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Chapter 3- Shocked

"Ahsan where are the documents?" Moosa khan asked his assistant, who was just standing there with bowed head and clasped hands.

"Ahsan i asked you a fuckin' question and i want fuckin' answer." He roared in anger. He hate when he get silence in response. He want immediate answer, no matter how much bad it is.

"Boss, actually sh...she isn't aggreeing." He said stammering.

"Come again." Moosa didn't believed what he heard.

"Boss, that girl who is having documents isn't agreeing. I tried every way to make her ready, but she didn't budge. I, even, threatened her to kill her family and send her all pictures of her house and family, but she didn't agree." Ahsan told him the truth with visible fear.

"Threatened? Are you insane? You threatened to kill her family? Seriously, you are giving me these lame excuses now, knowing that i want this deal done in one week." He got furious on his explanation.

"No, i am serious boss. I threat....."

"Why did you threatened her?" Moosa asked him making him confuse.


"Why did not you kill her family?" He inquired coldly, making him to open his eyes.

"Umm, i thought, she is a girl and..."

"That's why you got scared because she is a girl? Hahaha, My dear Ahsan, i don't care who she is, and what she want? I need that documents immediately and if it requires her family's death, then i don't care a bit. Do you understand?"

"Crystal." Ahsan bowed his head in submission.

"Kill her father. He has already spend 7 years on bed, now it's time to remove some burden from earth." He ordered mercilessly, before getting out of office.

Ahsan released his breath, which he knew was holding, whenever Moosa is around. He called someone,

"Kill her father." He ordered, fearlessly.

"And don't try to shot him, just remove his mask or put something in his drip. But i want his death news after half an hour." With that he also went out of the office.

Right after 45 minutes of when Ahsan called, here on north side, Hemayal came from university and went to meet his father, but she didn't know that shock and bad news were waiting for her. Entering the room, she got shocked and ran towards her father, as his mask was not on his face and lines on monitor were straight, showing the death of him.

"Abu, Abu, please open your eyes. Please don't do this, please..." She was crying and trying to make the monitor show the correct results of him being alive.

"Abuuu, please please open your eyes. Look i am here and i came early today, please listen to me...." She, with shaking hands tried to set his mask, but what was the use of it now.

She immediately called her brother, who left immediately from office.

"Abu how this happened? I checked your mask, it was okay in morning, how it gets removed on it's own." She checked here and there, and found a folded paper behind his pillow. She opened it to get stumbled and fell on ground in shock,

"I warned you, didn't I? If only you had agreed, your father might be alive." She shuddered visibly on thought that his father has been killed by someone. Before she could think anymore, her brother came and she throwed the paper and rushed towards him, who was trying to console her with soothing words.

Later that night, after her father's funeral, she was sitting emotionless in her room. It was difficult to believe that she lost her father today, but that was reality, a bitter one indeed. She told about the note to Shayan, who got angry suddenly and blamed her for their father's death. She was already feeling too guilty, and Shayan's words were just adding fuel to fire, so she left his room silently, accepting all his blames and came in her room.

"I am sorry Abu, i am so sorry. It's all because of me, you lost yo....your life because of me, i am so sorry...." She was weeping continuously, guilt eating her up.

"I didn't do it on purpose Abu, i wasn't selfish. I know if you would be here, you would've trusted me." She was talking to her father by looking at sky, which was shining bright with full moon and whole shawl of stars.

"Abu, i am not weak. They killed you to get those documents, but now i am not going to give up so easily. I knew it was your wish to make this university to top 10 in world and we are on our way Abu. Just forgive me and please ask Allah to help me on fighting evil." Her weepings and talk was broken on phone call. She saw that unknown number and her anger rose up.

"Hello Miss Hemayal. How are you? Oops sorry, i asked a wrong question. You must be devastated on your father's death." He mocked and she could easily sense the smirk on his face.

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Ahsan. But Alhamdulillah i am okay now and in full senses. You are killer, who don't fear Allah, but mark my words,

He is with me, He always was. He gave me strength at that time and now by taking Abu, he made me more strong, not to opressed by people like you. You think you got my weakest point, ha, you are mistaken, highly mistaken. I didn't changed my mind and nor i'll be in future. So fuck off and don't dare to cross my path ever in life." She asked angril and then switched off her phone, making Ahsan flabbergasted.

"Who is this girl?" A manly voice and he shakingly looked back, to come face to face with Moosa.

"Hemayal Abdullah, the owner of that place, presently, studying in Green University. I tried to persuade her and this time i killed her father, as per your order, but it seems she is not an easy catch."

"Hell with her and her ego. Nobody has ever dared to refuse me, who is she to do this? She has to suffer and this time i am handling her in my own way." He furiously shot in air to get rid of his anger.

"Is everything fine, Boss?" His bodyguards came hurriedly.

"How dare you enter my office without my permission?" He barked and before they could say anything, he shot one of them right on forehead.

Then next.

And one by one he killed his most trusted five bodyguards in a blink of an eye.

"Moosa calm down." Ahsan came towards him and grabbed him from his shoulders.

"Out everyone." Ahsan barked and everyone ran out for their lives.

"How dare someone enter in my room....."

"Moosa calm down, it's okay. He is no more, you killed him already. Everything is fine." Ahsan tried to make him understand and he is only one, besides his father who called him by name. Because he is his childhood friend and he himself joined him as his assistant.

"Everything is fine... Have you lost your mind? Dad is coming after three days and here i am unable to get fuckin' documents from fuckin' stupid girl. Who is she to refuse my orders haan? Go get her, before i myself do, get her." He yelled loudly, making Ahsan to nod his head in agreement.

"And i am warning you Ahsan. Dare to come without her tomorrow, then be ready to face your death." He said, dangerously, making Ahsan to nod, as he knew he is capable of this too.

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