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Chapter 1

The meeting room was getting filled with people speaking in hush sound, the light whisperings were being converted to loud voices when all the leaders of mafia world entered the meeting room, boasting about their recent wrongdoings, and killings. The main chair at the center of the table was still empty, waiting for it's owner to come and increase it's value.

"Hello everybody." The deep grave voice and everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked towards the door, where a man in his fifty's wearing black kameez and shalwar, with shawl around the neck entered with his usual smirk. Behind him, there was a boy clad in black three piece suit, with hands in his pockets and soft smile.

"Hello Mr.Asfandyar. How are you?" Multiple voices were heard, but he ignored them all, sitting on the head chair, revolving it around and scrutinizing everyone in the room with his piercing black eyes.

"Are you ready? Because i am here to talk about the project which is very important. And remind yourself once again, " KILL AND WIN OR LOOSE AND DIE". He said his custom line with full authority, inhaling cigarette and blowing it's smoke.

"We are always ready for your work. You just order." One of man in the meeting room said, trying his best to impress the one on leading chair

"That's my boy." He laughed and got up from his seat, stood behind the chair and said in a loud clear voice,

"I want to destroy Green University. I want that land to all myself and i'll construct one of my sub-office there." He looked at the audience to know their suggestion, Oh sorry not suggestion, but their bowed heads.

"Consider it done". Multiple voices in chorus said, making him to smirk in proud.

"But Sir, i think we don't have to destroy the university, because it's international university. We can construct our office somewhere else and we can own this university. It will give us double profit." One of the young boy said, making the man sitting besides him to give a glare.

"No Asfandyar, he just wanted to say that...." That man stopped saying anything further, when he saw a hand raise.

Asfandyaar came towards that boy, frown on face and anger in his eyes. Everybody was still on their places, knowing very well what is going to happen. He pulled his gun out from waistband, grabbed that boy from collar and took him to the front.

"What did you say baby boy?" He said moving the tip of gun from his forehead to his cheek and then lips.

"Uhh, Sir actually, I am sorry, i was just..." To say that boy was scared would be an understatement, because he was shivering with fear and in room filled with Air conditioners, he was sweating profusely, with shivering eyes and hands.

Asfandyaar didn't wait for his next words as he shoot the boy directly in the throat, making all of them to look away. The young boy fell with wide opened eyes on cold floor, making Asfandyaar to roll his eyes and blow the invisible smoke from his gun.

"Oh baby boy, who told you to suggest me something when i am the leader here? I am Asfandyar khan, the DON of whole Mafia World. Whole world is scared of me, beacuse i am capable of doing anything and everything. Who are you to question my decision, whatever i decide is FINAL, and i want no-one to interfere. Do you understand?" He asked loudly, his dominating personality made everyone in room to bow their heads in submission.

"Good. This project is going to be handle by one and only son, Moosa khan." He patted the young boy, clad in black, who passed his father soft smile.

"Moosa lead the meeting, then meet me in my office." Asfandyar said to his son, lead him to his main chair and then left.

Moosa was not new in this business, he was introduced into it, when he was just 10 years old. So he knew every little bit detail of this. He wasn't hesitated in doing this, because he knew this project was very near to his father's heart and he wanted him to complete this project.

"So, gentlemen i am going to lead this project. Anything related to this project should be delivered to me in time. One minute late and be ready to bear Dad's wrath. Ahsan will tell you your respective jobs, know them and do good. I don't want any mistake. Am i clear?" Moosa said in his business tone, which made him to look just like his Dad.

"Crystal." All said in chorus and he left for his father's office.

"Hey dad, All good?" Moosa said entering his dad's office.

"Yes son, i just want you to know that this project should be completed in one week. I am going to Russia for a week, my flight is in two hours. I'll be back on Monday and i want final file that day on my table, Clear?" His father said authoratatively.

"Okay Dad, but i think you should have given this project to Mr.Aslam. He is good in handling these types of things." He suggested his father, which made him smile. (Now, you can't expect him to kill his own son on suggesting him something.)

"You my son are sole heir of Mafia world. Now it's time to make you grow up. Handle this project and get ready to be surprised." He said to Moosa, who just smiled in return.

Now, if you just come to north part of country, you will see a small, yet beautiful house. The type of house which you want to discover. Going inside, you would see a comfy lounge filled with brown and black furniture, LED on the wall showing Discovery channel with a boy, probably of 25 or 26 age looking keenly at it. Moving into the kitchen you would see a young girl, probably of 23, with silky brown hairs tied in a bun, wearing black trouser and shirt.

"Bhaii here's your coffe, now give me remote and shoo." She said to her brother, Shayan.

"Maya please na yaar, let me watch for little more. Football match is about to start." He said looking cutely towards his sister, who ignored him totally.

"Don't you dare bhaii, i am going to watch now, you go and check Abu if he is sleeping or not." Shayan went, but not before pleading her once again, which she ignored as usual.

So, guyz this is Hemayal Abdullah, daughter of Abdullah Khan. She is 23 years old, doing MBA from Green University. Her mother died when she was 4 years old and her father is in Coma from 7 years. She has only one brother Shayan Abdullah khan, who is 26 years old and doing job in one of the construction companies. She is younger and is pampered alot by her one and only brother. She consider herself one of the luckiest girl to have a loving family, although she lost her mother but her father and brother were always there for her.

But who knows what is going to happen in future.

Hey people!

This is my new story, please read it and tell me your reviews about it.

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