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Chapter 4- Shadow Man

On hot month of august, the nights were somewhat cool, helping the people to ease their tiredness with peace. Whole city was dipped in darkness, this time moon was also playing hide and seek with clouds, sometimes coming out and sometimes shying to hide behind them. The howling of jackals and utter silence of city was enough to scare any living body out there, but there was shadow with bowed head walking fastly, timely looking behind in one of the narrow alley. He timely resumed his walk to make sure no one is following him, and on getting satisfied he would continue to walk. Walking in those deeper slum areas, he was leading forward speedily, not getting effected by darkness around, as if he knew every path, as if it's his daily routine.

After some twenty minutes, he stopped infront of some old building. By looking at that building, anyone could judge that it is empty since ages and even witches would be scared to live there. The slightly joint door and cobwebs on windows were clarifying the above justification. He again looked around cautiously, and after ensuring his surroundings, he pushed the door opened, which made a loud creek voice, but that was alone building there, so no one noticed.

"You are late today?" A deep voice and he followed the gaze to front where an old man with white beared was sitting, patting his favourite black dog. His expensive blue kurta was hugging his body tight, making him to look some young.

"Yeah, was busy with your captive." That man in hoodie said.

"Any progress?" Old man asked him, now silently asking one of his men to take his dog to walk.

"No." One word reply, and as usual a slap on hoodie man's face.

"How much time are you going to take? It's been 10 years now, but still your NO isn't changed." Old man furiously said, walking back to his seat.

"It's not easy. I have to take care of everything, otherwise we might get exposed." He said the same sentence with same usual tone, which annoyed the old man to no limits.

"I don't care a bit boy. Do whatever you want to, but now i want everything within one month. I don't have more time to waste on your silly, absurd acts. So, better start preparation, because your mother is also too weak to handle anymore beats." Old man smirked.

That boy clenched his fist to control the rising anger,

"Oh, getting angry, haan? Want to kill me? Good, i want this angry young man. Do your work hurriedly, so that your mother would spend her last days easily." He threatened him, who just bowed and went out.

He was furious and getting red with anger with each passing second, but he didn't have any other choice to make. He was compelled to do this from past many years and he was trying his best to finish his work immediately, but it seemed that were not his days. Lost in his own thoughts, he didn't saw a black car parked at one corner of road, silently watching him. He was about to turn around the corner, when his gaze fell on black car. He immediately became attentive, put out his gun from waistbone and moved towards that car. He was expecting some reaction, but nothing happened making him more confuse. He looked in tinted black mirrors to see anything, but except his face, he didn't see anything, nor heard any movement.

"May be he bought it." He referred to old man. That thought seemed reasonable, so he left from there.

But little did he knew that he was being followed by someone, who would turned his life upside down. The figure in car got up after his departure with wicked smile on his face.

"Finally some good news to report." A sigh and then that car also left that secluded area of city.

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