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Chapter 2- First Dreadful Meet

Hemayal came from university, but as usual she was not tired and lazy and she didn't fell on Sofa, nor she went to meet her father and told her about her full day activities. She was angry, frustrated and annoyed and these were the feelings which knocked on her heart after very long time. She was very calm and patient and when she would get angry, then it means that matter is serious and it needs attention.

She went to her room, throwed herself on bed, without caring to remove her headscarf or even shoes. She hide her face in pillow and screamed loudly, which came out as muffled voice. Her friend called her, she silent her phone, took sleeping pills and then dozed off to deep slumber, because that was only thing that would take her mind off of today's happenings. While on the other hand, Shayan cancelled his all meetings and rushed for home, knowing that something is disturbing her as she didn't called him on coming home, she didn't even picked his call.

"Maya, are you alright?" He knocked at the door.

No response.

"Maya baby, open the door and talk to me." He again tried to persuade her, but all in vain.

"Maya i am going to open the door, don't blame me for not informing." Last warning, but still no response.

He pushed the door opened and saw her sitting on couch near window, lost in her own thoughts with frown on her face.

"Hey, are you okay?" He sat near her and grabbed her hand.

Maya just looked at her brother once and then again looked towards window,

"Maya i know something has happened today. If you will not tell me, how will be the problem solved? You know na i always have solutions to your problems." He tried to convince her like a child.

"Bhaii this time it's serious, and something i never imagined." She said looking at her brother.

"But still you have to talk to me na, only then we can think of some solution." He pressed her hands in courage.

"Bhaii, when i went to university today all was good. I was taking economics class when i was called in headoffice, saying that someone came to meet me. At first i thought may be it would be you, but then i thought you must have informed me before your arrival. Not wasting anymore time and to kill my curiosty, i went to office and there i saw a young boy with business attire sitting on Sofa. On seeing me, he got up and smirked. I was intrigued, but then Sir told me that i have 10 minutes to talk. I looked at that boy and asked him,

"Do i know you?"

"Well until now not. But now we are going to meet often." He smirked again.


"Well, Miss Hemayal Abdullah Khan, i am Ahsan Ashfaq, assistant of....., you don't have to know this." He laughed but i was still confused.

"How can I help you Mr.Ahsan?" I asked him.

"I came to know that you are having all necesaary documents of this university, particularly this land."


"So, Miss Hemayal i want them all. We are planning to buy this university and land. It's better you hand them to me." He said, as if i would agree.

"Listen Mr. Ahsan, i am sorry to disappoint you, but i can't help you in this matter. This land is owned by my father and university was created as per his wish. I am sorry but i can't help you." I told him the reality, hoping he would left, but instead he said which triggered my anger,

"Your father is in coma from 7 months now, he even don't know what's happening around. You sold us this and we will give you handsome money for it."

"I already told you i am not interested in your offer, nor i need your money. Thank you." I controlled myself on bursting out at him.

"Miss Hemayal you don't want your father to pass this world soon than his written time? Or your brother to get killed in accident? Right?" He said smirking which raised my heartbeats in fear.

Is he talking about killing?

"What do you want to say?" I asked through clenched fists.

"Just this, if you want your family to live, then sold this land, otherwise you would be responsible for outcome."

He threatened me?

He fuckin' threatened me?

"Look Mr. Ahsan, i am not afraid of you. I believe in Allah, he is with me. You are no one to give someone life and take them whenever you wish. I am not giving you this land, even a piece of it. So grab your ass and get out." I said angrily, trying my best not to raise my voice and stormed out of the office, not before hearing,

"You will regret Miss Hemayal. There is time, save yourself and your family form HIS wrath." She narrated all the story to his brother, hoping an angry response from him, but she only got silent and frowned faced Shayan.

"Bhaii are you listening me?" She nudged him.

"Yeah i am".

"What do you think we should do? Should we call police?" She asked him.

"No, no. We can't involve police in this matter. May be that person just wanted to persuade you by giving empty threats. It's better if we stay quiet for a moment. If he contacted you again, then must tell me. I'll do something." He said lossening her hijab.

"Now go to kitchen and bring lunch for both of us. I know you hadn't eat anything besides breakfast. Hurry up, get up." He said getting up, helping her too.

Later that night, she also recieved call from unknown number. She at first ignored, but when it kept ringing, she picked up the call,

"Have you decided?" A manly voice made her confused. She separate her phone from ears to check whether the number is known or not.

"Excuse me?"

"Miss Hemayal, how can you forget me so easily? We just have met before 5 hours." She got attentive on that voice, but tried not to get scared,

"Mister Ahsan, i already have told you my decision. I am not intersted in this offer, so please leave me." Sge said sternly.

"I am sending you some pictures, please have a look, may be that will help you in making wise decision."

She got some pictures on whatsapp, she scaredly open those, only to get shocked. There were group photos of her with her bestfriends, when she went to trip to Naran.

Second picture shook her instantly, as it was her today's picture, with her friend Natasha. They took that pic when everybody left for next class and Natasha as usual forced her to take last class selfie.

How he get this picture?

Third picture was enough to make her sit in bed lifelessly. There was his brother standing in all his business attire with some colleagues. The thing that shocked her most was this was also today's picture. Mustering courage, she moved to next picture, only to lose her balance on phone. There was his father, laying on bed unaware of his surroundings.

No, this can't happen.

He is getting out of hands.

She opened the last picture, which showed the collage of her house each corner. TV lounge, kitchen, washrooms, all bedrooms, even Camera outside the house. Her heart sank in fear,

What if he is dangerous?

Should i reconsider my decision?

No, no Maya, you are not weak. You are strong, you have to be. This university was dream of my Abu, he handled me all this because he was sure i am capable of it.

I have to make it to Top 10 universities, so that when Abu woke up, he would be proud of me.

Her train of thoughts broke on voice note,

"So, Miss Hemayal, you see we are not ordinary people. When we want something, we get it, no matter what. We don't hesitate to kill for our business, because we believe, "KILL AND WIN OR LOOSE AND DIE." So, be wise and give me papers tomorrow morning."

"Do whatever you want to do. I am not afraid of you people. You are not GOD to rule around. My decision is final and it's better you don't contact me again." With that she switched off her phone and went to take bath to calm her mind.

But little she knew that it's just the begining, these are not empty threats. She is lying to herself that she is not afraid of anyone, because she is. And if not, she will have to get afraid of one and only MOOSA KHAN.

What will happen when Moosa came to know about failure of this project?

How will he react to Hemayal Abdullah's so called ego?

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