'll be happy to join." Ahsan showed his teeths, which triggered his anger.

"Just keep your damn teeths inside your mouth, otherwise i won't mind breaking them and selling to mueseum." Moosa said in his famous loud voice, which made Ahsan to stop his teasing, knowing very well that he had riled him up.

"By the way, do you think my teeths are that much precious, you are planning to sell them to museum." Ahsan said meekly and before he could really loose his precious teeths, he ran outside hurriedly.

Moosa went to his farm house and he was clueless of his feelings. On one hand he was happy to meet her, but on the other hand he was nervous too. Where he was intrigued of his feelings, there he was also neglecting them. And that was the first time he was so unsure of himself. That is why he was just distancing himself, giving time to his heart to think her just as a deal, who was busy beating differently for her. He was nervous and it was clearly written on his face, atleast for Ahsan. So, without wasting any more second he directed her towards her room.

"How is she now?" Moosa asked Hayyat, who came out of her room, after feeding her with soup and medicines.

"Assalam o alaikum boss. She is better now." Hayyat politely answered him and went out.

He made up his arrogant face and entered the room, preparing himself to face her continuous questions. But he didn't knew he was going to get shock only. Closing the door, he looked in front and stopped on his tracks. There she was sitting on floor, near window, head against the wall, busy in her thoughts. Her back was facing him, and to make her aware of his prescence he coughed loudly.

Why are you waiting for her response? Just go and boast about yourself. Show her who you are. His brain mocked him and for the first time in his life, he felt that his brain is too cruel.

"What do you want now?" He heard her meek voice and it was difficult for him to recogonize her voice, beacuse her voice before was so lively.

Maya who was just busy in her own thoughts knew that Moosa has finally arrived, but now she cared less. She got up from floor and went towards him.

"Why are you here now?" She asked him, once she stood in front of him.

Moosa was shocked on her condition. That sparkly eyes were now empty and lifeless. Those rosy cheeks were now replaced with pale white, clearly showing her weakness. That bags under her eyes were now more prominent, making everyone to look at them first and then eyes. Those plump lips, which were now replaced with yellow crampled one, were mocking his cruelty with unspoken words.

"What have you done to yourself?" Before he could stop himself, those words came out of his tongue shockingly.

"What i have done?" She mocked his words, paired with her weak laugh.

"Mr. Moosa this is what you always wanted. You have won, i appreciate you. You know why?" She asked him calmly, as if she has whole time to talk to him.

"Why?" He was complied to ask.

"Because you have made me weak and oppressed, without you even trying. You have sucked life out of me, without even touching. You have crushed my wishes, without even knowing and you have made me silent and lifeless, without even talking. I admire you Mr. Moosa, i admire your tricks." She said each word clearly, making him feel guilty for the second time.

"You can go now." She said to him, before she turned.

"I want to talk to you." He said and he himself didn't knew what he want to talk.

You got the land. Now what else you want to talk about? As usual his brain stopped him.

"Now what you want to talk about? Do you even know what talking is?" His facade of caring behaviour was pricking her little heart.

"Look, Mayal, i just......"

"Hemayal." She corrected him, unaware that he liked to call her that way.

"Umm, yes Miss Hemayal, i just want to....." Before he could continue, he saw her holding her head and in next moment she was about to fall down when he grabbed her waist, preventing her to fall down.

"Are you alright?" He asked her panicked.

Maya, on the other hand, was just feeling weak. It seemed as all her energy is drained and nothing is left. It was obvious because she was skipping her meals continuously and on Hamna persistence she would have some bites, which she would throw up immediately. Her stomach wasn't accepting anything and she somehow was scared of her death.

"Do i seem alright?" She questioned him with sarcastic laugh.

Before he could comprehend his actions, Moosa picked her up in bridal style and layed her on bed. Maya was too weak to resist him, so she let the darkness to consume her once again, taking her away from all the miseries of life.

"Ahsan." He yelled.

"Ahsan." Once again he called him and when he came inside the room, he saw Moosa sitting near to unconsious Hemayal.

"Call the doctor. She fainted again." He yelled in panick.

"Ok." Ahsan said, but before he could go outside, Hamna stopped him.

"There is no need to call the doctor." She said, making Moosa angry.

"Are you insane? Don't you see she fainted?" Moosa yelled on her.

"No need to yell Moosa. You are sitting besides a patient and for your kind information doctor went before you came." She told him angrily.

Hamna was the woman, who practically raised Moosa. She was his nanny since he was child. And when his mother died, she took care of him like his own son. Moosa too was very attached to her, and no matter how much angry he is to the world, he remains same to her. He treated Hayyat like his own sister and no one knew him better than these two women.

"What did he say? Why she fainted again?" He asked her, trying to calm himself.

"She is too much weak. Her health is deteriorating at fast pace. And the fact that her stomach isn't accepting anything is making her condition serious. Doctor said that if we don't concentrate on her, she might loose her life." She choked on her saliva at the last and looked at Moosa and Ahsan, who were standing there with bowed heads.

"What have you done to her, Moosa?"

"Is this the way i taught you to treat girls?" Hamna asked her with tearful eyes, blaming her raising.

"Hamna you know nothing." Moosa said, standing up, wearing that cruel, merciless mask again.

"Then Mr. Moosa i want to know everything. Because the Moosa i know don't go around messing with innocents. The Moosa i know don't play with people's heart. The Moosa i know don't kill innocents for just piece of land....

"He was not innocent." Moosa cut her in middle, her nerves popped up on mention of him.

"Yeah, he was. You were too busy to impress your father and to get that damn place, that you forgot that you killed her family." Hamna also yelled equally.

"Wa...a...wa...t...ter." Before they could argue further, a broken voice halted them. Hamna immediately went towards Maya and grabbing her shoulders he adjusted her and gave her water.

"How are you feeling now?" Hamna asked her, once she drank two three drops of water.

"Alhamdulillah, better." She told her in cracked voice.

Maya looked in front and was shocked to see both Ahsan and Moosa standing there, watching her intently.

"What are they doing here?" She asked her, trying to overcome the meekness in her voice.

"Umm, Maya, Moosa came to meet you." Hamna told her, although she didn't wanted him to be near her.

"Ask him to leave. I don't want to talk to him." She silently gave him her message, who instantly got angry on her rudeness.

"You have to talk to me girl, otherwise...

"Otherwise what? You'll kill me too. Guess what Mr. Moosa i am patiently looking forward to it." She spitted her harsh words which left all of them shocked.

Without any single word, Moosa left the room, banging the door loudly after exiting.

"Don't you dare follow me, Ahsan. I am not in mood to talk to you. If your life is beloved to you, then leave me the hell alone." He yelled furiously and then went out hurriedly.


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